“I am ONE! I am going out to see the world!”
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1 year old birthday Part 1 ▶ My little-big-boss is ONE
1 year old birthday Part 2 ▶ My little-big-boss is ONE – The CAKE

w_6_moon3.gif Baby Yuto sleeping-art series ベビー悠人の寝相アートの巻

Little-big-boss sleeping-art on his birthday~f_c_birthday.gif face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_kira02.gif


Baby sleeping-art - 1 year old birthday, I'm going out to see the world! 寝相アート*1歳の誕生日、世界を旅してくる~

“I am 1 year old!”
“I am big now!”
“I am going out to see the world~h_bikkuri04.gif

”世界を旅してくるぅ~、いってきます~” (ノ∇・、)

1 year old..
That was fast.. 。・゚・(ノε`)・゚・。


w_6_moon3.gif Baby-Yuto sleeping-art series 悠人の寝相アートの巻

Have a doughnut ◎ ドーナツをどうぞ
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③ UFO Catcher, Catch the baby~!
② Hibernating baby came to wake
① A happy 100 days old



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