As if so peaceful
★2010/12/14 23:29

As if so peaceful
As if so peaceful icon:w_4_snowman

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★2010/12/14 00:00


It has been a while since I last stomped into my BLOGicon:mark3_sign01 icon:h_heart06

Been really busy~! << my favorite iiwake *excuse icon:face3_kao20

I was actually really quite busy for real that you have to know, I MOVED my house from Tokyo to Hokkaidoicon:mark3_sign03icon:h_bikkuri04

Big BIG project..icon:face3_kao17

McDicon:a2_upMcDicon:h_heart09 meals when busy moving the house..icon:face3_kao17 everything was so messy that we don’t even have enough place for 4 of us to sit properly to eat..icon:face3_kao15 and my MOM was there icon:face3_kao21 sorry Mami…icon:face3_kao26 promise to serve you better when you are here againicon:h_heart08
Anyway, besides my house moving project, and should I say before I could settle down myself with a cup of tea, I realized that I was already on the plane flying back to Malaysia..icon:face3_kao17

I then had myself backpacking to the SEA. Not the ocean, but the SOUTH EAST ASIAicon:mark3_sign03
icon:body_run_away_rightSingapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwanicon:mark3_sign03 

I’ve a lot to tell about this trip of courseicon:mark3_sign03 A lot of pictures takenicon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03 A lot of VIDEOS recordedicon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03 My blog is not going to die!!!!!! icon:face3_kao24

And, before I could tell all the stories, I am now in Hokkaido againicon:mark3_sign03 icon:w_4_snowmanicon:h_kira02

Left Hokkaido when it was still green, and it is allllllllllllllll white when I came back a week ago~~~icon:h_kira02

My house at night with snow

My new-house (rent of coz icon:face3_kao17), this house is so big with 5 rooms…still thinking what to do with them??icon:face3_kao19

But the real snow hadn’t arriving yet by then…

icon:w_3_ame Still rain, snow, rain, snow..icon:w_3_ameicon:w_4_snowmanicon:w_3_ame washing off all the fluffy white stuff without any mercy..icon:face3_kao21

People’s been crying for SNOW since weeks ago~icon:w_4_snowmanicon:h_kira02 And SNOW, you are LATE this year!!!

But thank god you are finally here..

Snowing outside

View from a big big window in my living room icon:h_note

We are all really very EXCITED to see you here at lasticon:mark3_sign03icon:h_kira02icon:w_4_snowicon:h_kira02

My smiley snow car

Happyicon:h_note3 happy~icon:h_note icon:face_self-conscious_smile

Anyway, come back for my snow report~ snow blog~ snow pics~ snow video icon:h_noteicon:face_self-conscious_smile icon:h_heart08

And also my SEA trip icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face3_kao07 can’t wait to upload them.. I haven’t even seen them properly at all myself after recording..

icon:o_p22_mail2 Omake icon:o_p22_mail2

Mails all over

2 months of not-at-home mails~icon:o_p22_lovelettericon:o_p22_mailicon:o_p22_mail2icon:o_p22_mail3

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Summer in Hokkaido
★2010/09/03 13:42

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

Real sorry for not updating lately..icon:face3_kao26

My excuse, I was really a lil’ bit busy with my new work and getting myself settling down here in a new place comfortably. icon:p_futaba

Just got my internet connection 2 weeks ago anyway icon:face4_kao-a02

When I first came to Niseko here in Hokkaido, it was all white and snowy icon:w_4_snowmanicon:h_kira02


Like this icon:a2_down2

Snowy Hirafu

And the 2nd time I came here, which is now, it was all colorful and flowery icon:p_tulipicon:h_kira01
Like this icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2

Yellow flowersYellow flowers

Purple flowers
Cosmos flowers with a bee

Hokkaido in Summer
icon:num_1_one Natures
icon:num_2_two Breezy
icon:num_3_three Flowers


icon:num_4_four icon:a2_downicon:a2_downicon:a2_down

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The PEAK of Mt. Annupuri!
★2010/04/19 18:53

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

It has been a while since I last updated my blog..icon:face2_catface and I’ back in Tokyo nowicon:mark3_sign03icon:h_heart06

Today I just wanna update some of my last experiences in Niseko! icon:face3_kao09icon:h_kira02


me climbing up to the PEAK of Mt. Annupuri!!!icon:yb_m_fuji icon:a2_upicon:a2_upicon:a2_up


Hirafu top top lift, King lift 4icon:body3_te03 Top lift is the scariest lift! with single lift without safety guarding rail icon:face3_kao19 always feel like falling down from the chair lift..icon:face3_kao19icon:h_sweat02

So, here we are at the top of the top lifticon:mark3_sign03 and the GATE to the PEAKicon:mark3_sign03


I started to shiver when we haven’t even started to cross the gate..icon:face3_kao28

The platform of the top lift was already so high up, looking so steep..

Seeing the peak from here makes me shiver even more..icon:face3_kao12

Hiking up normally takes 20mins for those who are used to it, and I was being told that I might take an hour to reach the peak..

So, I ended up without hiking up..icon:face3_kao17


Anyway, at least I was able to go up till the top lift for the first time! and I was quite satisfied with it..icon:face3_kao20 coz the run from the top is still for expert level!! icon:face2_catface


View of the ski resort looking like a snow toyland under Mt.Yoteiicon:mark3_sign01 Love this spot icon:face_shy icon:h_heart09


Click to enlarge icon:h_kira02icon:o_pb_search
Even though not from the peak, I can still able to have this incredible panorama view of Mt.Yoteiicon:mark3_sign01icon:yb_m_mountainicon:h_kira02 icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_shineicon:h_heart05 icon:h_heart05 icon:h_heart05 icon:h_heart05 icon:h_heart05 icon:h_heart05

My video on my adventure to the PEAK! though mission is not accomplished.. icon:face3_kao15 icon:a2_down

Next WINTER *2011* mission : TO THE PEAK FOR SUREicon:mark3_sign03icon:face3_kao24icon:body3_te03

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18 Mar 2010 harupi Tenki ! Niseko still SNOWING~
★2010/03/20 14:15

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

Niseko the land of SNOWicon:mark3_sign03icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_kira02icon:w_4_snow still SNOWING a lot even it’s Springicon:mark3_sign01

On a day like this, nothing is better than go SNOWBOARDINGicon:mark3_sign03icon:s_snowboardicon:h_kira02

Coz the more fluffy snow dumping down, the softer the runs would be! The softer it would be, I’ll have more confidence to slide without worrying getting hurt when crash and fall icon:face3_kao07 

Fluffy powder snow forms a big cushionicon:mark3_sign03icon:face3_kao09

I even hit my head to the ground…and I was OK! icon:face3_kao09icon:h_sweat02 

But of course it was not OK of falling and hit the ground…no matter what..icon:face3_kao20

Actually, I just realized that I really need a helmet after hitting my head 3 times to the ground in a week..icon:mark3_sign03icon:face3_kao19 die…

20100318-haru-take.jpgTake as in Ta Keicon:h_note He is the one who filmed me snowboarding~! Good guyicon:h_kira02icon:face_self-conscious_smile

20100318-megu-haru.jpgMegumi, call her Meguicon:h_note Cute ski and snowboard instructor at NISSicon:mark3_sign03She’s cool icon:h_heart09

*NISS – Niseko International Snowsports School

20100318-niss-pals-2.jpgNISS Instrustors~!icon:h_kira02icon:face_self-conscious_smile Megu..icon:face3_kao20


Retake icon:h_note icon:face3_kao07
Pretty snow stick on my hair~ icon:h_heart08icon:h_kira02


Melted snow on my beannieicon:h_kira02icon:h_heart08


White X Pink icon:face_shyicon:h_kira02

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13 Mar 2010 harupi Tenki ! WIND!! A STRONG one!!!
★2010/03/13 23:11

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

Stroooooooooong WIND~icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face3_kao28

Strong wind is a lil’ bit scary, sometimes can’t even ski or snowboard coz the lifts will be all closed, and if the wind grows stronger, it might blown you off..icon:face3_kao12

But it can be quite exciting~icon:w_5_typhoonicon:face_self-conscious_smile 

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9 Mar 2010 harupi Tenki ! Snow trees, snow fruits
★2010/03/10 23:56

This is what I call a perfect day in Nisekoicon:mark3_sign03 icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_kira02

>> beautiful snowfalls + some light sun rays + no wind = The day I Love icon:h_heart08

Only on this kinda day, there’re snow trees! icon:w_4_snowmanicon:p_futabaicon:h_kira02

Snow treesicon:an_c_hiyoko

Yes, snow treesicon:mark3_sign03icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:face3_kao09


Snow tree grows only on a day with snowfalls but without wind icon:h_heart09

Snow fruitsicon:mark3_sign01icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_heart08 Fresh air fresh water fresh snow~icon:f_z_spoon01


Lying on a very soft snow bed icon:h_heart09

20100309-snow-view.jpgClick to enlargeicon:h_kira02icon:o_pb_search

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Ski through Stairway to heaven
★2010/03/08 23:50

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

Last Saturday, I skied icon:mark3_sign03 It has been a while since I’ve started snowboarding..icon:face3_kao20

Ski was fun tooicon:mark3_sign01 Must rest from snowboarding not to get too exhausted..otherwise, sure die..icon:face3_kao24

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Snow Friends~!
★2010/03/06 09:23

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

Ski through Stairway to Heaven icon:mark3_sign03icon:s_skiicon:h_kira02icon:face_self-conscious_smile



Jason icon:h_note

They’re both my housematesicon:h_heart04  

Jason is the supervisor of ski instructors! A PRO skiericon:mark3_sign03icon:s_skiicon:h_kira02


Click to enlargeicon:h_kira02icon:o_pb_search

I was so addicted to snowboarding last 2 weeks that I’ve not been touching my ski since then..icon:face3_kao20

Felt a lil’ bit awkward and I just fell when trying to get off the chair lift..icon:face3_kao15

Got back the feel of it after a few runs and never thought ski is as fun tooicon:h_noteicon:face_self-conscious_smile haha

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Snowing Silver Dream
★2010/03/02 23:22

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

Big big SNOW yesterday~icon:mark3_sign03icon:w_4_snowmanicon:h_kira02 Been sunny for the whole week and at last~icon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03icon:face3_kao22

Snowboarding on a day like this is not to be missedicon:mark3_sign01Snow is so soft like PILLOWicon:face_self-conscious_smile, no pain no hurting~icon:face3_kao07

BEST for practicingicon:mark3_sign03icon:h_heart08

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