The Chocolate’s day
★2020/02/20 13:02

#throwback #14 Feb 2020

It was Valentine’s Day a week ago and for us here in Japan, it was the Chocolate’s day (o^^o)

Everybody might already knows it, where girls giving chocolates to boys they adore on Valentine’s Day in Japan.
Though, I still love to bring up my boys to have delicacy towards girls and to have the caring spirit of “gentleman first”,
we make chocolates on Valentine’s Day to match the ambience around (*´∀`*)

First, the recipe for my 3 years old Little-Cook!

The chocolates making by Kta-the-Cook

The chocs made by Kta-boss(*´꒳`*)

Instead of saying he making chocolates, we rather say he was just melting and reshaping the chocolates  ( ̄▽ ̄) 


Chocolate soufflé by harupi

Chocolate Souffle made by harupi( ̄∀ ̄)

My Valentine’s chocolates

Grand chocs I received from the Big-Boss(´∀`)

The Little-Big-Bosses Valentine’s cookies

Cookies given from Uto-boss’s friend(ू^^•ू⑅)❤⃛


I guess we had a simple well loved day (*´꒳`*)

Hope everyone did too!!

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Happy morning pancakes
★2020/01/03 10:38

One of our breakfast menu at home, pancakes!!

Today Little-Uto-boss ordered a classic stacked pancakesf_z_restaurant.gif

The classic pancake

While Littte-Kta-boss ordered a Nyan-cat pancake! face2_catface.gif

The Nyan cat pancake.



Little-Kta-boss fascinated with Nyan cat pancake
Both of them actually just got very fascinated with Nyan-cat lately h_heart08.gif


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Happy Valentine’s Day 2018
★2018/02/14 23:41

This year Valentine’s Day, my big-boss was not around~ face3_kao03.gif

I don’t have anything myself,

The Valentine's Day choco treatsThe Valentine's Day choco treatsbut made a few heart-shaped treats for my Little-big-bosses h_heart09.gif

The Valentine's Day choco treatsAnd for Little-big-boss Uto to give to his little friendsface4_kao-a05.gif.

My Little-big-bosses eating the Valentine's treats~Happy Valentine’s Dayh_heart02.gif


h_heart03_.gif Uto h_heart03_.gif
f_been.gif 20170214
f_been.gif 5years 5months 12days
f_been.gif 5歳 5か月 12日

h_heart03_.gif Kta h_heart03_.gif
f_been.gif 20180214
f_been.gif 1year 9months 20days
f_been.gif 1歳 9か月 20日

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The Hen and Chick lunchbox 鶏親子弁当
★2017/03/23 01:44

On 3rd of March, Little-big-boss Uto was going to a mini zoo with his kindy mates and teachers. So on that day I made him..
The hen and chick lunchbox 鶏親子弁当The hen and chick lunchbox face2_bleah.gif

But Little-big-boss Uto didn’t know what was it when I asked him. He said, “Hina matsuri?” (Girls’ day)

Oh! He thought it was the emperor and the empress doll that was shown by the teachers on this event face2_coldsweats01.gif Well 2 characters on the lunchbox with a heart in between and exactly on the same day.. GOOD TRY indeed!!!! body2_a_good.gif

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Baymax with love lunchbox ベイマックスのお弁当
★2017/02/24 00:18

Today’s lunchbox!

Baymax with love lunchbox ベイマックスのお弁当Baymax with love h_heart01_.gif ベイマックス h_heart02.gif

Just watched the movie not long ago and we just love doing the Baymax fist bump face3_kao09.gif like everyday when Little-big-boss Uto is leaving for kindy!h_heart02_.gif
Now you see, now you don't! 完食 Baymax all gone face2_delicious.gif 完食 f_z_spoon02.gif

Today was also a parents-visit day~! It was great to be able to see how the kids  are doing and how the teachers dealing with them face3_kao06.gif

こんなにもお友だちと色々な会話ができて、お当番さんとしてもちゃんとやってくれて、感心しましたface_self-conscious_smile.gif 可愛かった!h_heart09.gif


Little-big-boss Uto p_hana-ani04.gif
f_been.gif 20170223
f_been.gif 4years 5months 21day
f_been.gif 4歳 5か月 21日

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Snorlax lunchbox カビゴンのお弁当
★2017/02/22 23:33

Lunchbox for Little-big-boss Uto yesterday! f_z_spoon02.gif

Snorlax lunchbox カビゴンのお弁当Pokemon Snorlax! カビゴン

Lunch-time in kindyIt was parents-visit day, so I got a chance to see and to snap a picture of this h_note.gif


Little-big-boss Uto p_hana-ani04.gif
f_been.gif 20170221
f_been.gif 4years 5months 19day
f_been.gif 4歳 5か月 19日

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Little aliens in love lunchbox
★2017/02/18 16:25

Lunchbox last Friday f_z_spoon02.gif

Little aliens in love lunchbox 恋する宇宙人のお弁当

Little aliens in love h_heart02.gif

Little-big-boss said these are Pikmin though..face2_catface.gif

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My Valentine’s Day
★2017/02/15 01:04

I started my Valentine’s Day making lunchbox!!f_riceball.gif

Valentine's Day - Little-big-boss lunchbox バレンタインのお弁当I woke up late and just had time making this lunchbox for Little-big-boss Uto, but nothing for Big-boss..face2_coldsweats01.gif
Well, instead of the Valentine’s lunchbox..

Valentine's Day - Homemade gateau chocolateI made gateau chocolat for him h_heart02.gif
And then,

Valentine's Day - from my Big-boss ❤︎I received this stunning chocolates from my Big-boss! face4_kao-a08.gifh_heart02.gif

While on the other hand,

Valentine's Day - Little-big-boss Valentine's chocolate ❤︎Little-big-boss received a cute homemade rabbit chocolate from a friend. face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart09.gif


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone h_heart02.gif

Little-big-boss Uto p_hana-ani04.gif
f_been.gif 20170214
f_been.gif 4years 5months 12days
f_been.gif 4歳 5か月 12日

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Setsubun 節分
★2017/02/06 13:55

While most of my friends were celebrating Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year), getting fat eating New year’s feast and snacks with all their might, I was here with my boys were having peaceful days…wondering when can we too getting fat with mom’s cooking, lousang, kuih kapek, etc!!

Anyways, in Japan, we had Setsubun 節分 on the 3rd Feb, literally means a  seasonal division, which also means winter is ending and spring is coming!!
People here usually celebrate this day by performing “mamemaki” 豆まき, throwing beans to cleanse away all the evil spirits (bad luck or so) from the former year, inviting good lucks to the coming year!

Throwing beans at Setsubun 豆まき

It’s like a new start! A festival that was thought of as a sort of New Year’s Eve previously in the Lunar calendar.

Evil out lucks in! 鬼は外、福は内〜
The familiar characters during this festival.
Left: 福の神 Fuku, the God that brings luck
Right: 鬼 Oni, the Devil that brings bad luck.

And so, everywhere was playing their role on throwing beans! f_been.gif

Made a 'Oni'mask at kindergarten 節分、幼稚園で鬼のお面作った〜In the kindergarten, they made an ‘Oni’ mask, and did the ‘beans throwing’!

Making the Setsubun beans box 節分、豆箱作りAt home, we made a beans box from a milk pack..

The Setsubun beans box 節分、鬼の豆箱Tadah~!h_shine.gif
The Oni box!o_dokuro.gif
We put in some paper-made beans..f_been.gif

Throwing beans in front of our house 節分、お家の前で豆まき! And GO~ GO~ AWAY~ evil spirits~!o_dokuro.gif Evil spirits and bad luck far far away you go~!o_dokuro.gif
GOOD GOOD LUCK please cooooome to us~!o_wing.gifh_kira02.gif
(Singing the Setsubun song h_notes.gif while throwing the beans at the house)

The video for this face3_kao07.gif
h_note.gif The song for Setsubun 節分の歌 h_note.gif


Throwing beans Setsubun events at the temple 神社で豆まきイベントThen, we joined a nearby temple for the beans throwing event~

Together with friends joining the Setsubun event at the templeSurprisingly, met some friends there! h_heart02.gif

With Shin ☆All the kids coming here to aim for the snacks throwing event after the beans face3_kao20.gif

Imitating the 'Oni'! 節分、鬼のごっこ!Imitating the Oni o_dokuro.gif

Crowd! For Setsubun festival Ehem, you see, there was no chance at all for a small kid to be able to catch any goodies from this crowd..

The snacks mommy caught from the 'throw and catch' eventLuckily the mommy carrying Little-big-boss Kta is tall enough to get him some face3_kao20.gif
In that night,

Ehou Maki 恵方巻I made Ehou Maki, lucky sushi roll for our Setsubun dinner face2_delicious.gif
For Littie-big-boss Uto kindergarten lunchbox,

Setsubun lunckbox 節分のお弁当、鬼The Oni bento face_shout.gif

Setsubun lunchbox 節分のお弁当、鬼と福The Oni and Fuku bento h_shine.gif

Happy Spring everyone~p_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gif
(Though it is still so cold outside..w_4_snowman.gif)

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2016 Halloween Lunchbox ハローウインのキャラ弁
★2016/11/12 13:36

Halloween in Japan is like another festive season where people enjoys costume playing, everywhere is decorated with Jack O’ Lantern and all, children gets candies and snacks, a get together event which maybe not many who knows the exact tradition of Halloween. I didn’t know either until I checked on Wikipedia a few years ago face2_coldsweats01.gif

This year I joined in the fun with Little-big-boss Uto by making Halloween O-bento (lunchbox) for him to take to his kindergarten!f_z_spoon02.gif  For almost the whole month of October face4_kao-a12.gif


The starting was so so..
So I just chose the one I think that is presentable to post up here icon_mrgreen.gif

Halloween Lunchbox No.1 - ハローウインお弁当 No.1No.1 The black round creatures

Halloween Lunchbox No.2 - ハローウインお弁当 No.2No.2 The skulls

Halloween Lunchbox No.3 - ハローウインお弁当 No.3No.3 Jack O’ Lanterns and the Ghosts

Halloween Lunchbox No.4 - ハローウインお弁当 No.4No.4 The tricky Ghosts

Halloween Lunchbox No.5 - ハローウインお弁当 No.5No.5 The little mummies and black creatures

Halloween Lunchbox No.6 - ハローウインお弁当 No.6No.6 Jack and the horror mummy..

Halloween Lunchbox No.7 - ハローウインお弁当 No.7No.7 The happy Ghost playing

Halloween Lunchbox No.8 - ハローウインお弁当 No.8No.8 Big Jack O’ Lantern

Halloween Lunchbox No.9- ハローウインお弁当 No.9No.9 Halloween party!

Halloween Lunchbox No.10- ハローウインお弁当 No.10No.10 Love Halloween h_heart09.gif

The endface2_delicious.gif
Compared to some amazing Japanese Lunchbox posted on the internet, I’m still way too far to reach, but it was fun making it h_notes.gif
You’d just get used to it and get faster and prettier day by day face2_smile.gif

Now back to normal days till Christmas season!x_tree02.gif

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