1 year old Bond
★2009/10/31 23:59


icon:h_heart02 Purikura taken 1 year ago when we got registered officially as Married icon:h_heart02

Can’t believe 1 whole year has passed by so fast that we are now through our 1st Anniversary on the 31 October 2009 icon:h_heart08 – 1 year old Bond 

icon:w_2_kumo Still feel like it was just yesterday that we’ve just got married..icon:w_2_kumo 

icon:w_2_kaminari icon:o_dokuro And yeah, we registered on the day of Trick or Treat icon:h_hatena04 I’d love treat icon:mark3_sign04 icon:o_dokuro icon:w_2_kaminari

Anyway, we did not made it a big celebration.

We’ve celebrated the moment just as simple as always. icon:p_tulip

icon:face2_gawk buu…

Yeah, as if I sounded so pure and romantic and as if simple is the best.. icon:face_watching

In fact, it is just that we are in a very tight budget now to keep living through the days which made us just had to be simple icon:f_been

Maybe I’d choose to be escorted to a candle-light dinner with my best dressicon:mark3_sign01, or out to the sea sailing on a cruise romantically with just the two of usicon:mark3_sign03, or up to the sky on an air-balloon travelling through the cloudsicon:mark3_sign01icon:mark3_sign03 IF we are simply icon:h_kira01icon:o_dollar richie icon:o_dollaricon:h_kira01


No, I’m not materialistic, I’ve just got aims upon life. icon:w_5_l_thundericon:o_sagittarius

Experience all the might if we could icon:body_a_biceps. That is what i guess life should meant to be.

Of course with the might we both have now, though still tiny, I am great happy with everything I have and know that I am really blessedicon:mark3_sign01icon:face3_kao06icon:h_kira02 

Though simple, our 1st Anniversary were the sweetest and the most memorable one ever. (and more to come of cz!)


You can’t beat us icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face3_kao24

We celebrated our very 1 year old Bond at home icon:yb_house02,

icon:h_heart09 Eating simple-home-cooked Yakinikuicon:an_taurus

20091031_1st_anniversary_yakinikuThis took only 2 mins to cook. Just fried the meat on a fry-pan without adding any spices.  and we had Yakiniku at home with ready-made sauce from the market. icon:face_self-conscious_smile – 598 yen


icon:h_heart09 Sipping wine icon:f_x_wine with cheese,

20091031_1st_anniversary_cheese_wineWine from my parents-in-law icon:h_heart04, and creamy cheese from the supermarket. Cheeze really creamy~ – 198 yen


icon:h_heart09 Munching chips with salsa sauce, icon:p_futaba

20091031_1st_anniversary_chips_salsaKagome Salsa sauce was yuuuumy. Ate the whole bottle for just 1 packet of medium size chips. icon:face2_catface 391 yen


icon:h_heart09 and cream puffs for dessert. icon:f_c_prinicon:h_shine

4 cream puffs in a set from the supermarket also. Crispy, Creamy and Cheapicon:mark3_sign01 icon:face_self-conscious_smile – 238 yen

Total = 1,425 yen


Variety and yet Budgety icon:w_7_star

Simple and yet still celebrated with the fondest memories. icon:face_shy icon:h_heart04

We drank the whole bottle of wine and one glass of Jinro (Korean alcohol) + orange juice.

And that got me, my head a bit *wink wink* (dizzy) icon:w_5_typhoon after that…icon:face2_wobbly

but nevertheless,

despite the simplicity of the celebration,

I think I just had,



a real sweet WONDERFUL night. icon:face_shyicon:h_heart04 

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Restaurant City or Cafe World ??
★2009/10/31 00:13

Do you Facebook?

If yes, then you are surely been addicted to one of the Facebook Flash game.

We have,
games from Playfish,
games from Zynga,
games from Metrogames,


there are 2 similar games which hit the popularity since they’ve ever started.

Restaurant City and Cafe World.

They are both restaurant game running your own shop with recipes of food.

Just wanna know,

Do you love Restaurant City icon:mark3_sign02 icon:h_heart09

Or do you love Cafe World icon:mark3_sign02 icon:h_heart09



I’ve been playing Restaurant City since months ago and personally think that RC is more fun to play as a game. 

I’ve tried Cafe World recently and I don’t really think this game attracts me that much.

Maybe also because I’m too obsessed to RC and it may takes time to accept another similar game…

Comparing Restaurant City and Cafe World..

icon:num_1_one Character and Uniforms

Different people has different preference on style, 

I always think Restaurant City‘s style is cuter which brings in some touch of the Japanese anime. 

Whereas, people who loves the western more might prefer Cafe World‘s style I guess.

icon:num_2_two Markings on the face


RC is still cuter…

icon:num_3_three Recipes


I still love RC style..

Their touch of drawing is softer and feel complete. icon:h_heart08

icon:num_4_four The Interior


CW may be nice here coz it looks retro~ icon:o_tv2

I have not play CW long enough to really understand the fun of the game.

What else do we need to do and think to play CW besides chopping, cutting, shaping when cooking a dish? icon:an_c_hiyoko

Like in RC,

We need to arrange for the best layout so that we could get the best result in gaining Coins, GP and Popularity.

We trade for ingredients.

We manage our employees. The ratio of cooks and waiters makes a difference too.

We observe the flow of customers and hope for improvements.

RC is FUN icon:face_self-conscious_smile

I know RC and CW is a different game and I can’t just compare them with each other so directly.

But I hope CW can make me stay longer to explore more of the game..  icon:face_expressionlessicon:h_sweat02 


Anyway, I’m a full-time addict to Restaurant City and I can tell that this game is getting more and more interesting since it has started months ago. Updates are frequent.

Check out my all-about-Restaurant-City blogRestaurant City Addicts icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_kira01

The latest updates we had were all for Halloween icon:mark3_sign03 icon:o_dokuroicon:h_shineicon:o_dokuroicon:h_shineicon:o_dokuroicon:h_shine  

Yeah, they started to be festive too.. icon:o_dokuro icon:h_heart09

They even have cute Halloween recipes for the festival icon:mark3_sign04 icon:o_dokuro icon:f_z_restaurant

icon:h_kira02 icon:o_dokuro My Restaurant City Halloween icon:o_dokuro icon:h_kira02

20091031_halloween_creepy_haruka   20091031_halloween_creepy_yasupi





And one more thing that Cafe World does not have is, 
the EXTERIOR icon:mark3_sign03 icon:yb_house02 icon:face_self-conscious_smile


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I LOVE my bed windows
★2009/10/17 05:44


I LOVE my bed windows icon:h_heart09

うちのベッドの窓が涼しくて、雰囲気がよくて気持ちいいから、大スキ icon:p_hana-ani01

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I LOVE my bed windows
★2009/10/17 05:22


I LOVE my bed windows icon:h_heart09

Big, windy, comfortable, and love the warmth atmosphere~ icon:p_hana-ani01

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I’m going to Fit’s DANCE!
★2009/10/12 07:10


What’s Fit’s icon:mark3_sign02

Fit’s a popular, as written on the banner, a Soft & Long-Lasting Flavor Gum by LOTTE icon:face2_delicious 


What’s Fit’s dance icon:mark3_sign02

Fit’s dance is a dance promoted in Fit’s TV commercial.

This icon:a2_down2 is the 1st season of the TV commercial icon:mark3_sign04icon:h_note

And this icon:a2_down2 is the 2nd season of the TV commercialicon:mark3_sign04icon:h_note 

So, what do I mean by going Fit’s dance icon:mark3_sign02

Fit’s has been holding a dancing contest last season via YouTube and whoever got the most views won the GRAND prize icon:mark3_sign03 icon:a2_upicon:a2_upicon:face5_kya-icon:h_kira01

I was unaware when they were doing this and totally missed the whole FUNicon:mark3_sign04 icon:face3_kao13

However, they are making it happening again for 2nd season Fit’s Dance icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face_self-conscious_smile icon:h_heart09

What contestants need to do is, icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2

Refer to official site icon:h_note Steps to application
20091012_fits_application_stepsicon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani01icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani03icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani04 icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani01icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani03icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani04 icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani01icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani03icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani04 icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani01icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani03icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani04 icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani01icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani03icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani04 icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani01icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani03icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani04 icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani01icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani03icon:a2_upicon:p_hana-ani04 

Since, everything is in Japanese, and if someone reading this happened to have some interest in participating, I might be a help~ icon:face4_kao-a05 icon:h_kira02

Follow following STEPSicon:mark3_sign03


STEP icon:num_1_one 

Master the dance from the Fit’s TV commercial.

2nd Season Fit’s Dance TUTORIAL icon:body3_te03

Thumbnail image for 20091012_Fits_dance_steps_ori
Click to enlarge

See TUTORIAL VIDEO icon:o_v_movie


STEP icon:num_2_two
Select the area that you are currently living in.

If you are in Japan, select the state you are residing. For those who are outside Japan, there’s only 1 option which is “Overseas”.

Every area has a different opening of the song. Download iticon:mark3_sign01

Then, use the song, dance, and edit your video. icon:h_note icon:o_v_movie icon:o_pc2

However, there’s a new rule for Season 2 which did not applied to Season 1 before.

Contestants need to dance somewhere which could represent the area you’ve chosen for your video.

Which means, I guess you can only dance outside somewhere but not inside your house.

Overseas contestants would be easier coz anywhere outside Japan is overseasicon:face4_kao-a18


STEP icon:num_3_three 
Fill up the application form and upload your video.

Fill in icon:o_p_enpitu02

Nickname: harupi

Video Title: Fit’s Dance to the MAX  (get a title with impact icon:body3_te03)

Select area: 海外 (Overseas)

Email address: haruka@harupi.com

Check the Terms & Conditions box and CLICK icon:mark3_sign01

Then upload your video and CLICK icon:mark3_sign01 icon:face4_kao-a18 icon:h_kira01


STEP icon:num_4_four 
Now you can check uploaded video on YouTube icon:mark3_sign03

Applying date from 29 Sept 2009 ~ 2 Nov 2009 icon:h_impact
(Apply earlier benefits to gain more views icon:face_self-conscious_smile )

Publishing date will be on the 13 Oct 2009 ~ 16 Nov 2009 icon:h_impact icon:face4_kao-a18

Anyone from all over the world can PARTICIPATE icon:mark3_sign03 as long as you have an internet access where you could upload your video to applyicon:mark3_sign01


You might think this is boring, icon:face3_kao18 icon:h_hatena02

but you have to know,

the prizes are YUMMMY~~icon:mark3_sign03 icon:h_heart04 icon:o_dollar icon:face_love icon:x_present icon:p_hana-ani04 icon:x_present01 icon:p_hana-ani04 icon:x_present02 icon:p_hana-ani04 icon:x_present03 icon:p_hana-ani04 icon:x_present04 icon:face_love icon:o_dollar icon:h_heart04

icon:x_present 100 million yen (US$10,000~, RM37,000~) + LOTTE Fit’s (365 packs)

2nd PRIZE            
icon:x_present02 20 million yen (US$2,000~, RM7,400~) + LOTTE Fit’s (365 packs)

3rd PRIZE            
icon:x_present04 10 million yen (US$1,000~, RM3,700~) + LOTTE Fit’s (365 packs)

Condolences PRIZE, 1 for each areas in Japan + 1 for overseas 
icon:x_present02icon:x_present03 5 million yen (US$500, RM1800~) + LOTTE Fit’s (50 packs) 

Absolutely Deliciousicon:mark3_sign04 icon:face2_lovely icon:h_heart04 icon:face2_lovely icon:h_heart04 Coz I need icon:o_dollaricon:o_dollaricon:o_dollar and I need icon:o1_bagicon:o1_boutiqueicon:o1_fuku02icon:o1_rougeicon:o1_ring and I need icon:face_smileicon:h_note FUN icon:mark3_sign01

Wanna join icon:h_hatena01 icon:face3_kao07 

icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2Practice by watching all the samples provided icon:mark3_sign03 icon:h_noteicon:h_notesicon:h_note3 icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2

My PICK-UPS icon:mark3_sign03 icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06

Just be CREATIVE icon:o_flair, SPORTING icon:s_soccer and ACTIVE icon:face5_kya- icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face4_kao-a18 icon:h_kira01 

Watch more samples.

Oh, you might want to know the winner for the last season icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face4_kao-a17

icon:a2_down2 icon:p_hana-ani01 Season 1 icon:p_hana-ani01 icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2 icon:p_hana-ani01 Season 1 icon:p_hana-ani01 icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2 icon:p_hana-ani01 Season 1 icon:p_hana-ani01 icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2 icon:p_hana-ani01 Season 1 icon:p_hana-ani01 icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2 icon:p_hana-ani01 Season 1 icon:p_hana-ani01 icon:a2_down2

Season 1  icon:x_present  GRAND PRIZE 

She was just 11 years old…icon:face4_kao-a11

Season 1  icon:x_present02  2nd PRIZE

Even this got 2nd prize…she’s not REAL icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face4_kao-a10

Season 1  icon:x_present04  3rd PRIZE

Name Kozue, she is active in the dancing world on the web…
as she has gained herself with popularity on Nico Nico Video (Japan) and YouTube~ icon:an_c_hiyoko icon:h_bikkuri04  a rival…icon:face3_kao12

I never really had any dancing experience…and I’m going to compete with these people…icon:face3_kao12

Anyway, it’s just for fun icon:mark3_sign03 (persuading myself..icon:face_watching)

I’ve already started practicingicon:mark3_sign04 icon:h_noteicon:body_a_biceps



think i’m clumsy for dancing…icon:face3_kao13

But I’ll still try my best icon:mark3_sign01icon:body2_a_punch icon:face3_kao07 icon:h_impact

Hoping from your SUPPORT icon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03 icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06

Just click to view when I’m DONE icon:mark3_sign01 icon:body3_te03 

I promised to be worth-while icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face3_kao24 icon:body2_a_paper

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Food of day 11 in Oct
★2009/10/11 22:56

BREAKFAST icon:f_bread icon:an_c_chick


Toast butter raisins bread  by Yasu

I LOOVEEE icon:h_heart09 this so much! The yummy point is of coz icon:mark3_sign04 BUTTER icon:mark3_sign03

LUNCH icon:f_kinoko02 icon:p_futaba


Homemade potato chips – chicken flavor  by Yasu


Homemade potato chips – pepper flavor  by Yasu

 Isn’t this much more healthyicon:mark3_sign01 And it’s very very easy to makeicon:mark3_sign03

icon:num_1_one Sliced the potatoes. (not too thin)

icon:num_2_two Cover a tray with cooking paper and place the sliced potatoes seperately on top of it. 

icon:num_3_three Put them into the microwave and set the timer for around 20 mins.

icon:num_4_four Flavor with your favorite spice.

icon:num_5_five Done icon:mark3_sign03 and you’ll have a healthy crunchy yummy chips~ icon:face2_delicious icon:h_heart04

DINNER icon:f_z_spoon02 icon:f_medamayaki


Buri Daikon (ブリ大根) – Japanese amberjack (fish) with white radish   by Haruka

Yapi loves this icon:h_heart08 icon:face_self-conscious_smile I love icon:h_heart09 it too~

A dish with a taste of “Japan”..icon:f_noodle Soy sauce based. That’s why..icon:face4_kao-a03

Healthy or not icon:h_hatena01 icon:face5_girl

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★2009/10/11 22:25

今日の朝ご飯 icon:f_bread icon:an_c_chick


バターレーズンパンのトースト   by Yasu

これスキicon:h_heart09 icon:face_self-conscious_smile

今日のランチ icon:f_kinoko02 icon:p_futaba


自家製のポテトチップス - チキンエキス味   by Yasu


自家製のポテトチップス - 胡椒味   by Yasu

ヘルシーなスナックicon:mark3_sign01 icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06 うちの最近の流行りicon:h_kira01


icon:num_1_one ポテトを薄切りをします。

icon:num_2_two 電子レンジのトレイの上に、クッキングペーパーを敷いてから、ポテトをかさならないように一枚一枚のせます。

icon:num_3_three レンジに入れてから、タイマーを20分くらい設定してスタート!

icon:num_4_four 最後に塩・エキス・胡椒など、好きな味付けをして出来上がりicon:mark3_sign01icon:h_heart09


今日の夕飯 icon:f_z_spoon02 icon:f_medamayaki


ブリ大根   by Haruka

去年、初めて作った時に以外とめちゃくちゃおいしかったから、今年また作ってみたら、いまいちだった。。icon:face3_kao13 大根を入れすぎたぁ。。icon:face3_kao13

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★2009/10/10 23:58

今日の朝ご飯 icon:an_c_chick icon:p_tulip 


ワンタンの皮でドライ麵とスープ麵   by Haruka


今日のランチ icon:w_1_hare icon:p_futaba


黒ごまの焼き餅   by Yasu

これスキicon:mark3_sign03 icon:face4_kao-a18icon:h_heart04 めちゃおいしかったicon:mark3_sign01 icon:body2_a_goodicon:h_kira01

今日の夕飯  icon:f_z_restaurant icon:face2_delicious


月見ワカメスープラーメン   by Yasu
(名付けは適当。。icon:face4_kao-a04 )

体調良くなかったから、ヤピに最後の半分を食べてもらっちゃった。icon:face3_kao07 icon:h_heart04_

これからも、おいしいものいっぱい作っていきますよぉicon:mark3_sign04icon:mark3_sign03 icon:body2_a_punch icon:face4_kao-a02 icon:h_kira01

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Food of day 10 in Oct
★2009/10/10 22:24

BREAKFAST icon:p_tulip icon:an_c_chick 


Wantan skin noodles..icon:h_hatena01   by Haruka 
One dry with soy sauce, one with wakame soup

LUNCH icon:w_1_hare icon:p_futaba


Mochi with Black Sesame   by Yasu 

Loveicon:h_heart04 this soooo muchicon:mark3_sign01 Ooooh, Yapi you’re a genius icon:h_heart05

DINNER icon:f_z_restaurant icon:face2_delicious


Wakame Tamago Ramen   by Yasu

Been feeling not to well, couldn’t finish this and had Yapi eat it all in the end..icon:face3_kao18

Feeling sick, so Yapi has been in-charged with both meals! icon:face3_kao07 icon:h_heart04_

Hoho~ icon:face4_kao-a05icon:h_heart04

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Are you emotional??
★2009/10/09 20:28

What do you do when you are feeling emotional?

I’m feeling so emotional nowadays and I’ve always running away from it by occupying my mind with TVs, movies, dramas, and books!

People grow, thought change.

I almost forgot how adventurous and challenging I used to be. (-_-)

Well, well, well! I need to search back my enthusiasm!!!

I’m not going to let anything or anyone to affect my ways of thought!

Every time when I’m in a mood right down under deeper than anyone could have imagine, 

I’ll always try to think, why do I bother so much?

Life is short as anybody would say. 

“HAPPY” liven up your life.

“SAD”, “STRESS” would just ruin part of your life.

And moreover, a human life is just a very very small existence to the Universe!

Try to think about the nature of the planet, the beauty of the earth, the planet with so much of all mysterious phenomenon are just so marvelous that you’d feel that your own existence is like an ant of a colony!

So, why bother?

You thank God that you have a life to enjoy.

Time is not to be wasted.

I convinced myself with all these wonderful thinking of the planet when I’m in a depression which shouldn’t exist at all in one’s life..


I would love to cheer myself with a lovely warm Foot Spa as well icon:face_shy icon:h_heart04

Enjoy life which every one should be..icon:yb_see


I’m gonna be STRONG!

I’ll be the girl that everyone would ADORE!! icon:h_heart09

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