The bear for lunch!
★2015/02/18 17:42

Cute bear and rabbit rice mold for kids
Bought some cute tools to make cute meals for Little-big-boss an_usagi.gif

The bear rice with egg blanket

Yuto kept requesting that we wants a bear rice while I was trying to make it! Ended up with this in a short time face2_catface.gif

Ready to eat the bear riceALittle-big-boss: Bear is sleeping~ blanket~

Eat the bear rice 1Little-big-boss: Tamago~

Eat the bear rice 2
The egg blanket can be prettier without the rough-cut vege..face3_kao07.gifh_sweat02.gif

Well, it was a quick prepared lunch!

What I wanted to say is,
anyone can prepare one easily with that cute mold! f_z_spoon02.gif

Even though it might not be as pretty,
it is still cute and the baby will love ith_heart04.gif haha face3_kao09.gif

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A leisure day at the riverside
★2015/02/11 17:13

Just had a walk at the river nearby (Tamagawa river) on papa’s off day~♪

川辺でお散歩♪( ´▽`)

Father and son at Tamagawa

Leisure walk at Tamagawa

892 days old

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