Latest Obssesion – Restaurant City~!
★2009/05/31 10:52

Been really busy for some events and traveling~ 
Updating about the trip very soon but later yah~ (^^;; 
Anyway, I’m all free from my busy-ness now that I’m too obsess with Playfish “Restaurant City” from facebook that ended me up ruining my daily schedule and sleeps~! (><)

Playfish “Restaurant City” is the latest gaming craze to hit facebook. If you love playing online games like foxybingo, but want to share your high scores with friends on your social networking site, then you’re sure to enjoy this game. In fact, if you’re anything like me, it won’t be long before you’re hooked! It really does provide hours of online entertainment – perfect for long journeys and rainy afternoons. 

I’ve just started “Playfish” lately with Pet Society followed by Word Challenge and now I am deeply addicted to Restaurant City~.. (><) 

Intros of my Restaurant City~~~~~~~~ ♥ (^3^)~ ♥
Me! at the moment~ ! Pink twin tail Sailor Uniform was a gift ~ (^0^)
My first layout~ 
Poor status for a start (><) can’t even buy the same table as given from the start for a nicer interior… ><
Opening~!!! ! ! ! !
Getting profit and used for renovation~
Layout must be appropriate to get “Popularity” points~
Max is 50, so the higher points you get, your “GP”= Gourmet Points will increase faster for your upgrading level~(^0^)b

In all researches, puting your tables around the cookers is the best way , less walk for the waiter, and less time for the customer to wait~

Becareful not to put too many chairs or tables when you still do not have more staffs or else, all you’ll just get is a “thumb down” from your customers~ (^^;


Busy day~!
Here is one thing that you’ll surprised to see when you visit other people restaurant around town…
TOILETS in public~!!!!!!! (>o<)


No wall NO door~! Facing the restaurant square~!!!!

20090531_RC_toilets_4Restaurant City Culture?? ? ? ? ?

So funny when i first see this !!!
Impossible in real life but hmmmm..quite cute~!haha

Here are some better toilets they have in town~

At least with some partitions~ although there’s still no doors….(^0^;)


Big restaurant’s Wash Room~!


Now, here are mine…(^^;
I have no money to build walls still…
And I’m a resident of Restaurant City~!!! I’m good in this culture Only IN THIS CITY~!
At least I make them facing the other side….haha(^0^;;



Playing this game, of coz earning money is one of the task~ You earn money through your business, shake the trees and look for dropping coins, sell your items and “Collect Rubbish~” (^0^)/

And i’m just lucky to have…


…a dirty neighbour staying nearby so that I can go collect her/his rubbish to gain some sub-income~!! haha I even gained a Rubbish Talker Award ~all thanks to this house~!! (^-^)

About the ingredients,
there are only 3 ways of getting ingredients to upgrade your menu~
*A daily free ingredient where you get it when you log in.
*By answering a daily quiz.
*Trading your ingredients with your friends~this is the most efficient way and faster to what you want! (^^)

Trade with all your friends in your own street~ But, friends are so limited~ So, Resident City’s residents start to add Add ADD people from around the world~

Look at this~


See, people starts to add and ask to add~
A community started just to add among Residents of RC~!!!

I did one for me too~(^0^;




And therefore I got all these adds in just minutes~
Group them in a group which is just for RC so that you don’t get confuse with all your real FB’s friends~

Tips: There’s a very convenient FB application to search for people to trade specific ingredients~
Just pick what you want and what you you want to give as below~ 
Then, a long long list of result of people who wants to trade the exactly items with you will be listed like the following~(^0^*)// 

EASY~!!! Just add them for the ingredients and delete after that~!! 
This is the culture of Restaurant City~!! Go for IT~!! (^O^)/

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