2016 Halloween Lunchbox ハローウインのキャラ弁
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Halloween in Japan is like another festive season where people enjoys costume playing, everywhere is decorated with Jack O’ Lantern and all, children gets candies and snacks, a get together event which maybe not many who knows the exact tradition of Halloween. I didn’t know either until I checked on Wikipedia a few years ago face2_coldsweats01.gif

This year I joined in the fun with Little-big-boss Uto by making Halloween O-bento (lunchbox) for him to take to his kindergarten!f_z_spoon02.gif  For almost the whole month of October face4_kao-a12.gif


The starting was so so..
So I just chose the one I think that is presentable to post up here icon_mrgreen.gif

Halloween Lunchbox No.1 - ハローウインお弁当 No.1No.1 The black round creatures

Halloween Lunchbox No.2 - ハローウインお弁当 No.2No.2 The skulls

Halloween Lunchbox No.3 - ハローウインお弁当 No.3No.3 Jack O’ Lanterns and the Ghosts

Halloween Lunchbox No.4 - ハローウインお弁当 No.4No.4 The tricky Ghosts

Halloween Lunchbox No.5 - ハローウインお弁当 No.5No.5 The little mummies and black creatures

Halloween Lunchbox No.6 - ハローウインお弁当 No.6No.6 Jack and the horror mummy..

Halloween Lunchbox No.7 - ハローウインお弁当 No.7No.7 The happy Ghost playing

Halloween Lunchbox No.8 - ハローウインお弁当 No.8No.8 Big Jack O’ Lantern

Halloween Lunchbox No.9- ハローウインお弁当 No.9No.9 Halloween party!

Halloween Lunchbox No.10- ハローウインお弁当 No.10No.10 Love Halloween h_heart09.gif

The endface2_delicious.gif
Compared to some amazing Japanese Lunchbox posted on the internet, I’m still way too far to reach, but it was fun making it h_notes.gif
You’d just get used to it and get faster and prettier day by day face2_smile.gif

Now back to normal days till Christmas season!x_tree02.gif

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