Hana Kirei はなきれい
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Yuto holding grandmama's hand for a walkA story of Spring 2 months ago p_bud.gif 28 April 2014
春のお話 p_tulip.gif

Hana – flowers
Kirei – beautiful

Hana kirei – beautiful flowers! p_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani03.gifp_hana-ani04.gif


Yuto walking in a flower garden

Yeah..Little-big-boss starting to talk like us! I mean, a language that we understand!..erm… I mean talk in not just his baby-language!

Sorry, confusing..face3_kao20.gif

Me, his mommy speaks English and Japanese with him.

His daddy speaks 100% Japanese with him.

His grandpa, grandma (dad’s parents) speaks also 100% Japanese with him.

His grandma (mom’s mom) speaks Cantonese with him.

..so he is like.. I think he is all confusing at the moment but manage to START TALKING LIKE US! face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart06.gif

Playing at the flower garden

I think he started with calling us h_heart09.gif
Ma (mama)
Pa (papa)
Maa maa (grandma in cantonese)

Or maybe the animal sounds an_c_hiyoko.gif

Or maybe “ba- ba-” (bus) ya_b_car01.gif

Not too sure coz I think they are about the same time face3_kao07.gif

Ah~, no, before he turned 1, he started with “kore, kore”!! means “this, this” in Japanese h_shine.gif since

He pointed everything he sees and kept saying “kore, kore”, like he was trying to ask “what is this?, what is this?”

Even when he was having his food, he kept asking by saying, “kore, kore” face2_catface.gif
He is not going to eat if he doesn’t get his answer..face2_catface.gif

At 1 point, we adults kept saying “dame” alot, which means “no”, then he started telling us “meh!” in return.. since then we try not to use it too much..face2_gawk.gif

But somehow, his most use word now is “No”..”no, no~!”. face2_gawk.gif

Yuto running at the flower garden

Anyway, some time back, Little-big-boss trendy words were about the “flowers” p_tulip.gif in Japanese though, which is “花, hana”.
I taught him “flower” first, so he knows it in English too but never pronounce it yet face3_kao20.gif.

At the mean time, his words are still mostly in one word. Normally he picked up the last sound of a word face3_kao20.gif

Walking around the flower garden while listening to the birds chirp
花, hana = na~

When he started saying “na~” everytime he sees flowers, I will then asked him, “hana kirei?”, which means “Is the flower beautiful?”

He actually answered me for that by saying “kiREEEi”! (kirei *beautiful)face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart09.gif

Though I know he was just mimicking my words back then, but it just felt like we conversed! face_self-conscious_smile.gif haha

hana kirEEEi~p_tulip.gif

Wondering around the flower garden
He knows happa (葉っぱ), means leaves too~
Though he only says “pa~, pa~”.

Yeah, till now,
he knows the transport vehicles その他に、乗り物系↓
train (krain)ya_t_densya.gif, densha 電車 (sha~)
bus (ba-)ya_b_car01.gif
car (ka-)ya_car02.gif, kuruma 車 (ma~)
truck (kruck)
crane (crane)
fire engine (jin~)
ambulance (urance?)ya_hospital02.gif
motorbike (bai~)
bicycle (ker)ya_bicycle.gif
aeroplane (prein)ya_hikouki01.gif
boat (bo-)ya_y_ship.gif

he knows the colors カラー
red (re)
green (gree)
blue (blu)
white (wai)
black (blak)
yellow (lo)
gray (gray)
pink (phin)
purple (per)

he knows his numbers from 1 to 10 数字
num_1_one.gif one (wan)
num_2_two.gif two (tsuu) (two)
num_3_three.gif three (sreee) (three)
num_4_four.gif four (fo)
num_5_five.gif five (fai)
num_6_six.gif six (shi)
num_7_seven.gif seven (eeuun?)
num_8_eight.gif eight (ei)
num_9_nine.gif nine (nai)
num_1_one.gifnum_0_zero.gif ten (ten)

Others like 他
door (dho-)
light (rai)
air-cond (kon)
rain (rain)
open (pin)
close (clo)
okay (k)
ii *good (ii)

And now follows his mommy saying A to Z face_self-conscious_smile.gif

Playing at a small park
Playing at a small park
I know his clothes, his hair here kinda girly,
and some of my friends or family kept asking me, “do you like girls? that’s why you are dressing your son like that?”

Absolutely NOT!

He is just a baby, you can’t even tell the baby gender without confirming the down part most of the time.

All babies are cute.

Even if he’s a boy, as long as the dresses, the clothes matches the baby, why not? an_c_hiyoko.gif

As long as you don’t go over it and dress him skirts or laces (except for some special occasions), really why not?

Not all baby suits all clothes, I know face2_confident.gif

And I don’t know why, most of the boys’ clothes are just not cute..(except for some brands)

Anyway, I’m glad and happy, and most satisfied with how I dress Little-big-boss.

It’s just cute face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart08.gif

And about the hair,
even male adults now has long hair! Why not on a baby~?

With his curly curles!

It’s just cute face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart08.gif

Age in the pics and video,
f_been.gif603 days old

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