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About Haruka

Haruka profile, Cambodia

I am Haruka, though this is not my birth name.

I started having this name in 2008 when I’ve got married to Yasu, my husband h_heart04.gif. He’s a Japanese.

Why do I have to change my name because of that?
Because everything would be easier in case of staying in Japan.

no01.gif Nobody would ever miss-pronounce my name face3_kao27.gif.

no02.gif All the official procedure would be much more easier to be done face3_kao07.gif.

no03.gif People wouldn’t think that you do not know Japanese and start speaking using baby-language face3_kao19.gif

no04.gif For Japanese in Japan, once you’re married,  either the wife has to follow the husband surname or the other way round (usually the former). This is also one of the reason, in order to match my husband surname, so that people can refer me as Ito-san and know that I’m his wife face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart02.gif.  

no05.gif etc, etc, etc face3_kao20.gif

Yes, Haruka is given by Yasu h_heart09.gif

I’ve got Haruka Ito registered officially in Japan but not anywhere else. My passport is still my birth name, I’m still a citizen of  Malaysia, and not thinking of abandoning my birth name as well.


My birth name?
Don’t wanna tell you~face2_bleah.gif

body3_te03.gif I refer Yasu as Yappi in my blog posts~. Might change at times face2_catface.gif

About harupi
harupi is my blog website.

harupi is a space for me to blog around, sharing wonderful stuffs, creating memories and showing off photos like everyone doesmark3_sign01.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gif

In the end, hopefully making this blog a roll of Sweetly Ever After h_heart02.gif episodes in my life.

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  1. Nigel says:

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  2. sOoKhUaN says:

    gal…i m so proud of u =O)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pier Here…like ur blog very much…keep fighting…^Q^

  4. Haruka says:

    Thank you Pier! (^0^)

  5. Sean says:

    Love your blog. I found you because I was googling the winners for the Fit’s contest from so long ago. Did you enter the contest Do you have a video of your complete dance? Your practice one was funny. Genki de!icon:face4_kao-a02icon:w_6_3_moon

  6. Haruka says:

    @Sean thank you (^-^ Too bad i didn’t complete the dance..no talent at all..(^-^;;

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