My Little-big-boss is TWO
★2014/10/21 02:51

My Little-big-boss is TWO h_heart09.gif

..since last month face3_kao07.gif

So, he is officially 2 years and 1 month plus h_heart04.gif

We celebrated 2 days before the real birthday, on Sunday, and same as last year, only the 3 of us face5_boy.gifh_heart06.gifface3_kao25.gifh_heart06.gifface5_girl.gif

1st session – Dinner time~f_z_spoon02.gif

Simple birthday dinnerA very simple birthday plates f_z_spoon02.gif face2_delicious.gif
Papa just had his wisdom tooth removed and still in pain, Mama is having her orthodontic treatment, so we both can’t really eat face3_kao21.gif

Pork rice burgerPork meat rice burger with prawns and mini tomatoes as side dishes an_p_buta.gif for mama and papah_heart08.gif

Veges rice burger and a heart-shaped fried eggVeges rice burger with fried egg and mini tomatoes as side dishes f_medamayaki.gif for the Little-big-boss h_heart09.gif

Itadakimasu~Itadakimasu~ nom nom nom nom face2_delicious.gif

Yummy~ おいしい~Little-big-boss was very hungry..face2_coldsweats01.gif
Was late having this dinner cz of all the preparation face2_catface.gifh_sweat02.gif

Birthday dinner with papaWith papa h_heart09.gif

Birthday dinner with mamaWith mama h_heart09.gif

2nd session – Birthday cake time f_c_birthday.gif

Happy 2nd birthday choo choo train cakeI’m literally not good in making cakes..face2_catface.gif
Still I took the challenge to make one instead of buying one..
just to see my Little-big-boss’s happy face when seeing a CHOO CHOO TRAIN cake face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

He is very obsessed in vehicles, like all of any vehicles. At first he had his attention to buses and trains. Then the fire engine and ambulance. Lately, the construction/working vehicles! He knows most of the names too. the common ones of course face3_kao07.gif. Excavator, dump truck, bulldozer, tractor, garbage truck, tank truck, crane, cars carrier truck, tow truck..etc face2_smile.gif

Little-big-boss is TWOSo, this year I decided to make him a Choo choo train cake!ya_t_densya.gifya_t_densya.gifya_t_densya.gif
I know it looks like an amateurish made cake..face3_kao20.gif

IMG_2424But Little-big-boss was very very happy with the cake face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart08.gif

Happy having his choo choo train cake Where he kept saying choo~ choo~ ya_t_densya.gifya_t_densya.gifya_t_densya.gif all the while~

Happy 2nd Birthday!Happy 2nd Birthday f_c_birthday.gifxmas_candle.gif

Choo Choo train cakeMy little baby face_shy.gifh_heart09.gif

3rd session – Present time x_present04.gifh_kira02.gif

This year we present him..

The 2nd birthday present - Railway train setTadaaaaaaaaah~mark3_sign03.gif
The RAILWAY TRAIN SETmark3_sign01.gifya_t_densya.gifya_t_densya.gifya_t_densya.gifya_t_densya.gifya_t_densya.gifh_shine.gif

Yes! Everything is about the TRAIN today!! face2_happy02.gifa2_up.gifa2_up.gifa2_up.gif
When Little-big-boss first saw this, he imitated me
Tadah~ tadah~!
and he was like “Waaaaah~, yay yay yay~!!face2_happy02.gifa2_up.gifa2_up.gifa2_up.gif

Trying out the new pressie with papaTrying out the pressie with papa~face2_smile.gifh_shine.gif

Concentrating on his new toysVery concentrating face2_catface.gif

Happy having his new toy ❤Like as if he is not going to sleep tonight.. face3_kao20.gif

The next morning..
Still very excited the next morningStill very excited seeing his trains~face2_lovely.gif

And the next next morning~❤ And the next next morning~face2_lovely.gifh_heart09.gif

The wooden railway train set!
Till today he is still fun playing with them h_note.gif

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Okonomiyaki lunch お好み焼きランチ
★2014/10/13 01:36

Sometimes when I’m out of idea to make a meal, and when I have cabbage in the fridge, my meal will be the Okonomiyaki face2_delicious.giff_z_restaurant.gif

Homemade Okonomiyaki お好み焼きMe and my Little-big-boss lunch today face2_delicious.gif

Eat like a bossEat like a boss face_shishishi.gif

Yummy? Yucky?Hm… yummy h_shine.gif

Yah, he ate almost half of it face2_coldsweats01.gif

He doesn’t really eat green vege in other way except this Okonomiyaki! (It’s not like he doesn’t like the taste of it but he just not so used to the texture I think..face2_coldsweats01.gif)

So to balance him up, Okonomiyaki is one of my favourite choice for him, where I tried to put in other green vege like spinach face2_smile.gif

And, it’s easy and fast face2_happy02.gif

Oh yeah, for baby Little-big-boss, I tried to spread away some of the mayo and sauce, not too much of those saucy stuffs for babies face2_catface.gif

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