“I am ONE! I am going out to see the world!”
★2013/10/24 16:21

1 year old birthday Part 1 ▶ My little-big-boss is ONE
1 year old birthday Part 2 ▶ My little-big-boss is ONE – The CAKE

w_6_moon3.gif Baby Yuto sleeping-art series ベビー悠人の寝相アートの巻

Little-big-boss sleeping-art on his birthday~f_c_birthday.gif face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_kira02.gif


Baby sleeping-art - 1 year old birthday, I'm going out to see the world! 寝相アート*1歳の誕生日、世界を旅してくる~

“I am 1 year old!”
“I am big now!”
“I am going out to see the world~h_bikkuri04.gif

”世界を旅してくるぅ~、いってきます~” (ノ∇・、)

1 year old..
That was fast.. 。・゚・(ノε`)・゚・。


w_6_moon3.gif Baby-Yuto sleeping-art series 悠人の寝相アートの巻

Have a doughnut ◎ ドーナツをどうぞ
④ Out to the sea, out for a catch!
③ UFO Catcher, Catch the baby~!
② Hibernating baby came to wake
① A happy 100 days old



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My little-big-boss is ONE – The CAKE
★2013/10/19 01:47

Part 1 → My little-big-boss is ONE

We actually had the big “happy 1st birthday” celebration on the eve, and a small one on the real day (2nd September 2013), just because I am not satisfied with the first cake I made face3_kao15.gif.

I re-challenged myself to make the birthday cake again mark3_sign03.gif f_c_birthday.gif body_a_biceps.gif

なぜかというと、イブに作ったケーキはやっぱり理想な感じじゃなかったから、再チャレンジのためですmark3_sign03.gif ヽ(*´^`)ノ

And so, this is it f_c_birthday.gifh_shine.gif


Yuto 1st Birthday - birthday cake 2nd tryNon-sugar yogurt cake topping with kiwi fruits and baby biscuits for the sides h_heart09.gif
Size around 10~12cm in diameter face3_kao06.gif

Now, this is more like a cake face2_confident.gif *very satisfied*

これで、我が息子にケーキらしいケーキを作れて、もう満足です!face2_confident.gif h_heart08.gif

Cake-party time f_c_birthday.gifh_notes.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - blow the candleSing the birthday song, blow the candle~xmas_candle.gifh_kira01.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - with Yappi papa10 of 10 people would say they look alike face2_catface.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - Yuto 1st birthday cakeEat the cake! Can easily pull out the baby biscuits at the side face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - Yuto sour face after eating sour kiwiSour face after eating the kiwi on top face3_kao09.gifh_notes.gif
キウィを食べたら、酸っぱそうな顔をして、ちょうキュート face2_lovely.gifh_heart04.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - I love youHe is growing so fast.. he is going to have his own life, own family, own dream that I am already missing him.. h_heart02.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - grab and eatEven so, grow up healthy and strong, baby!h_shine.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - Yappi papa likes it too!And yeah, back to the cake, we enjoyed the cake quite much~face_self-conscious_smile.gif
Pull out the biscuits, scoop the yogurt with it and nom~ face2_delicious.gif
引っ張って、すくって、face2_delicious.gif もぐもぐ face2_delicious.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - yummy He was born on the 2nd September 2012, in this whole 1 year, he achieved first rolling over, first sitting up, first crawling, first standing up, first grabbing, first eating solid..and first many more.

On 14 September 2013, he had his first step mark3_sign03.gif He walked face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_notes.gif


Yuto first step!
See video その動画 o_v_slate.gif FIRST step, the second and the thirdmark3_sign03.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gifh_notes.gif

First “everything” is really really really touching face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart02.gifh_heart02.gifh_heart02.gif

My first baby boss, love you so much h_heart08.gif

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My little-big-boss is ONE
★2013/10/10 23:34

My little-big-boss, baby Yuto is ONE h_heart09.gif
うちの Yuto は 1歳 になりました~♪

.. since a month ago face3_kao07.gif on the 2nd of September 2013!

We celebrated on birthday’s eve, no other guests but the 3 of us conquering the living room as our party space h_notes.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gifh_notes.gif
特に大きくはしてないけど、バースデイ・イブにとりあえず 3人 でわいわいパーティをしました~h_notes.gif


Session 1 of the day
f_c_birthday.gif Decorations time デコ f_c_birthday.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday set up - wallpaperFirst, making the wall blue representing the sky with some clouds w_2_kumo.gif.

(The wallpaper was big papers I got from the 100yen shop. The clouds are made out from felt sheet, also from the 100yen shop face3_kao07.gif body2_a_good.gif)


Yuto 1st Birthday set up - the whale and bannerPut up the “Happy 1st Birthday” banner and the whaleh_sweat.gif.

(I created the banner face3_kao09.gif *feeling proud* Nothing I searched from either online or shop front has what I wanted, so I designed it, printed it, and ribbon-ed it o1_ribbon.gif. The whale balloon was pretty nice, I like h_heart08.gif)


Yuto 1st Birthday set up - the heart-shaped balloons 1歳誕生日パーティのデコ

Next, the blue and white heart-shaped balloons all over! h_heart03_.gifh_heart03_.gifh_heart03_.gif
最後にハート型の風船をばーっと一面に h_heart03_.gifh_heart03_.gifh_heart03_.gif したら、出来上がりh_heart03_.gif

テーマは 、”海” です☆

Just these 3 steps and it kinda lightened up my living room with a party-mood now h_notes.gifh_notes.gif.

This would be Baby Yuto’s 1st birthday party theme as,

The Ocean



Session 2 of the day
f_c_birthday.gif Testing time テスト f_c_birthday.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday set up - testing with baby Yuto "take 1"Testing with baby boss Yuto in f_been.gif

Baby boss Yuto: face3_kao25.gifh_hatena04.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday set up - testing with baby Yuto "take 2" Baby boss Yuto: Whatever, just play~! face4_kao-a18.gif h_heart03_.gifh_heart03_.gifh_heart03_.gif


Session 3 of the day
f_c_birthday.gif Pictures time! 本番!f_c_birthday.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - us 3! "take 1" All set for pictures p_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani03.gifp_hana-ani04.gif mark3_sign03.gif face3_kao09.gif o_camera2.gifh_kira02.gif
Look at the party hat w_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gif I customized these party hats I got from the 100yen shop with one star on each face3_kao09.gif but it ended up looking more like we were from somewhere outer space..face3_kao09.gif

☆のついてるパーティハットは自分でカスタマイズしたものです face3_kao07.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - us 3! "take 2"Lots of tries to get the best shot face3_kao20.gifh_shine.gif


f_c_birthday.gif Session 4 of the day f_c_birthday.gif
1st birthday dinner time ディナータイム

Yuto 1st Birthday - itadakimasu!1st Birthday dinner time~! face2_delicious.gif
Just made a few simple dishes for the day f_z_spoon02.gif


Yuto 1st Birthday - tomato and mozzarella cheesef_z_spoon02.gif Tomato with mozzarella cheese top with black pepper.

Yuto 1st Birthday - mini tomato, camembert cheese, cucumber f_z_spoon02.gif Mini tomato + camembert cheese + cucumber

Yuto 1st Birthday - sushi rollf_z_spoon02.gif Sushi roll

Yuto 1st Birthday - the caterpillar plate 1歳の誕生日の離乳食*いも虫プレート

f_z_spoon02.gif The caterpillar plate an_mushi.gif! made only for the birthday boy o1_crown.gifface3_kao25.gif
Yuto のバースデイ食、おかゆでいも虫!!!an_mushi.gif

The head: Porridge with little white fishes.
The green body: Porridge with spinach.
The orange body: Porridge with carrot.
The eyes and mouth: Seaweed.
The cheeks: Ketchup.
The horn? and legs: Hijiki (a type of sea vege)

And broccoli as the trees p_ki.gif, flower-shaped carrots as the flowers p_hana-ani03.gif.

Yuto 1st Birthday - birthday dinner meal timeItadakimasu~ f_z_spoon02.gif face2_delicious.gif f_z_spoon02.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - eating the caterpillarBaby boss Yuto ate the whole caterpillar an_mushi.gifmark3_sign03.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart06.gif


Session 5 of the day
f_c_birthday.gif Eve cake time イブケーキ f_c_birthday.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - birthday's eve cake (yogurt cake)The birthday’s eve cake f_c_birthday.gifh_kira02.gif
全然想像したのと違うけど。。(ーー;上のねこプレートは買ったものです an_cat2.gif

Made from yogurt + banana with boro baby biscuits topping and marshmallow for the side..
not exactly what I’ve imagined to make..too flat..face3_kao17.gif  It was not very successful cake but tasted not that bad face3_kao20.gif haha.

By the way, I ordered the “Happy 1st Birthday Yuto” white choc cat plate on top from my favorite doughnut’s shop an_cat2.gifh_shine.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - I'm one!I made this blue crown hat too o1_crown.gifh_shine.gif
バースデイの王冠は手作りbody3_te02.gif だけど、適当だったから、一回きりface3_kao20.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - feeding our little-big-bossFeeding the little-big-boss f_z_spoon02.gifface2_delicious.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - yummy?yummy? face3_kao20.gif


Session 6 of the day
f_c_birthday.gif Present time! プレゼント f_c_birthday.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - birthday present timeSince there were no other guests but us, Baby boss Yuto had only 2 sets of h_kira02.gifx_present04.gifx_present02.gifh_kira02.gif and o_dollar.gifo_dollar.gif from grandparents face3_kao06.gifh_heart09.gif.

Yuto 1st Birthday - birthday present books!Books from us face3_kao07.gif All in hard-cover, hard-pagesh_shine.gif
I guess he likes them.

He would go and take all the books out flip the pages a few times everyday~face2_catface.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - birthday present bowling soft toyNext, the soft toy bowling set w_5_l_thunder.gif from lil’-uncle (my lil’ bro) and wife h_notes.gif


Session 7 of the day
f_c_birthday.gif Bowling time! ボーリングタイム f_c_birthday.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - baby bowling time!And so, it’s bowling-time~mark3_sign03.gifface3_kao09.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - baby bowling time..how to? 1歳の誕生日*くじらヘアでベビーボーリング!

Baby boss Yuto: Bowlingh_hatena03.gif I hit them with this ballh_hatena04.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - bowling? what's that? I bite..Baby boss Yuto: I’d rather use my hand, a lot easier h_bikkuri02.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - baby bowling was funBaby boss Yuto: Surrender yourself h_bikkuri04.gif Each of you h_bikkuri04.gif


f_c_birthday.gif The end of the day * おしまい f_c_birthday.gif

Confession: What I actually thought for the theme was “sky blue”. When the decorations are all up, it was like, “Oh wow, the ocean!”face2_catface.gif

Noticed Yuto’s hair kinda similar to the the balloon whale water fountain on the wall? h_heart03_.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart03_.gif

そして、偶然だけど、Yuto のヘアがデコのくじらとマッチしてるから、なんかよかった face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart09.gif

w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif    。・゚・ ・゚・。 w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif

w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif  w_2_kumo.gif Y  w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif
w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif  / ̄ ̄\  w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif
w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif/ 。___) w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif w_2_kumo.gif
w_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gif /  /    / w_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gif
w_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gif )ヽ/とノ    /つw_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gif
w_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gif メノ\___/ w_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gifw_5_mist.gif

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