Baby spa & the authentic Japanese FISH lunch
★2014/08/17 01:15

Yeah, I was back in Malaysia for a 3 weeks holiday staying at my brother’s house face3_kao07.gif
Yappi was with us for 4 days only, and back for work after that.

Haneda - departure to MalaysiaDeparting from Haneda from 23:30 almost midnight..

Arrived to Malaysia happily
Arriving safely and happily after 7 hours flight face3_kao07.gif

Arrived to Malaysia happilyIt was good traveling on a night flight with a toddler ya_hikouki01.gif Coz they will most probably sleep through the night face_self-conscious_smile.gif
Little-big-boss dozed off once he was on the plane and woke up around 1 or 2 hours before arrival h_shine.gif


Anyway, we have met a lot of friends.
Among them, we so happened to have one who runs a baby spa – Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness face3_kao25.gif w_5_typhoon.gif
We never knew and we were very curious face2_happy02.gif
I didn’t know that baby spa actually is already quite well known in Asia.. like what I’ve heard, there were already above 2000 baby spa running in China face3_kao23.gif

And so, our friends, a married couple, who were so kind to have invited us for a try out with Little-big-boss face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

Hippopo Baby Spa - the play cornerThe play corner for the babies to warm up face_self-conscious_smile.gif

We were like, wow.. what a luxurious space for babies.. face2_catface.gif

Hippopo Baby Spa - enjoying the baby for the first timeI can say, this is Little-big-boss very first experience on a baby spa face3_kao09.gif
Luckily we were taking baby swimming course back in Japan, which made him go down the water more comfortably in the spa h_heart04.gif

Hippopo Baby SpaThe Baby Spa face3_kao25.gifw_5_typhoon.gif
There were 2 big tubs (for 6 months to 3 years old) and erm..I think 2 small tubs (for baby below 6 months old).

Hippopo Baby Spa - enjoying the spaHe was happy h_heart09.gif

Hippopo Baby Spa - happy in a bubbly spaYeah, very happy during the bath h_heart08.gif

Hippopo Baby Spa - after the spa ready for a baby massageWhile relaxing after the bath, it was time for a baby massage..

Hippopo Baby Spa - not willing to be massaged..As expected, he is not used to and doesn’t like and not willing to let anyone he doesn’t know to interfere his life all this while kinda.. how can it be okay of having the staff to massage him..face3_kao20.gifh_sweat02.gif(→my doubt earlier)

Baby is supposed to lie down while enjoying the sensation of massaging by the professional there, but since Little-big-boss was not willing to,  we still tried a little while I hold him up..

Yeah, it didn’t work out face3_kao20.gif

I think he might thought that the staffs there were doctors face3_kao20.gif
he hates docs.. haha


After the baby spa, we head to another friend’s place for lunch.

Uokatsu - all about fish This friend is a Japanese who married a Malaysian-Chinese wife and stayed in Malaysia.
They opened a Japanese restaurant which specialize in FISH dishes an_fish.gif UOKATSU an_fish.gif

Happily eating something from homeland, Japan ( ̄▽ ̄)Happy eating food that he recognizedface_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

Well, we really really had a wonderful and fulfilling day and it was so great to have wonderful friends like them h_heart04.gif
Grateful thanks to:
Nick and Stephanie from  Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness
Tomono-san and Winnie from UOKATSU

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Sakura in Showa Kinen Park 昭和記念公園でお花見
★2014/05/22 01:18

5 April 2014 – My fourth “hanami” of the year! h_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif at Showa Kinen Park, a very very big park!

This time was with Yappi and his friends h_heart08.gif

This park is really really big that in order to get to our lunch destination, the open field, we had to walk like more than 30 minutes in the park itself..
There were a few entrance for the park and the entrance that we entered was the furthest one..face3_kao18.gif

Walking towards the open fieldPretty challenging when you have a baby to look after while carrying all the stuffs and while you have a husband who went ahead so far away to take picturesface2_wobbly.gif
*Nah, just at some pointsface2_bleah.gif He will be back to help face2_lovely.gif

Well, we reached the open field,
and never thought it will be this OPENmark3_sign01.gif

Showa Kinen Park square 昭和記念公園広場This tree was just right at the center where we meet with our friends p_hana-ani03.gif

Picnic lunch at Showa Kinen Park 昭和記念公園でピックニックAnd we had lunch f_z_spoon02.gif
We took a spot nearer to the kids playground instead of the sakura coz it was so crowded at the sakura area and we all have kids!face5_boy.gif face5_girl.gif face3_kao25.gif

Sliding with daddy

The day started very sunny and nice, but suddenly there were hailstones dropping onto our food! face3_kao19.gif


Luckily the sun came back to us after an hour or so w_1_hare.gif

After lunch, we had a walk around the park an_mushi.gif

Little-big boss giving a helping hand face3_kao22.gif

Little-big-boss helped to carry the mat Looking goodh_heart09.gif

Little-big-boss helped to carry the mat Kakko ii~ かっこいい~face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

Little-big-boss tripped..face3_kao18.gifh_sweat02.gif

Little-big-boss not walking..Little-big-boss doesn’t want to walk sometimes..

Little-big-boss says, "I want a bike too!"Little-big-boss says, “I want a bike too!”h_shine.gif

Little-big-boss riding on a bike!Little-big-boss got his wish! ya_bicycle.gifh_kira02.gif
*Borrowed from friend’s 3 years old son.. face3_kao20.gifh_sweat02.gif

Daddy leading little-big-bossDaddy on the act! face2_catface.gif

Little-big-boss and I posing for sakura blossom in Showa Kinen Park 昭和記念公園の桜Walking under the blossomed sakura is like a dream..p_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif

Little-big-boss and I posing for sakura blossom in Showa Kinen Park 昭和記念公園の桜If there weren’t too many people..face3_kao20.gif

Time to have a nap on baby carrierTime for Little-big-boss to have a noon-nap on his baby carrier w_1_hare.gifh_sleepy.gif
while the adults keeeeeeep walking~face2_catface.gif

We walked around the park for another 1 hour or so..
Harupi's family on Showa Kinen Park and Little-big-boss woke up just in time for the boat ride~ya_y_yacht.gif
We were on the lake though the picture above doesn’t show! face2_catface.gif

Little-big-boss playing with a 3 years old friendTime to head home before sunset.ya_car02.gifh_f01.gif

Mom with sakura at Showa Kinen ParkA pic of my momh_heart09.gif
taken while we were walking again so far back to our carpark..


Sakura in Showa Kinen Park with friends 昭和記念公園でお花見

f_been.gif580 days old

Hanami 2014
Sakura in Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園でお花見
Sakura in Yumemigasaki Zoo Park 夢見ヶ崎動物公園でお花見
Sakura along the Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原でお花見

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Sakura along the Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原でお花見
★2014/05/12 18:26

2 April 2014 – My third “hanami” event, at the riverside of Tamagawa p_sakura.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_sakura.gif

Sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原でお花見

with my MOMMY h_heart08.gif little-big-boss’s grandmama~h_heart08.gif


Little-big-boss with grandmama for hanami
Grandmama and little-big-boss h_heart04.gif

Little-big-boss playing with grandmama
Grandmama is here for only 3 months and literally became little-big-boss’s playmate h_note.gif

My third hanami,
and at last, the  full-bloomed SAKURA~h_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif


Full-bloomed sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原の満開の桜

Full-bloomed sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原の満開の桜
What more can I ask for face_shy.gif
I am too blessed to be able to witness this beautiful season, this beautiful treesh_heart04.gif


It was a peaceful day p_cherryblossom.gif

Sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原の桜並木
Being on a weekday, there were not too many people face_shy.gif

Playing under the Sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原の桜並木
So calm, so tranquil..p_futaba.gif

Playing under the Sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原の桜並木
Under the beautiful tunnel of sakura trees p_cherryblossom.giff_been.gifp_cherryblossom.gif

Playing under the Sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原の桜並木
Feeling so blessed to be in this beautiful part of the world h_kira02.gif

Playing under the Sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原の桜並木
To be able to enjoy the mother nature of the earth is my happiness h_heart09.gif

Playing under the Sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原の桜並木
To let my child to be part of this world is my joy h_heart08.gif

Peaceful - Sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原の桜並木
The old, the young, we share the world h_heart03_.gif

Lunch picnic at Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原でお花見
Feel the air of spring p_hana-ani04.gif

Lunch picnic at Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原でお花見
Feel the wonders of spring p_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif

Little-big-boss posing
Well, look up body3_te03.gif .. where ever you are..

Sakura along Tamagawa riverside 多摩川の河原の桜並木
before you regret h_heart09.gif

There are wonders everywhere face_shy.gif

f_been.gif577 days old

Hanami 2014
Sakura in Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園でお花見
Sakura in Yumemigasaki Zoo Park 夢見ヶ崎動物公園でお花見

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Sakura in Yumemigasaki Zoo Park 夢見ヶ崎動物公園でお花見
★2014/05/02 23:15

31 March 2014 – My second “hanami” session of 2014 p_sakura.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_sakura.gif to the mini Yumemigasaki  Zoo Park~♪
*hanami=sakura admiring event, sakura viewing, etc

This time was with my mama-friends from little-big-boss baby swimming class face3_kao25.gif an_fish.gif

Sakura picnic "hanami" with mama-friends 夢見ヶ崎動物公園でママ友とお花見
Babies all about the same age face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

3 days after the first hanami I had, obviously the sakura bloomed fuller here p_cherryblossom.gifh_shine.gif
still not the peak yet though..

Little-big-boss at the tower
Little-big-boss at the tower h_kira02.gif

At the tower with beautiful sakura as background! 夢見ヶ崎動物公園の桜
I think the sakura at the back was probably the biggest and fully bloomed sakura over here face_self-conscious_smile.gifp_sakura.gif

A kiss from Little-big-boss 幸せなちゅ❤
A kiss from my little-cutie-pie h_heart09.gif

And then, we had lunch f_z_spoon02.gif A hanami picnic lunch p_cherryblossom.giff_z_spoon02.gif

Picnic at Yumemigasaki Zoo Park 夢見ヶ崎動物公園でお花見ピックニック
Basically, we brought our own food except for Yuuki-chan’s mom, the biggest and luxurious of them all f_z_spoon02.gifface3_kao09.gif
The first 2 pics from left was Yuuki-chan’s bento and the other 2 was little-big-boss’s face2_delicious.gif

Picnic at Yumemigasaki Zoo Park 夢見ヶ崎動物公園でお花見ピックニック

Everybody, LUNCH-TIME~f_z_spoon01.gifface2_delicious.giff_z_spoon02.gif

After lunch, it’s play-time~face3_kao09.gifh_heart03_.gif


Little-big-boss walking around
Little-big-boss walks around by himself a lot..
Like, he seldom look back for his mom..face3_kao17.gif

Playing at the tower

And now he has friends!


Yuto and Yuuki
A “girl” friend, Yuuki-chan h_heart06.gif

Yuto and Yuri
A “girl” friend, Yuri-chan h_heart06.gif

As if they are dating each other..face_self-conscious_smile.gif
As if my little-big-boss is double-dating the girls..h_heart08.gifh_heart09.gif

Yuto and Hikaru
Here’s a “boy” friend, Hikaru-kun h_heart03_.gif

They look so sweet holding hands and hugging each other though face_self-conscious_smile.gif

Yuto x Yuuki x Hina
Little-big-boss with Yuuki-chan and Hina-chan h_heart04.gif

Holding hands ❤
Cuteness h_heart04.gif

Playing under the sakura tree

Playing at the sakura tree
Playing around the sakura tree h_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif

Running everywhere..
Playing freely p_hana-ani03.gifo_wing.gif

Act like a soccer player
Act like a soccer player face3_kao07.gif
Little-big-boss loves playing ball nowadays, that he will go all excited and shout out “bo-, bo-” whenever he saw a ball on the street, at the park, or anywhere s_soccer.gifh_shine.gif
(the ball in the pic belonged to someone else though)

Time to go for the animals in the zoo!

This is a very small zoo park which is free of charge, just nice for little babies to explore without being too exhausted h_notes.gif

Though small, though they do not have elephants, giraffes, gorillas, lions, tigers, all those big animals..
they have zebra, monkeys, red pandas, donkey, flamingos, and all the smaller animals an_c_chick.gifan_capricornus.gifan_p_buta.gifan_taurus.gifan_usagi.gifan_c_hiyoko.gifan_capricornus.gifmark3_sign01.gif

Penguin at Yumemigasaki Zoo Park 夢見ヶ崎動物公園のペンギン
They have penguins too an_penguin.gifan_penguin.gifan_penguin.gif

Didn’t take much pics of the animals except this face3_kao20.gifh_sweat02.gif

Take a look at this blog post which shows more of this zoo park →

Somehow, I have more pics of the fake animals..
Riding on a panda at Yumemigasaki Zoo Park 夢見ヶ崎動物公園でパンダ乗り
Riding on a panda (Θ∀Θ)h_note.gif

Riding on a rabbit and a squirrel at Yumemigasaki Zoo Park 夢見ヶ崎動物公園のうさぎとりす
..on a rabbit an_usagi.gif and on a squirrel h_notes.gif

Before heading back,
Me and little-big-boss selfie :P
Selfie face_self-conscious_smile.gif Take 1 o_camera2.gif

Me and little-big-boss selfie with sakura
Selfie with Sakura face_self-conscious_smile.gifp_cherryblossom.gif Take 2 o_camera2.gif

Washing hand
Going out with kids, not to forget to wash their hand after a day playing outdoorh_bikkuri04.gif

Yumemigasaki Zoo Park 夢見ヶ崎動物公園
And, time to head home face_shy.gifh_note.gif

f_been.gif575 days old

1st hanami 2014 p_sakura.gif
Sakura in Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園でお花見

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Sakura in Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園でお花見
★2014/04/23 14:34

The Sakura’s season is the best part of spring in Japan p_sakura.gif.

Springmark3_sign01.gif when the weather is getting warmer and such nice view with white and pink trees everywhere p_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom3.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom3.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom3.gif

Sakura alongside the roadLove this seasonh_heart09.gif
Love this weatherh_heart09.gif
Love this beautiful flowersh_heart09.gif.

Well, when the Sakura bloomed, it’s hanami-timep_sakura.gif
(Hanami = admire the Sakura, Sakura-viewing party, etc

I went for a few places for this hanami event with family and different friends.

First, on 28 March 2014, I went to Mitsuike Koen, a big park which that has 3 lakes inside located in Kanagawa prefecture with one of my mama-friend (friend with babies).

When I first arrived here, there were still no sakura blooming to be seen..face3_kao18.gif
I knew it was a bit too early but never thought that it would be like so.. so not even one to be seen from the entrance..face3_kao18.gifh_sweat02.gif

Little-big-boss at Mitsuike KoenNo leaves, no flowers? face2_shock.gif
Too bad, but we enjoyed the park very much anyway even without the blossoms face3_kao20.gifh_shine.gif

Playing around while waiting for my friend~h_note.gif


Little-big-boss playing at the stairs, Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園Walk..

Little-big-boss playing at the stairs, Mitsuike Koen 三っ池公園walk..

Little-big-boss playing at the stairs, Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園walk..

Little-big-boss playing sand at Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園で砂遊び。。Play with sand..

Little-big-boss throwing rockPlay with the rock..

Little-big-boss playing ball at Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園でボール遊びPlay with a lil’ big brother..
Lil’ big brother was being so kind and cute h_heart04.gif

And my friend camemark3_sign01.gif face3_kao09.gifbody3_te01.gif

IMG_2602Ami (nickname) and Kocchan (nickname)h_heart04.gif

And we had..
Little-big-boss and Kotone-chan picnicking at Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園でランチLUNCH f_z_spoon02.gif straight away!
Very very nice picnicking in Spring p_hana-ani01.gif
The breeziness, the warmness after winter,
it’s just.. nice face_shy.gifh_heart09.gif

The babies will never sit still for long..

Kocchan vs Little-big-bossThey eat and play face3_kao20.gif

Kocchan walk away holding her lunchKocchan walked away holding her food face2_delicious.gif

After lunch, we went for a walk around the park..

Little-big-boss playing around Mitsuike Koen 三ッ池公園で遊ぶWalk, play, walk..

Little-big-boss squatting on a trunkRest..face3_kao07.gif

Little-big-boss playing at Mitsuike Koen 三ッ池公園で遊ぶClimb..

The ducks at the pond in Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園のかもたちWatching the ducks..
Little-big-boss will go saying out loud “da~, da~” when he is near the pond..face3_kao20.gif

Mommy and my little-big-boss making facesMaking faces~face3_kao02.gif Uuuuu~ bler~

Little-big-boss and Kocchan playing at Mitsuike Koen 三ッ池公園の展望台広場で遊ぶClimb, climb, climb again..

Mommy and little-big-boss holding handsHold hands h_heart09.gif

Kocchan, little-big-boss and me!With the little babies~h_heart04.gif

While we walk, at last we found some Sakura that blossomedp_sakura.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_sakura.gif
Obviously different types of Sakura blossomed on different time face2_smile.gif

Sakura in Mitsuike Koen 三つ池公園の桜The Sakura in Mitsuike Koen p_sakura.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_sakura.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_sakura.gifp_cherryblossom.gif

Sakura in Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園の桜A different type of Sakura from the above p_sakura.gif

All 4 of us!All 4 of us h_heart06.gif

Little-big-boss on the bench at Mitsuike Koen 三ツ池公園のベンチSunset.. time to go home ya_car02.gifh_f01.gif
f_been.gif572 days old

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Spring in Japan = Sakura
★2013/04/15 22:58

Oh yes! Spring in Japan = Sakura season!

Everywhere you go, you’d see Sakura p_sakura.gifp_sakura.gifp_sakura.gif

Whitish, pinkish trees all along the street, or just one in the middle of the greens symbolizing “I am the Angel” p_clover3.gifp_clover3.gifp_sakura.gifp_clover3.gifp_clover3.gif

or a garden which is not so green but pink!h_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif
Just like the one we went face_self-conscious_smile.gif The Shinjuku-gyoen (新宿御苑)     p_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif


Sakura roof in Shinjuku-gyoen 新宿御苑 Roof of Sakura~h_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif (Someiyoshino, 染井吉野)

Sakura roof in Shinjuku-gyoen 新宿御苑 ROOF of SAKURA~!!!h_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif (Someiyoshino, 染井吉野)
Imagine white pinkish tree in a garden! Doesn’t it makes you feel like a wonderland some may dream of? face_self-conscious_smile.gif

Pink sakuraThere are various types of Sakura. The very common one, the white pinkish sakura that you always see is called Someiyoshino (染井吉野). The roof of sakura in the 1st and 2nd pic is Someiyoshino and this type is always grown along at the side of a street or river shining all over face_shy.gifh_heart08.gif 

While the above sakura is all PINK!, I think this is Yokohamahizakura (横浜緋桜).
Nice staying alone in the middle type p_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_sakura.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gif.

Sakura on the trunkSakura grow straight from the trunk too!

Sakura snapshots with little-big-boss p_sakura.gifo_camera2.gif


Sakura and little-big-bossLittle-big-boss first time O-hanami, 初お花見 p_sakura.gifface3_kao25.gifh_heart09.gif

Little-big-boss and me at Shinjuku-gyoenLove h_heart09.gif

Kissing little-big-bossLove love h_heart08.gif

Little-big-boss and meWaha face_self-conscious_smile.gif

Little-big-boss and meface_shy.gif

Sakura in Shinjuku-gyoen“Mommy.. if you keep on like this, daddy is going to be very jealous..face3_kao17.gif

Yeah, somehow Yappi and I didn’t take any pics together on this event..face3_kao17.gif

But they did~ face3_kao20.gif a2_down.gif


Yappi and little-big-boss under the sakura's roofLittle-big-boss and Big-big-boss~ face3_kao20.gif

Little-big-boss pouting

Little-big-boss happyHe was happy after all h_note.gif Slept half of the trip waking up fresh again to enjoy whatever that is happening. 

Whereas for us, we forgot to bring our baby carrier and we haven’t got a stroller yet..which ended up that we have to carry him barely the whole trip face3_kao17.gif *sore hand*
Anyway, this is when we decided to get a stroller at last, yay! face2_happy02.gif

We reached here early in the morning, when the place was still very quite tranquil and peaceful, breezy and calming p_hana-ani03.gif

At noon..


Crowded with people in Shinjuku-gyoenThis is the behind-the-scene of every beautiful sakura picture you see that your friend might have been uploaded on Facebook, etc these days. haha face2_smile.gif

And by noon, we went home face2_wink.gifh_shine.gif

an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif

Ooh, I’ve got something to continue which is totally has nothing to do with the sakura’s story above!

I found something very funny and ridiculous that I wanted to write it down here.
The latest Japanese language trend!!

This trend started this year and it’s a HIT on the internet in Japan.

They are words indicating when you are angry. The angrier you are, the funnier it goes..face3_kao20.gif

Angry L1 – Oko (came from the word “okoru (怒る)” which means angry
Angry L2 – Geki (very) Oko (angry)
Angry L3 – Geki (very) Oko (angry) Punpun (steam up) Maru
Angry L4 – Muka (frustrated) Chakka (set fire) Faiyaa (fire)
Angry L5 – Kamu Chakka (set fire) Inferunooooou (inferno)
Angry L6 – Geki (very) Oko (angry) Stikku (stick) Fainariariti (final reality) Punpun (steam up) Doriimu (dream)

And this is how you use them,

Oko na no?” (Are you angry?)
“My bicycle got stolen, Geki Oko Punpun Maru ٩(๑•ૅہ•๑)!!”

and so on..

Cute? face3_kao20.gif 





夫から最初に聞かされたんだけど、やっぱりくるってる~!と思った face3_kao17.gif

しかもたまに使われてる。。face3_kao17.gif 感染される~!!!!face_shout.gif

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Maharajah curry at Boat Quay
★2011/09/05 02:10

Marina Bay Sands – The night Sky Parkprevious post

Last day, the 4th day in Singapore icon:mark3_sign01icon:face3_kao07 .. I’m taking ages to blog just on Singapore..icon:face3_kao20

Marina Bay Sands - morning makeup on the bed

Waking up and making up on the bed icon:o1_rouge icon:face3_kao09icon:h_heart04

And then we were just wandering around until the time to depart.. where we accidentally came to a place called Boat Quay.

Boat Quay

Boat Quat lil' pedestrian street with shops

There’s a street with pretty shop-houses along the river at Boat Quay~icon:ya_y_yachticon:h_kira02

And it’s lunch-time icon:f_z_restauranticon:h_kira02

Waiting for lunch at Maharajah restaurant along Boat Quay

Waiting for lunch icon:face3_kao06icon:f_z_spoon01

Lassi drink at Maharajah restaurant, Boat Quay

Had lassi while waiting..
When one having a lassi drink, you should know what we are going to have for lunch icon:face3_kao07icon:f_z_spoon01icon:h_shine


Nan at Maharajah restaurant, Boat Quay


Curry for naan at Maharajah restaurant, Boat Quay

Curry icon:h_shine

Creamy curry for naan at Maharajah restaurant, Boat Quay

And CURRY~icon:h_kira01

I forgot what curry though..icon:face3_kao17

Maharajah Restaurant at Boat Quay

Curry at Maharajahicon:mark3_sign01an Indian restaurant at Boat Quay~icon:f_z_spoon01icon:h_kira02icon:ya_y_yacht

The boss of Maharajah icon:mark3_sign03 He has the look of a boss~icon:face4_kao-a07 He was great icon:h_kira01


Two icon:h_heart04lovey-dovey pigeonsicon:h_heart04 at Boat Quay.

Pigeons at Boat Quay
Pigeons love at Boat Quay
Just happened to be there to snap this icon:face3_kao06icon:h_heart04

Panorama Boat Quay~

View of Singapore from Boat Quay

Click to enlarge icon:body3_te03

This is my last post for Singapore on this trip.

2 days at Geylang, a nostalgia place which I enjoyed quite much though this place not too popular among my friends icon:face3_kao17. All budget hotels gathered around Geylang icon:face3_kao06

Then, we had Megazip at Sentosa Island. That was great~icon:face_self-conscious_smile All the way from the mountain to the ocean icon:face_self-conscious_smile

Stayed 1 night at Marina Bay Sands hotel (the main purpose on this trip), mostly just for it’s infinity pool → the sky poolicon:mark3_sign01 
Had a romantic night icon:h_heart09 too at the sky park icon:face_shyicon:h_heart08

Overall, Singapore is a city with lightsicon:o_flair very happening and fun icon:face3_kao06

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Marina Bay Sands – The night Sky Park
★2011/08/03 23:35

Marina Bay Sands – SkyPark, SkyPool !! ← last post

After experiencing swimming on top of the world at the sky pool, we went back to our kingly spacious room, took a shower and a bubbly bath, and changedicon:mark3_sign03

for dinner~ icon:f_x_baricon:h_shine

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - ready for dinner 3


Snap-shots before dinner icon:h_heart04

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - ready for dinner 2Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - ready for dinner 1Great night view of a lightened up city icon:o_flair

Dinner-time at Rise restaurant, an all day dining buffet style restaurant. icon:f_c_cakeicon:f_c_cake2icon:f_z_restauranticon:f_fastfoodicon:f_f_watermelon_halficon:f_x_b_osake02

SG$68 per person .. I don’t know whether it is a lil’ bit pricey for what it has or it is actually quite reasonable in a hotel like this.. icon:face3_kao20icon:h_sweat02

Marina Bay Sands - Rise restaurant

The Sushi-plate icon:an_fish + icon:f_riceball

Marina Bay Sands - Rise restaurant

The Chinese-plate icon:an_cancer and Cheese Salad plate icon:p_futaba

Marina Bay Sands - dinner at Rise restaurantThe serious-face eating all the plates~ icon:face3_kao24icon:f_z_restaurant


After dinner, we then back to the top at the sky park breezy break~ icon:w_2_cloudicon:h_kira02

Marina Bay Sands - night sky park, sky poolThe quiet sky pool at night icon:w_7_star the pool is not opened at night though..icon:face3_kao15

Marina Bay Sands - night sky park, sky poolMarina Bay Sands Sky Park - relaxingMarina Bay Sands - night skypark

Marina Bay Sands - NIght sky park
I forgot to bring my shoes to match the dress on this trip..
Sneaker x night dress   how is it icon:h_hatena04 icon:face3_kao07icon:h_sweat02

Marina Bay Sands - Yasu, the vidcam man
Working seriously as a video-cam man the whole trip~icon:h_kira02icon:o_v_movie


Our *dokodemo two-shot icon:face5_boyicon:face5_girl 
at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Sky Park

*dokodemo = everywhere


Marina Bay Sands - Yasu and Haruka at Sky Park 1
Marina Bay Sands - Yasu & Haruka at Sky Park 2

Marina Bay Sands - Yasu & Haruka at Sky Park 3

Marina Bay Sands - Yasu & Haruka at Sky Park 4


Marina Bay Sands - Yasu, the vidcam man

My private videocam-man~icon:h_heart02icon:o_v_movie


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Marina Bay Sands – SkyPark, SkyPool !!
★2011/06/17 01:28

At last, the infinity panoramic city view Sky Pool icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face_self-conscious_smile

This is one of where we wanted to experience after seeing some promotion articles from Marina Bay Sands hotel icon:h_kira01 icon:h_heart05 though my passion was mostly for it’s sky park poolicon:h_heart05

How fascinating~icon:h_noteicon:face_self-conscious_smile

Marina Bay Sands hotel - Skypoolicon:h_kira02As if, a piece of heaven looking upon the world icon:o_wingicon:h_kira02

Marina Bay Sands hotel - chill out at the skypool

My first experience in a pool on top of a city icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_shine


Marina Bay Sands hotel - fun at the skypoolWas trying to take some pics on high shuttle speed..icon:face3_kao07

Marina Bay Sands hotel - splash at the skypool

Marina Bay Sands hotel - splash at the skypool


Marina Bay Sands hotel - Skypool, SkyparkI love the ocean, love the nature, but sometimes a pool up above on a city could be very exciting icon:face3_kao09icon:h_kira01

Marina Bay Sands hotel - skypool edgeAs the sun goes down, the city started to light up icon:o_flair
Love the gradation of the sky icon:h_heart09

Marina Bay Sands hotel -night view at SkypoolAs if there were no other people in the pool except he & she icon:h_heart04 How romantic icon:face_shyicon:h_heart04
in real, do expect loads more people..

Marina Bay Sands hotel - night swim

As if, swimming on a cloud..icon:w_2_kumoicon:h_kira02

Marina Bay Sands hotel - night view..2 guys.. girls were around..icon:h_sweat02haha


Have a look at the edge of the pool


When you see the fact that it is fully concreted, just can’t help to feel a lil’ bit of disappointment.. though it is expected icon:face3_kao18


See post Marina Bay Sands Hotel room – Horizon Deluxe King icon:face3_kao07

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Marina Bay Sands Hotel – snapshots of Horizon Deluxe King
★2011/06/08 03:00

Day 3 of Singaporeicon:mark3_sign03 updates are so slow.. icon:face3_kao17

Anyway, in day 3 we transfered to Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which actually our main reason this time to Singapore icon:face3_kao07icon:h_shine – for it’s infinity panoramic city view sky poolicon:mark3_sign03icon:face3_kao09icon:h_kira01 

This hotel is known as a 5 stars hotel icon:w_7_star 

Marina Bay Sands - Hall

and I expected a more welcoming reception and a more luxurious lobby icon:face_shy

Never expected that a new, big known hotel lobby could be like a shopping mall full of people standing around talking loudly with no lounge or sofas visible for a rest..icon:face3_kao18 the atmosphere here is just not so right for what to be expected..

Marina Bay Sands - Lobby

A lil’ bit of disappointment here..

Anyhow, I was very much more expecting a great time at the pool thoughicon:mark3_sign03icon:face3_kao06

Once we stepped in to our room, I can’t believe that I spent quarter of the day just wow-ing and camwhoring around the room.. icon:face3_kao20 

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - mirror decoration

A whole piece of mirror on the wall – an impact once we stepped inicon:mark3_sign01icon:h_kira02

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Horizon Deluxe King roomThe room is huuuuugeicon:mark3_sign03icon:face4_kao-a17 
Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Horizon Deluxe King (city view) room for a night icon:h_heart08

Marina Bay Sands Horizon room city viewThe sea view might be great, but in Singapore, the city view could be more magnificent icon:h_bikkuri04 especially the night view icon:w_8_nighticon:yb_hotel

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - city viewLove the big window icon:h_kira02 icon:face3_kao06icon:h_heart09

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - mirror

Lots of mirrors – best when you have nobody to take pics for you icon:face3_kao07icon:h_kira02


Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - big roomMarina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - so big room

 The room is really hugeicon:mark3_sign01

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - mirror camwhore


Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - bathroom

The bathroom area is huge tooicon:mark3_sign01

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - shower room

Glass partition shower room icon:face_shyicon:h_heart08

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - bathroom

The bathtub is adorable icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_heart09

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - nice bathtub

Love cute bathtub icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_heart04 especially the retro one icon:yb_ofuroicon:h_kira02

Yasu setting up video camera

And, here’s my video camera-manicon:h_heart09 and the video camera-man always icon:h_kira02icon:o_v_movie


Quarter of a day, we spent it on cam and vid-cam whoring just in the room icon:face3_kao17

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