Restaurant City or Cafe World ??
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Do you Facebook?

If yes, then you are surely been addicted to one of the Facebook Flash game.

We have,
games from Playfish,
games from Zynga,
games from Metrogames,


there are 2 similar games which hit the popularity since they’ve ever started.

Restaurant City and Cafe World.

They are both restaurant game running your own shop with recipes of food.

Just wanna know,

Do you love Restaurant City icon:mark3_sign02 icon:h_heart09

Or do you love Cafe World icon:mark3_sign02 icon:h_heart09



I’ve been playing Restaurant City since months ago and personally think that RC is more fun to play as a game. 

I’ve tried Cafe World recently and I don’t really think this game attracts me that much.

Maybe also because I’m too obsessed to RC and it may takes time to accept another similar game…

Comparing Restaurant City and Cafe World..

icon:num_1_one Character and Uniforms

Different people has different preference on style, 

I always think Restaurant City‘s style is cuter which brings in some touch of the Japanese anime. 

Whereas, people who loves the western more might prefer Cafe World‘s style I guess.

icon:num_2_two Markings on the face


RC is still cuter…

icon:num_3_three Recipes


I still love RC style..

Their touch of drawing is softer and feel complete. icon:h_heart08

icon:num_4_four The Interior


CW may be nice here coz it looks retro~ icon:o_tv2

I have not play CW long enough to really understand the fun of the game.

What else do we need to do and think to play CW besides chopping, cutting, shaping when cooking a dish? icon:an_c_hiyoko

Like in RC,

We need to arrange for the best layout so that we could get the best result in gaining Coins, GP and Popularity.

We trade for ingredients.

We manage our employees. The ratio of cooks and waiters makes a difference too.

We observe the flow of customers and hope for improvements.

RC is FUN icon:face_self-conscious_smile

I know RC and CW is a different game and I can’t just compare them with each other so directly.

But I hope CW can make me stay longer to explore more of the game..  icon:face_expressionlessicon:h_sweat02 


Anyway, I’m a full-time addict to Restaurant City and I can tell that this game is getting more and more interesting since it has started months ago. Updates are frequent.

Check out my all-about-Restaurant-City blogRestaurant City Addicts icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_kira01

The latest updates we had were all for Halloween icon:mark3_sign03 icon:o_dokuroicon:h_shineicon:o_dokuroicon:h_shineicon:o_dokuroicon:h_shine  

Yeah, they started to be festive too.. icon:o_dokuro icon:h_heart09

They even have cute Halloween recipes for the festival icon:mark3_sign04 icon:o_dokuro icon:f_z_restaurant

icon:h_kira02 icon:o_dokuro My Restaurant City Halloween icon:o_dokuro icon:h_kira02

20091031_halloween_creepy_haruka   20091031_halloween_creepy_yasupi





And one more thing that Cafe World does not have is, 
the EXTERIOR icon:mark3_sign03 icon:yb_house02 icon:face_self-conscious_smile


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