My 4th Mother’s Day 2017
★2017/05/23 12:34

I am mother for 4 years!! h_heart05.gif

Being a mother, a responsible one! is though not as easy, I really really enjoyed every day I had with my children!

Seeing them growing each day, the changes, the wonders, the weird
acts, the memories, the love, everything is just amazing of having them in my life~

Seriously, I cherish every moment I have to the max of max face2_lovely.gif
One fine day, some weeks ago, I asked Little-big-boss Uto what did he do in kindergarten today?

Little-big-boss Uto (in whisper): Shhh, it’s a secret!
Me (as I couldn’t hear him): What?
Little-big-boss Uto (repeat in a louder whisper): Shhhhh! It’s a secret!
Me: Ohh! okay okay!

And there I knew, the kids were making pressy for their mommy face2_catface.gif

Happy Mother's Day ❤︎
This is it! He took out from his bag, sit down with me in a park bench and said..
Little-big-boss Uto: ママ、いつもいろいろしてくれて、ありがとう!うんでくれてありがとう!(Mommy, thank you for always taking care of me! Thank you for giving birth to me!)

He probably learned this phrase from his teacher, but still! the situation, with him saying out to me clearly but shyly, it was like the cutest speech ever for me face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

Hugssssss h_heart02.gif

Mother's Day giftThe present Little-big-boss Uto made h_heart06.gif
Mother's Day words from my Little-big-boss UtoAt night, Little-big-boss Uto gave me a letter with a box of treat he bought together with daddy.
Dear mommy, thank you for always taking care of me! From Yuto

Mother's Day treat!The very delicious dorayaki in the box~face2_delicious.gifh_note.gif
And of course not to forget, though he is still not aware of what’s a Mother’s day is,

Little-big-boss Kta happy modeI am also in the first year of motherhood-ing  Little-big-boss Kta face2_wink.gifh_heart09.gif

Once you are a mother, EVERYDAY IS A MOTHER’S DAYh_heart04.gif

h_heart03_.gif Uto h_heart03_.gif
f_been.gif 20170514
f_been.gif 4years 8months 12days
f_been.gif 4歳 8か月 12日

h_heart03_.gif Kta h_heart03_.gif
f_been.gif 20170514
f_been.gif 1years 0months 20days
f_been.gif 1歳 0か月 20日

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