Baby spa & the authentic Japanese FISH lunch
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Yeah, I was back in Malaysia for a 3 weeks holiday staying at my brother’s house face3_kao07.gif
Yappi was with us for 4 days only, and back for work after that.

Haneda - departure to MalaysiaDeparting from Haneda from 23:30 almost midnight..

Arrived to Malaysia happily
Arriving safely and happily after 7 hours flight face3_kao07.gif

Arrived to Malaysia happilyIt was good traveling on a night flight with a toddler ya_hikouki01.gif Coz they will most probably sleep through the night face_self-conscious_smile.gif
Little-big-boss dozed off once he was on the plane and woke up around 1 or 2 hours before arrival h_shine.gif


Anyway, we have met a lot of friends.
Among them, we so happened to have one who runs a baby spa – Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness face3_kao25.gif w_5_typhoon.gif
We never knew and we were very curious face2_happy02.gif
I didn’t know that baby spa actually is already quite well known in Asia.. like what I’ve heard, there were already above 2000 baby spa running in China face3_kao23.gif

And so, our friends, a married couple, who were so kind to have invited us for a try out with Little-big-boss face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

Hippopo Baby Spa - the play cornerThe play corner for the babies to warm up face_self-conscious_smile.gif

We were like, wow.. what a luxurious space for babies.. face2_catface.gif

Hippopo Baby Spa - enjoying the baby for the first timeI can say, this is Little-big-boss very first experience on a baby spa face3_kao09.gif
Luckily we were taking baby swimming course back in Japan, which made him go down the water more comfortably in the spa h_heart04.gif

Hippopo Baby SpaThe Baby Spa face3_kao25.gifw_5_typhoon.gif
There were 2 big tubs (for 6 months to 3 years old) and erm..I think 2 small tubs (for baby below 6 months old).

Hippopo Baby Spa - enjoying the spaHe was happy h_heart09.gif

Hippopo Baby Spa - happy in a bubbly spaYeah, very happy during the bath h_heart08.gif

Hippopo Baby Spa - after the spa ready for a baby massageWhile relaxing after the bath, it was time for a baby massage..

Hippopo Baby Spa - not willing to be massaged..As expected, he is not used to and doesn’t like and not willing to let anyone he doesn’t know to interfere his life all this while kinda.. how can it be okay of having the staff to massage him..face3_kao20.gifh_sweat02.gif(→my doubt earlier)

Baby is supposed to lie down while enjoying the sensation of massaging by the professional there, but since Little-big-boss was not willing to,  we still tried a little while I hold him up..

Yeah, it didn’t work out face3_kao20.gif

I think he might thought that the staffs there were doctors face3_kao20.gif
he hates docs.. haha


After the baby spa, we head to another friend’s place for lunch.

Uokatsu - all about fish This friend is a Japanese who married a Malaysian-Chinese wife and stayed in Malaysia.
They opened a Japanese restaurant which specialize in FISH dishes an_fish.gif UOKATSU an_fish.gif

Happily eating something from homeland, Japan ( ̄▽ ̄)Happy eating food that he recognizedface_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

Well, we really really had a wonderful and fulfilling day and it was so great to have wonderful friends like them h_heart04.gif
Grateful thanks to:
Nick and Stephanie from  Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness
Tomono-san and Winnie from UOKATSU

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