Have a doughnut ◎ ドーナツをどうぞ
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w_6_moon3.gif Baby Yuto sleeping-art series ベビー悠人の寝相アートの巻

Baby-sleeping art - Have a doughnut ◎ ドーナツをどうぞHave a doughnut face3_kao06.gif
ドーナツをど~ぞ h_note.gif


The animal doughnuts were from  an_c_hiyoko.gif Ikumimama イクミママ an_c_hiyoko.gif

I’ve always buying these animal doughnuts every time I am around that area face_self-conscious_smile.gif
The characters are just cute and kinda retro and very Japanese! haha

The roles that were in my sleeping-art this time a2_down.gif 
Ikumimama animal dougnuts イクミママのどうぶつドーナツan_kaeru.gif Kaeru-kun the frog an_kaeru.gif カエルくん
an_cat.gif Koneko-shamu the kitten an_cat.gif こねこのシャム
an_cat2.gif Tora-kun the tiger an_cat2.gif 虎くん

The animal doughnutsLittle-big-boss sleeping soundly in the whole process h_heart09.gif


w_6_moon3.gif Baby-Yuto sleeping-art series 悠人の寝相アートの巻

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③ UFO Catcher, Catch the baby~!
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