Another 1 long-time-no-see update..
★2011/02/24 23:47


I don’t know why do I always leave my blog untouched for like weeks..

In my head, I always so want to blog about any circumstances that I’m having, so want to blog about the snow, so want to blog about my Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Taiwan backpacking trip months ago..

Just…so hard to lift up my brain to start writing something..

After work, I cook. Then I wash.

I make videos on YouTube.

I do laundry at times.

I go skiing or snowboarding.

And of course at some days, my off days, I do have extra time to at least do something on my blog, but instead, I facebook. I watch anime. I nap.

Why not just terminating the blog since I’m having a hard time updating it?!


One thing, I don’t hate blogging. In my head, I always thinking of something new to blog. I want to blog. Just that it’s hard to kick off writing it..

Anyway, I will be blogging about my backpacking trip starting from tomorrow! for REAL!

Can’t lag anymore!! Can’t wait to show-off all my pictures and experiences!!!! icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_heart04

One photo for a warm-up! icon:face3_kao07 icon:a2_downicon:a2_downicon:a2_down
Saigon city

Saigon City

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