Little-big-boss Kta is ONE
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Little-big-boss Kta is ONEmark3_sign03.gif

Omg, time flies too quickly! Day by day just passing by so fast that I can’t help but missing my little bosses everyday, every second, unable to hold back all the precious moments I had with them..face2_crying.gif

I’m like wishing them to grow up healthily (of coz!) but also wishing that they are ‘little’ always face3_kao20.gif

Yeah, I’m just going to miss the ‘little’ them so much! h_heart09.gif

Anyways, I am happy, very happy that both of them are growing well!h_shine.gif

And again, Little-big-boss Kta is ONEmark3_sign03.gif

The journey of him turning one was a flick! o_camera2.gif

He started rolled over completely at 3 months,
started crawling freely at 7 months,
growing his first two teeth at 8 months,
walked his first few steps at 11 months p_futaba.gif

I was not able to prepare a very gorgeous birthday party with beautiful sparkling set up or having friends over for the day..

We had a little party at home with just us face3_kao07.gif as usual h_note.gif


Birthday boy sleeping..

Little-big-boss Kta, the birthday boss decided to have a sleep when we were going to start!

The other bosses were hungry, and it was late..

The birthday dinner without the birthday boy!!So we started the party anyways! face2_happy02.gif

We had meat sauce spaghetti and sausage with egg mayo sandwich face2_delicious.gif
Very simple face3_kao02.gif
We finished the meal..but,

Birthday boy still still sleeping very soundly~The birthday boss was still in his dream..h_sleepy.gif

So we started the second session of the party!

Birthday parcel from grandpa and grandmaOpening the birthday parcel from grandpa and grandma! x_present.gifh_kira01.gif
Birthday boy still sleeping..Still sleeping…

and not long after that,

Happy after meal :)Finally!! All charged, all refreshed!h_shine.gif

The brothers ❤︎Yay!
Now we can have fun! h_notes.gif
At least not celebrating in whisper face2_smile.gif
Time for the birthday boss to eat!

One year old birthday plate - the hungry caterpillarThe birthday plate!an_mushi.giff_z_spoon02.gif


The birthday boy woke up at last! Just woke, not feeling too good perhaps ^^;Not too happy being sat on the chair I guess..face2_coldsweats01.gif

Eating the birthday 'the hungry caterpillar' plate~!Bad mood gone straight away when he gets to eat body2_a_good.gifh_shine.gif

Happy birthday Little-big-boss Kta ❤︎Cake time!! f_c_birthday.gif
My homemade birthday cake face3_kao20.gif
No extra sugar added, non-cream, good for babies cake body2_a_good.gifh_shine.gif
Ingredients: Kids pancake mixed as the cake base, bananas for the sweetness, plain yogurt as cream, strawberries for decoration f_f_banana.gif f_c_cake.gif h_kira01.gif
Very simple face2_wink.gif

They love the cake!They liked it h_heart08.gif


Yummy ~♪Yummy~face2_delicious.gifh_heart04.gif

Present time!Present time x_present.gifh_kira01.gif

Having fun playing with the carpetThe present x_present.gif A big playing carpetmark3_sign03.gifya_t_densya.gif

The playing carpet!Been marking on this carpet since years ago face3_kao20.gif
Color not too bright and beautifully made just perfect for both playing and for a good room interior h_note.gif
Family snapshot time~o_camera2.gifw_5_l_thunder.gif

My one year old big bossWith mommy~h_heart06.gif

My two little big bosses❤︎With mommy and Little-big-boss Uto~h_heart06.gif

My bosses!!With mommy and the BOSSES h_heart04.gif

h_heart03_.gif Uto h_heart03_.gif
f_been.gif 20170424
f_been.gif 4years 7months 22days
f_been.gif 4歳 7か月 22日

h_heart03_.gif Kta h_heart03_.gif
f_been.gif 20170424
f_been.gif 1years 0months 0days
f_been.gif 1歳 0か月 0日



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