Hibernating baby came to wake
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w_6_moon3.gif Baby-Yuto sleeping-art series ベビー悠人の寝相アートの巻

All through this winter, little-big-boss was hibernating in his little comfy burrow..


Baby sleeping-art - hibernating baby (寝相アート - 冬眠中)冬眠中のベビー、ただたまに起きて食べる~face2_delicious.gif
Though he is not the type that goes hibernate without waking up for months.
He wakes up sometimes, for food f_z_spoon02.gif

And finally,

it’s SPRING~! p_cherryblossom.gifh_kira01.gif


Baby sleeping-art - hibernating baby waking up (寝相アート - 冬眠から目覚め)冬眠から目覚め (*´0)ゞoO
Uuu~haaa~ (*yawn)


Baby sleeping-art - hibernating baby waking up happy (寝相アート - 冬眠から目覚め、ハッピー!)冬眠から目覚めて、ハッピー♪ヽ(*´∇`*)ノ
Yeah, it’s SPRING! p_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani03.gifp_hana-ani04.gif waking up happy p_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani03.gifp_hana-ani04.gif   

Gonna start make a movemark3_sign01.gif

Gonna start to feel the breeze outsidemark3_sign01.gif

Gonna start to get some fresh airmark3_sign01.gif

Gonna start to find more foodmark3_sign01.gif

Gonna make a start for a better year mark3_sign03.gif

(The mom is starting to put herself together also after this very lazy winter she had..face3_kao18.gifh_sweat02.gif)

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