Trip to Malaysia 2015: The Water Parks
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On hot hot weather in Malaysia,

The sunglass ❤Yes, water playing days non-stopmark3_sign01.gif

w_5_mist.gif At PJ Palms Sports Centre in Petaling Jaya w_5_mist.gif

Sliding on the water slideThe water slidemark3_sign03.gif face2_happy02.gifh_shine.gifw_5_typhoon.gifw_5_typhoon.gifw_5_typhoon.gif

Sliding on the water slide so professionally..SPLASSSSSSHmark3_sign03.gif face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_sweat.gifh_sweat.gifh_sweat.gif

Little-big-boss and cousin in the kiddie poolHe was having so much fun and like so familiar on the slide with lots of stances sliding down until he got to an accident bumping on to a kid who kept blocking the way down at the exit of the slide..face3_kao14.gif

His parents were no where to be seen! He was a foreigner who doesn’t speak English, which he didn’t seem to care for my warning till the unfortunate accident resulting Little-big-boss got hurt and bleed on the his lips..face3_kao14.gifh_annoy.gif

I was trying to avoid this and been very careful guarding Little-big-boss and my nephew, making sure nobody was down at the exit again trying to climb up from the slide..

The slide was a curved slide where you can’t see actually if anybody was blocking when you are up the slide.
I warned and made sure the kid was not near there.
I can’t watch 2 ways up and down at the same time.

And there when the accident happened h_annoy.gifh_annoy.gifh_annoy.gif The kid was back at the exit!

I know it was also my responsibility to let this happened!

But I still need to make this statement!

body2_a_paper.gifParents out there, please do look after your children, especially when they are in the pool and watch over them not only for their own safety but also others. And plus, so that they don’t break the rules and disturb other children playing at the same placemark3_sign03.gif

My case here,
he is your child, he doesn’t understand English, Malay and Chinese in Malaysia and doesn’t seem to listen to me. Do all these make enough reasons for you to even have to guard and guide them mark3_sign02.gifh_annoy.gifh_annoy.gifh_annoy.gifh_annoy.gifh_annoy.gif


Other than that, we had fun face3_kao07.gif
This place was quite nice with restaurants surrounding the pool.

w_5_mist.gif At LOST WORLD of TAMBUN in Ipoh w_5_mist.gif

I went back to my hometown, Ipoh! face_self-conscious_smile.gif
The town, a valley that surrounded by mountains!

We went to the LOST WORLD,
a theme park with water w_5_typhoon.gif
which located just under the mountains yb_m_mountain.gifyb_m_mountain.gifyb_m_mountain.gifyb_m_mountain.gifyb_m_mountain.gif

Little-big-boss under the enormous pouring mushroomYay! Under the big raining mushroom w_3_rainy.gifbody3_te01.gif

Gorgor under the enormous pouring mushroomWith his big cousin brother, Yang gorgor body3_te01.gifw_3_rainy.gifbody3_te01.gif

Enjoying on a float with gorgorOn a big float h_bikkuri04.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gifh_notes.gif

On a warm spring poolThe warm water pool yb_s_spa.gifface_shy.gif

My sexy little man ❤My sexy little man face3_kao22.gif

This was actually quite a fun place especially with small kids face3_kao07.gif p_futaba.gif

They have a big water park area w_5_typhoon.gif
They have a big dry theme park p_hana-ani03.gif
They have a petting zoo park an_usagi.gif
They have a tiger valley an_cat2.gif
They have a hot spring spa yb_s_spa.gif
etc, etc, etc~mark3_sign01.gif

Though we ended up the whole day just in the water park..face3_kao07.gifh_sweat02.gif (a few rides in the dry park..)

Would love to explore more the next round yb_m_mountain.gifh_heart09.gif


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