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Part 1 → My little-big-boss is ONE

We actually had the big “happy 1st birthday” celebration on the eve, and a small one on the real day (2nd September 2013), just because I am not satisfied with the first cake I made face3_kao15.gif.

I re-challenged myself to make the birthday cake again mark3_sign03.gif f_c_birthday.gif body_a_biceps.gif

なぜかというと、イブに作ったケーキはやっぱり理想な感じじゃなかったから、再チャレンジのためですmark3_sign03.gif ヽ(*´^`)ノ

And so, this is it f_c_birthday.gifh_shine.gif


Yuto 1st Birthday - birthday cake 2nd tryNon-sugar yogurt cake topping with kiwi fruits and baby biscuits for the sides h_heart09.gif
Size around 10~12cm in diameter face3_kao06.gif

Now, this is more like a cake face2_confident.gif *very satisfied*

これで、我が息子にケーキらしいケーキを作れて、もう満足です!face2_confident.gif h_heart08.gif

Cake-party time f_c_birthday.gifh_notes.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - blow the candleSing the birthday song, blow the candle~xmas_candle.gifh_kira01.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - with Yappi papa10 of 10 people would say they look alike face2_catface.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - Yuto 1st birthday cakeEat the cake! Can easily pull out the baby biscuits at the side face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - Yuto sour face after eating sour kiwiSour face after eating the kiwi on top face3_kao09.gifh_notes.gif
キウィを食べたら、酸っぱそうな顔をして、ちょうキュート face2_lovely.gifh_heart04.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - I love youHe is growing so fast.. he is going to have his own life, own family, own dream that I am already missing him.. h_heart02.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - grab and eatEven so, grow up healthy and strong, baby!h_shine.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - Yappi papa likes it too!And yeah, back to the cake, we enjoyed the cake quite much~face_self-conscious_smile.gif
Pull out the biscuits, scoop the yogurt with it and nom~ face2_delicious.gif
引っ張って、すくって、face2_delicious.gif もぐもぐ face2_delicious.gif

Yuto 1st Birthday - yummy He was born on the 2nd September 2012, in this whole 1 year, he achieved first rolling over, first sitting up, first crawling, first standing up, first grabbing, first eating solid..and first many more.

On 14 September 2013, he had his first step mark3_sign03.gif He walked face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_notes.gif


Yuto first step!
See video その動画 o_v_slate.gif FIRST step, the second and the thirdmark3_sign03.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gifh_notes.gif

First “everything” is really really really touching face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart02.gifh_heart02.gifh_heart02.gif

My first baby boss, love you so much h_heart08.gif

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