The little-big-boss hairstyle!
★2013/11/09 22:56

My little-big-boss hair..I admit is a mess now..(ーー;

His hair has grown,
and never been cut before since birth (´-ω-`;)

So, waking up in the morning, he can be (not always!) like this ↓


Baby Yuto hair - The V-kei style

The V-kei style face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

*Face so not like a baby in this pic..face3_kao17.gif

Or looking like this when tied up ↓


Baby Yuto hair - The playboy style
The playboy style face3_kao20.gif

I do think as a good mom, I should cut it for comfort instead of keeping it for style.. (○´3`)

Yah, soon, soon.. ( ̄∇ ̄)

Trust me, I still keep him in comfort always by tying the hair up nicely~ face3_kao06.gifh_heart09.gif

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Happy Halloween ☆
★2013/11/01 19:41

w_6_moon3.gif Baby Yuto sleeping-art series ベビー悠人の寝相アートの巻

Baby-sleeping art - Happy Halloween!
A witch rushing back to celebrate “Happy Halloween” w_6_fullmoon.gif


w_6_moon3.gif Baby-Yuto sleeping-art series 悠人の寝相アートの巻

⑥ “I am ONE! I am going out to see the world!”
⑤ Have a doughnut ◎ ドーナツをどうぞ
④ Out to the sea, out for a catch!
③ UFO Catcher, Catch the baby~!
② Hibernating baby came to wake
① A happy 100 days old




On this day, 31st October is actually my marriage anniversary too!face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

Yasu took a day leave to accompany me. We didn’t do anything to celebrate literally, just stayed at home relaxing and had our favorite Halloween Ikumimama’s animal doughnuts~ h_heart09.gif

Happy Halloween black cat doughnut with pumpkin topThe black cat with pumpkin top!

Happy Halloween purple cat doughnut with pumpkin topThe purple cat doughnut with pumpkin top!

Happy Halloween ghost doughnutThe ghost doughnut!

Happy 5th Anniversary for us and a Happy Halloween for everyone~!h_kira02.gifw_6_fullmoon.gif

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