Summer in Hokkaido
★2010/09/03 13:42

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

Real sorry for not updating lately..icon:face3_kao26

My excuse, I was really a lil’ bit busy with my new work and getting myself settling down here in a new place comfortably. icon:p_futaba

Just got my internet connection 2 weeks ago anyway icon:face4_kao-a02

When I first came to Niseko here in Hokkaido, it was all white and snowy icon:w_4_snowmanicon:h_kira02


Like this icon:a2_down2

Snowy Hirafu

And the 2nd time I came here, which is now, it was all colorful and flowery icon:p_tulipicon:h_kira01
Like this icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2

Yellow flowersYellow flowers

Purple flowers
Cosmos flowers with a bee

Hokkaido in Summer
icon:num_1_one Natures
icon:num_2_two Breezy
icon:num_3_three Flowers


icon:num_4_four icon:a2_downicon:a2_downicon:a2_down

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