Happiness and Unhappiness
★2011/08/04 23:57

I’m not too happy lately. 

But whenever I’m not happy, in order to feel better, I used to think that our existence is just as tiny as ‘nothing’ compared to our endless infinity and so spectacular universe. 
When you think there are more serious stuffs happening around the world, there are more other stuff to care of, to take concern of, things like me being unhappy now is just ‘nothing’, not worth at all.

And then, I started to think also that life is short. Being unhappy is not much but a huge waste of time. If being happy is why we are here in this world, why waste all the time being unhappy?

I feel better for a moment after that, but I don’t really feel all recovered.

Maybe after all, unhappiness is still one of human’s feeling..
Can’t really resist..
If it’s easy to rid of, nobody will shed tears, nobody will have heartache, nobody will ever commit suicide..

It’s hard..

But still, everything in this world is a beauty, a miracle icon:face_shy

Using a different way to feel things we have, happiness is just everywhere.

I realized,

if there is one unhappiness,

we could replace this one unhappiness with other one happiness~ icon:h_heart08 

For example,

GuilinWhen I see there are so much beauties in this world like this, I feel happy icon:face_shyicon:h_heart09

Mahout camp in Luang PrabangWhen I’m in touch with the beauty of nature, I feel happy icon:face_shyicon:h_heart09

It’s true, everything can be forgiven, every unhappiness can be forgettable icon:face_shyicon:h_heart08

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Marina Bay Sands – The night Sky Park
★2011/08/03 23:35

Marina Bay Sands – SkyPark, SkyPool !! ← last post

After experiencing swimming on top of the world at the sky pool, we went back to our kingly spacious room, took a shower and a bubbly bath, and changedicon:mark3_sign03

for dinner~ icon:f_x_baricon:h_shine

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - ready for dinner 3


Snap-shots before dinner icon:h_heart04

Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - ready for dinner 2Marina Bay Sands Horizon Deluxe - ready for dinner 1Great night view of a lightened up city icon:o_flair

Dinner-time at Rise restaurant, an all day dining buffet style restaurant. icon:f_c_cakeicon:f_c_cake2icon:f_z_restauranticon:f_fastfoodicon:f_f_watermelon_halficon:f_x_b_osake02

SG$68 per person .. I don’t know whether it is a lil’ bit pricey for what it has or it is actually quite reasonable in a hotel like this.. icon:face3_kao20icon:h_sweat02

Marina Bay Sands - Rise restaurant

The Sushi-plate icon:an_fish + icon:f_riceball

Marina Bay Sands - Rise restaurant

The Chinese-plate icon:an_cancer and Cheese Salad plate icon:p_futaba

Marina Bay Sands - dinner at Rise restaurantThe serious-face eating all the plates~ icon:face3_kao24icon:f_z_restaurant


After dinner, we then back to the top at the sky park breezy break~ icon:w_2_cloudicon:h_kira02

Marina Bay Sands - night sky park, sky poolThe quiet sky pool at night icon:w_7_star the pool is not opened at night though..icon:face3_kao15

Marina Bay Sands - night sky park, sky poolMarina Bay Sands Sky Park - relaxingMarina Bay Sands - night skypark

Marina Bay Sands - NIght sky park
I forgot to bring my shoes to match the dress on this trip..
Sneaker x night dress   how is it icon:h_hatena04 icon:face3_kao07icon:h_sweat02

Marina Bay Sands - Yasu, the vidcam man
Working seriously as a video-cam man the whole trip~icon:h_kira02icon:o_v_movie


Our *dokodemo two-shot icon:face5_boyicon:face5_girl 
at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Sky Park

*dokodemo = everywhere


Marina Bay Sands - Yasu and Haruka at Sky Park 1
Marina Bay Sands - Yasu & Haruka at Sky Park 2

Marina Bay Sands - Yasu & Haruka at Sky Park 3

Marina Bay Sands - Yasu & Haruka at Sky Park 4


Marina Bay Sands - Yasu, the vidcam man

My private videocam-man~icon:h_heart02icon:o_v_movie


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