Okonomiyaki lunch お好み焼きランチ
★2014/10/13 01:36

Sometimes when I’m out of idea to make a meal, and when I have cabbage in the fridge, my meal will be the Okonomiyaki face2_delicious.giff_z_restaurant.gif

Homemade Okonomiyaki お好み焼きMe and my Little-big-boss lunch today face2_delicious.gif

Eat like a bossEat like a boss face_shishishi.gif

Yummy? Yucky?Hm… yummy h_shine.gif

Yah, he ate almost half of it face2_coldsweats01.gif

He doesn’t really eat green vege in other way except this Okonomiyaki! (It’s not like he doesn’t like the taste of it but he just not so used to the texture I think..face2_coldsweats01.gif)

So to balance him up, Okonomiyaki is one of my favourite choice for him, where I tried to put in other green vege like spinach face2_smile.gif

And, it’s easy and fast face2_happy02.gif

Oh yeah, for baby Little-big-boss, I tried to spread away some of the mayo and sauce, not too much of those saucy stuffs for babies face2_catface.gif

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