1 year old Bond
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icon:h_heart02 Purikura taken 1 year ago when we got registered officially as Married icon:h_heart02

Can’t believe 1 whole year has passed by so fast that we are now through our 1st Anniversary on the 31 October 2009 icon:h_heart08 – 1 year old Bond 

icon:w_2_kumo Still feel like it was just yesterday that we’ve just got married..icon:w_2_kumo 

icon:w_2_kaminari icon:o_dokuro And yeah, we registered on the day of Trick or Treat icon:h_hatena04 I’d love treat icon:mark3_sign04 icon:o_dokuro icon:w_2_kaminari

Anyway, we did not made it a big celebration.

We’ve celebrated the moment just as simple as always. icon:p_tulip

icon:face2_gawk buu…

Yeah, as if I sounded so pure and romantic and as if simple is the best.. icon:face_watching

In fact, it is just that we are in a very tight budget now to keep living through the days which made us just had to be simple icon:f_been

Maybe I’d choose to be escorted to a candle-light dinner with my best dressicon:mark3_sign01, or out to the sea sailing on a cruise romantically with just the two of usicon:mark3_sign03, or up to the sky on an air-balloon travelling through the cloudsicon:mark3_sign01icon:mark3_sign03 IF we are simply icon:h_kira01icon:o_dollar richie icon:o_dollaricon:h_kira01


No, I’m not materialistic, I’ve just got aims upon life. icon:w_5_l_thundericon:o_sagittarius

Experience all the might if we could icon:body_a_biceps. That is what i guess life should meant to be.

Of course with the might we both have now, though still tiny, I am great happy with everything I have and know that I am really blessedicon:mark3_sign01icon:face3_kao06icon:h_kira02 

Though simple, our 1st Anniversary were the sweetest and the most memorable one ever. (and more to come of cz!)


You can’t beat us icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face3_kao24

We celebrated our very 1 year old Bond at home icon:yb_house02,

icon:h_heart09 Eating simple-home-cooked Yakinikuicon:an_taurus

20091031_1st_anniversary_yakinikuThis took only 2 mins to cook. Just fried the meat on a fry-pan without adding any spices.  and we had Yakiniku at home with ready-made sauce from the market. icon:face_self-conscious_smile – 598 yen


icon:h_heart09 Sipping wine icon:f_x_wine with cheese,

20091031_1st_anniversary_cheese_wineWine from my parents-in-law icon:h_heart04, and creamy cheese from the supermarket. Cheeze really creamy~ – 198 yen


icon:h_heart09 Munching chips with salsa sauce, icon:p_futaba

20091031_1st_anniversary_chips_salsaKagome Salsa sauce was yuuuumy. Ate the whole bottle for just 1 packet of medium size chips. icon:face2_catface 391 yen


icon:h_heart09 and cream puffs for dessert. icon:f_c_prinicon:h_shine

4 cream puffs in a set from the supermarket also. Crispy, Creamy and Cheapicon:mark3_sign01 icon:face_self-conscious_smile – 238 yen

Total = 1,425 yen


Variety and yet Budgety icon:w_7_star

Simple and yet still celebrated with the fondest memories. icon:face_shy icon:h_heart04

We drank the whole bottle of wine and one glass of Jinro (Korean alcohol) + orange juice.

And that got me, my head a bit *wink wink* (dizzy) icon:w_5_typhoon after that…icon:face2_wobbly

but nevertheless,

despite the simplicity of the celebration,

I think I just had,



a real sweet WONDERFUL night. icon:face_shyicon:h_heart04 

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