A little Happy Valentine’s day 2014
★2014/02/17 02:33

As usual, I had a very simple Happy Valentine’s day this year at home with my lovely loved ones h_heart08.gif

Happy Valentine's dinnerHad a simple homemade dinner, which I just had all the ingredients wrapped and baked in the oven for 40 mins face_shy.gif
Tied it with a ribbon in the end and tadah~ f_kinoko02.gifh_kira01.gif
Simple yet gorgeous face3_kao06.gifh_heart04.gif

Happy Valentine's baby dinnerThis year, we had our little-big-boss joining in our little happy valentine’s day h_heart06.gif for the very first time h_heart06.gif
He had his baby menu of course face3_kao25.giff_z_spoon02.gif

Happy Valentine's Fondant ChocolaLater at night while little-big-boss left for his sweet dreams,
Yappi and I had a little Valentine’s sweet treat, homemade fondant chocola h_heart09.gif

Glad that these chocolas came out perfect face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif
In Japan, Happy Valentine’s day is all about “chocolate”mark3_sign01.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gif haha

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