The Hen and Chick lunchbox 鶏親子弁当
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On 3rd of March, Little-big-boss Uto was going to a mini zoo with his kindy mates and teachers. So on that day I made him..
The hen and chick lunchbox 鶏親子弁当The hen and chick lunchbox face2_bleah.gif

But Little-big-boss Uto didn’t know what was it when I asked him. He said, “Hina matsuri?” (Girls’ day)

Oh! He thought it was the emperor and the empress doll that was shown by the teachers on this event face2_coldsweats01.gif Well 2 characters on the lunchbox with a heart in between and exactly on the same day.. GOOD TRY indeed!!!! body2_a_good.gif

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Kindergarten Artwork Exhibition 作品展
★2017/03/10 11:39

Kindergarten Artworks Exhibition 幼稚園の作品展Our booklet’ticket to Little-big-boss Uto’s kindergarten Artworks Exhibition o_pb_hairsalon.gifh_shine.gif
(Cover page drawn by Little-big-boss Uto, which means everybody has a different design of their own booklet face2_smile.gif)

The kindergarten artwork exhibition 幼稚園の作品展And here we are, the big event of 3rd semester, the Artwork Exhibition h_kira01.gif an exhibition of artworks that all the students have made since from the 1st semester face_love.gif
The kids’ works was greath_shine.gif
The display that had been put up together with the teachers was even more amazing!! h_kira01.gif
I mean their creativeness and hard work had me in awe, which was seriously over my expectation!face3_kao22.gif

All the artworks basically were made by papers and recycle stuffs (bottles, plastic bags, card boards, Styrofoam trays, straws, etc) o_pb_hairsalon.gif

Every year in Little-big-boss Uto’s kindergarten, they have different theme to display.
This year we had
num_1_one.gif Seasons (Spring, Rainy season, Summer, Autumn, Winter) as theme for displaying all the kids artworks of the year,
num_2_two.gif Shopping street at the hall as theme for displaying artworks which were made together with their respective parents/guardians.
My summary of the exhibition p_hana-ani04.gif

num_1_one.gif Seasons
an_c_hiyoko.gif Artworks made by 1st year (3-4 years old)
Little-big-boss Uto is in 1st year, so we have his works in every of the season for 1st year display h_heart04.gif

Spring by 1st year 春(年少)p_hana-ani01.gif Spring 春
(Little-big-boss Uto’s work a_recycle.gif the caterpillar an_mushi.gif)

Rainy season by 1st year 梅雨(年少)w_3_rain.gif Rainy season 梅雨
(Little-big-boss Uto’s work a_recycle.gif the teruteru bozu w_3_rainy.gif)

Summer by 1st year 夏(年少)w_1_sun.gif Summer 夏
(Little-big-boss Uto’s work a_recycle.gif the fish an_fish.gif)

Autumn by 1st year 秋(年少)p_maple.gif Autumn 秋
(Little-big-boss Uto’s work a_recycle.gif the squirrel p_maple3.gif)

Winter by 1st year 冬(年少)w_4_snow.gif Winter 冬
(Little-big-boss Uto’s work a_recycle.gif the angel x_riisu.gif)

an_c_chick.gif Artworks made by 2nd year (4-5 years old)

Spring by 2nd year 春(年中)p_hana-ani01.gif Spring 春

Rainy season by 2nd year 梅雨(年中)w_3_rain.gif Rainy season 梅雨

Summer by 2nd year 夏(年中)w_1_sun.gif Summer 夏

Autumn by 2nd year 秋(年中)p_maple.gif Autumn 秋

Winter by 2nd year 冬(年中)w_4_snow.gif Winter 冬

an_ashiato.gif Artworks made by 3rd year (5-6 years old)

Spring by 3rd year 春(年長)p_hana-ani01.gif Spring 春

Rainy season by 3rd year 梅雨(年長)w_3_rain.gif Rainy season 梅雨

Summer by 3rd year 夏(年長)w_1_sun.gif Summer 夏

Autumn by 3rd year 秋(年長)p_maple.gif Autumn 秋

Winter by 3rd year 冬(年長)w_4_snow.gif Winter 冬
num_2_two.gif Shopping street 商店街
– Artworks were made by kids together with their parents/guardians.
– Display by teachers (maybe a little part together with the kids face3_kao06.gif)

an_c_hiyoko.gif By 1st year an_c_hiyoko.gif

Laundry shop by 1st year + guardians クリーニング屋さん (年少と保護者)o1_fuku02.gif Laundry shop

Bakery by 1st year with parents/guardians パン屋さん (年少と保護者)f_bread.gif Bakery
Little-big-boss Uto’s class theme face3_kao07.gif.
So, Little-big-boss Uto and I had a little discussion, and settled on making a Pikachu hamburger f_fastfood.gifh_shine.gifface3_kao07.gif

Lunchbox stall by 1st year with parents/guardians お弁当屋さん (年少と保護者)f_riceball.gif Lunchbox stall

The market by 1st year with parents/guardians 魚屋さんと八百屋さん (年少と保護者)さん八百屋さん (年少と保護者)an_fish.gif The market

an_c_chick.gif By 2nd year an_c_chick.gif

Cakes & Cafes ケーキ💛カフェf_f_cherry.gif Cakes & Cafes

Festival stalls by 2nd year with parents/guardians お祭り屋台 (年中と保護者)p_cherryblossom3.gif Festival stalls
an_ashiato.gif By 3rd year an_ashiato.gif

Hats & Caps, Stationery, Toys, Watches by 3rd year with parents/guardians 帽子屋さん、文具屋さん、おもちゃ屋さん、腕時計屋さん (年長と保護者)o1_drama.gif Hats & Caps
o_p_pencil.gif Stationery shop
ya_t_densya.gif Toys shop
o1_watch.gif Watches

Pet shop by 3rd year with parents/guardians ペット屋さん (年長と保護者)an_dog2.gif Pet shop

The big mazeThis exhibition was so dearly satisfying.
There were so much to see and big enough to have us spending 4 hours all together in 2 days of visit face3_kao07.gif
Little-big-boss Uto's class teachersThank you teachers h_heart04.gif

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