UFO Catcher, Catch the baby~!
★2013/04/27 14:41

w_6_moon3.gif Baby-Yuto sleeping-art series ベビー悠人の寝相アートの巻

My another baby sleeping-art collection of little-big-boss face3_kao25.gifw_7_star.gif


UFO CATCHER an_cancer.gifh_shine.gif UFO キャッチャー an_cancer.gifh_shine.gif

Baby sleeping-art - UFO catcher (寝相アート - UFO キャッチャー)(Photo taken on 2013.03.04)
Sleeping version: Catch the baby~face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif ベビーをねらうんだ!h_shine.gif 

Baby waking-art - baby UFO catcher (寝相アート - ベビー UFO キャッチャー)(Photo taken on 2013.03.04)
Waking version: Little-big-boss the UFO Catcher crane an_cancer.gifh_shine.gif 
クレーン役 an_cancer.gifh_shine.gif


w_6_moon3.gif Baby-Yuto sleeping-art series ベビー悠人の寝相アートの巻

② Hibernating baby came to wake
① A happy 100 days old! 


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Spring in Japan = Sakura
★2013/04/15 22:58

Oh yes! Spring in Japan = Sakura season!

Everywhere you go, you’d see Sakura p_sakura.gifp_sakura.gifp_sakura.gif

Whitish, pinkish trees all along the street, or just one in the middle of the greens symbolizing “I am the Angel” p_clover3.gifp_clover3.gifp_sakura.gifp_clover3.gifp_clover3.gif

or a garden which is not so green but pink!h_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif
Just like the one we went face_self-conscious_smile.gif The Shinjuku-gyoen (新宿御苑)     p_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif


Sakura roof in Shinjuku-gyoen 新宿御苑 Roof of Sakura~h_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif (Someiyoshino, 染井吉野)

Sakura roof in Shinjuku-gyoen 新宿御苑 ROOF of SAKURA~!!!h_kira02.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifp_cherryblossom.gifh_kira02.gif (Someiyoshino, 染井吉野)
Imagine white pinkish tree in a garden! Doesn’t it makes you feel like a wonderland some may dream of? face_self-conscious_smile.gif

Pink sakuraThere are various types of Sakura. The very common one, the white pinkish sakura that you always see is called Someiyoshino (染井吉野). The roof of sakura in the 1st and 2nd pic is Someiyoshino and this type is always grown along at the side of a street or river shining all over face_shy.gifh_heart08.gif 

While the above sakura is all PINK!, I think this is Yokohamahizakura (横浜緋桜).
Nice staying alone in the middle type p_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_sakura.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gifp_yotuba.gif.

Sakura on the trunkSakura grow straight from the trunk too!

Sakura snapshots with little-big-boss p_sakura.gifo_camera2.gif


Sakura and little-big-bossLittle-big-boss first time O-hanami, 初お花見 p_sakura.gifface3_kao25.gifh_heart09.gif

Little-big-boss and me at Shinjuku-gyoenLove h_heart09.gif

Kissing little-big-bossLove love h_heart08.gif

Little-big-boss and meWaha face_self-conscious_smile.gif

Little-big-boss and meface_shy.gif

Sakura in Shinjuku-gyoen“Mommy.. if you keep on like this, daddy is going to be very jealous..face3_kao17.gif

Yeah, somehow Yappi and I didn’t take any pics together on this event..face3_kao17.gif

But they did~ face3_kao20.gif a2_down.gif


Yappi and little-big-boss under the sakura's roofLittle-big-boss and Big-big-boss~ face3_kao20.gif

Little-big-boss pouting

Little-big-boss happyHe was happy after all h_note.gif Slept half of the trip waking up fresh again to enjoy whatever that is happening. 

Whereas for us, we forgot to bring our baby carrier and we haven’t got a stroller yet..which ended up that we have to carry him barely the whole trip face3_kao17.gif *sore hand*
Anyway, this is when we decided to get a stroller at last, yay! face2_happy02.gif

We reached here early in the morning, when the place was still very quite tranquil and peaceful, breezy and calming p_hana-ani03.gif

At noon..


Crowded with people in Shinjuku-gyoenThis is the behind-the-scene of every beautiful sakura picture you see that your friend might have been uploaded on Facebook, etc these days. haha face2_smile.gif

And by noon, we went home face2_wink.gifh_shine.gif

an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif an_c_hiyoko.gif

Ooh, I’ve got something to continue which is totally has nothing to do with the sakura’s story above!

I found something very funny and ridiculous that I wanted to write it down here.
The latest Japanese language trend!!

This trend started this year and it’s a HIT on the internet in Japan.

They are words indicating when you are angry. The angrier you are, the funnier it goes..face3_kao20.gif

Angry L1 – Oko (came from the word “okoru (怒る)” which means angry
Angry L2 – Geki (very) Oko (angry)
Angry L3 – Geki (very) Oko (angry) Punpun (steam up) Maru
Angry L4 – Muka (frustrated) Chakka (set fire) Faiyaa (fire)
Angry L5 – Kamu Chakka (set fire) Inferunooooou (inferno)
Angry L6 – Geki (very) Oko (angry) Stikku (stick) Fainariariti (final reality) Punpun (steam up) Doriimu (dream)

And this is how you use them,

Oko na no?” (Are you angry?)
“My bicycle got stolen, Geki Oko Punpun Maru ٩(๑•ૅہ•๑)!!”

and so on..

Cute? face3_kao20.gif 





夫から最初に聞かされたんだけど、やっぱりくるってる~!と思った face3_kao17.gif

しかもたまに使われてる。。face3_kao17.gif 感染される~!!!!face_shout.gif

詳しく → http://moto-neta.com/net/gekioko-punpunmaru/

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Hibernating baby came to wake
★2013/04/05 22:57

w_6_moon3.gif Baby-Yuto sleeping-art series ベビー悠人の寝相アートの巻

All through this winter, little-big-boss was hibernating in his little comfy burrow..


Baby sleeping-art - hibernating baby (寝相アート - 冬眠中)冬眠中のベビー、ただたまに起きて食べる~face2_delicious.gif
Though he is not the type that goes hibernate without waking up for months.
He wakes up sometimes, for food f_z_spoon02.gif

And finally,

it’s SPRING~! p_cherryblossom.gifh_kira01.gif


Baby sleeping-art - hibernating baby waking up (寝相アート - 冬眠から目覚め)冬眠から目覚め (*´0)ゞoO
Uuu~haaa~ (*yawn)


Baby sleeping-art - hibernating baby waking up happy (寝相アート - 冬眠から目覚め、ハッピー!)冬眠から目覚めて、ハッピー♪ヽ(*´∇`*)ノ
Yeah, it’s SPRING! p_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani03.gifp_hana-ani04.gif waking up happy p_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani03.gifp_hana-ani04.gif   

Gonna start make a movemark3_sign01.gif

Gonna start to feel the breeze outsidemark3_sign01.gif

Gonna start to get some fresh airmark3_sign01.gif

Gonna start to find more foodmark3_sign01.gif

Gonna make a start for a better year mark3_sign03.gif

(The mom is starting to put herself together also after this very lazy winter she had..face3_kao18.gifh_sweat02.gif)

 hibernate theme idea from:

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