The birth ☆
★2016/07/19 09:50

I felt my pregnancy with Little-big-boss Kta was fast.

I was so busy with our moving to a new place and all the preparation for Little-big-boss Uto kindergarten admission that I felt like I didn’t have enough time to enjoy my maternity period or feeling the wonders of my moving tummy..face3_kao20.gif

Somehow, Little-big-boss Uto enjoyed mommy’s baby bump h_heart09.gif

Little-big-boss kissing baby in the tummy ♥He would kiss and pat my baby bump every now and then h_heart08.gif

Little-big-boss Uto touching baby bump to sleep ♥Every night before sleep, he would for sure rolled up my shirt, greet my baby bump and touch it to sleep h_heart08.gif

When I ask Little-big-boss Uto, “There would be no more baby bump when baby is out.”
He would then say, “Mommy, get back the baby bump again!, I want 10 babies!” (counting fingers..) face2_coldsweats01.gif

My family~Us three is going to be us four face3_kao07.gif

My 2nd Little-big-boss K-ta ♥Us No.4 added to the world h_heart08.gif
Weight: 3618g
Length: 50cm

My new Little-big-boss K-ta ♪Little-big-boss Kta f_been.gif

Daddy, mommy, baby ♥Another one looking like the first 2 bosses!

Peaceful faceHow joyous it would be again to have a baby all over again face3_kao07.gifh_shine.gif

Baby tiny hand ♥They are just so cute and tiny!!face3_kao22.gif

Baby bubble toes ♥The bubbly toes! Small and big, still bubbly!!face2_lovely.gif h_heart09.gif
(3 years old p_hana-ani03.gif newborn)

Milk-timeThe fondest moment face_shy.gif milk time h_heart02.gif

Another 2 years plus of no alcohol though…face2_catface.gif
The chubby Little-big-boss K-taStill worth it just to get to see this lovely after-milk-face  face2_smile.gif

Baby kick ♥This is my newborn h_heart06.gif Little-big-boss Kta h_heart03_.gif

h_heart03_.gif Kta h_heart03_.gif
f_been.gif 20160424~20160428
f_been.gif 0 day ~ 4 days old
f_been.gif 0日~ 4日歳

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