Food of day 11 in Oct
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BREAKFAST icon:f_bread icon:an_c_chick


Toast butter raisins bread  by Yasu

I LOOVEEE icon:h_heart09 this so much! The yummy point is of coz icon:mark3_sign04 BUTTER icon:mark3_sign03

LUNCH icon:f_kinoko02 icon:p_futaba


Homemade potato chips – chicken flavor  by Yasu


Homemade potato chips – pepper flavor  by Yasu

 Isn’t this much more healthyicon:mark3_sign01 And it’s very very easy to makeicon:mark3_sign03

icon:num_1_one Sliced the potatoes. (not too thin)

icon:num_2_two Cover a tray with cooking paper and place the sliced potatoes seperately on top of it. 

icon:num_3_three Put them into the microwave and set the timer for around 20 mins.

icon:num_4_four Flavor with your favorite spice.

icon:num_5_five Done icon:mark3_sign03 and you’ll have a healthy crunchy yummy chips~ icon:face2_delicious icon:h_heart04

DINNER icon:f_z_spoon02 icon:f_medamayaki


Buri Daikon (ブリ大根) – Japanese amberjack (fish) with white radish   by Haruka

Yapi loves this icon:h_heart08 icon:face_self-conscious_smile I love icon:h_heart09 it too~

A dish with a taste of “Japan”..icon:f_noodle Soy sauce based. That’s why..icon:face4_kao-a03

Healthy or not icon:h_hatena01 icon:face5_girl

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