The PEAK of Mt. Annupuri!
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It has been a while since I last updated my blog..icon:face2_catface and I’ back in Tokyo nowicon:mark3_sign03icon:h_heart06

Today I just wanna update some of my last experiences in Niseko! icon:face3_kao09icon:h_kira02


me climbing up to the PEAK of Mt. Annupuri!!!icon:yb_m_fuji icon:a2_upicon:a2_upicon:a2_up


Hirafu top top lift, King lift 4icon:body3_te03 Top lift is the scariest lift! with single lift without safety guarding rail icon:face3_kao19 always feel like falling down from the chair lift..icon:face3_kao19icon:h_sweat02

So, here we are at the top of the top lifticon:mark3_sign03 and the GATE to the PEAKicon:mark3_sign03


I started to shiver when we haven’t even started to cross the gate..icon:face3_kao28

The platform of the top lift was already so high up, looking so steep..

Seeing the peak from here makes me shiver even more..icon:face3_kao12

Hiking up normally takes 20mins for those who are used to it, and I was being told that I might take an hour to reach the peak..

So, I ended up without hiking up..icon:face3_kao17


Anyway, at least I was able to go up till the top lift for the first time! and I was quite satisfied with it..icon:face3_kao20 coz the run from the top is still for expert level!! icon:face2_catface


View of the ski resort looking like a snow toyland under Mt.Yoteiicon:mark3_sign01 Love this spot icon:face_shy icon:h_heart09


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Even though not from the peak, I can still able to have this incredible panorama view of Mt.Yoteiicon:mark3_sign01icon:yb_m_mountainicon:h_kira02 icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_shineicon:h_heart05 icon:h_heart05 icon:h_heart05 icon:h_heart05 icon:h_heart05 icon:h_heart05

My video on my adventure to the PEAK! though mission is not accomplished.. icon:face3_kao15 icon:a2_down

Next WINTER *2011* mission : TO THE PEAK FOR SUREicon:mark3_sign03icon:face3_kao24icon:body3_te03

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