Snorlax lunchbox カビゴンのお弁当
★2017/02/22 23:33

Lunchbox for Little-big-boss Uto yesterday! f_z_spoon02.gif

Snorlax lunchbox カビゴンのお弁当Pokemon Snorlax! カビゴン

Lunch-time in kindyIt was parents-visit day, so I got a chance to see and to snap a picture of this h_note.gif


Little-big-boss Uto p_hana-ani04.gif
f_been.gif 20170221
f_been.gif 4years 5months 19day
f_been.gif 4歳 5か月 19日

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My Valentine’s Day
★2017/02/15 01:04

I started my Valentine’s Day making lunchbox!!f_riceball.gif

Valentine's Day - Little-big-boss lunchbox バレンタインのお弁当I woke up late and just had time making this lunchbox for Little-big-boss Uto, but nothing for Big-boss..face2_coldsweats01.gif
Well, instead of the Valentine’s lunchbox..

Valentine's Day - Homemade gateau chocolateI made gateau chocolat for him h_heart02.gif
And then,

Valentine's Day - from my Big-boss ❤︎I received this stunning chocolates from my Big-boss! face4_kao-a08.gifh_heart02.gif

While on the other hand,

Valentine's Day - Little-big-boss Valentine's chocolate ❤︎Little-big-boss received a cute homemade rabbit chocolate from a friend. face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart09.gif


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone h_heart02.gif

Little-big-boss Uto p_hana-ani04.gif
f_been.gif 20170214
f_been.gif 4years 5months 12days
f_been.gif 4歳 5か月 12日

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The song for Setsubun 節分の歌
★2017/02/10 00:18

Previous post on Setsubun a2_down2.gifa2_down2.gifa2_down2.gif
p_futaba.gif Setsubun 節分 p_futaba.gif

The song for Setsubun h_note.gif

Oni wa soto
(Demons out you go)
Fuku wa uchi
(God of luck in you come)
Parap parap parap parap, mame no oto
(Parap parap parap parap, the sound of the beans)
Oni wa kossori nigete yuku
(The demons running away quietly)


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Setsubun 節分
★2017/02/06 13:55

While most of my friends were celebrating Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year), getting fat eating New year’s feast and snacks with all their might, I was here with my boys were having peaceful days…wondering when can we too getting fat with mom’s cooking, lousang, kuih kapek, etc!!

Anyways, in Japan, we had Setsubun 節分 on the 3rd Feb, literally means a  seasonal division, which also means winter is ending and spring is coming!!
People here usually celebrate this day by performing “mamemaki” 豆まき, throwing beans to cleanse away all the evil spirits (bad luck or so) from the former year, inviting good lucks to the coming year!

Throwing beans at Setsubun 豆まき

It’s like a new start! A festival that was thought of as a sort of New Year’s Eve previously in the Lunar calendar.

Evil out lucks in! 鬼は外、福は内〜
The familiar characters during this festival.
Left: 福の神 Fuku, the God that brings luck
Right: 鬼 Oni, the Devil that brings bad luck.

And so, everywhere was playing their role on throwing beans! f_been.gif

Made a 'Oni'mask at kindergarten 節分、幼稚園で鬼のお面作った〜In the kindergarten, they made an ‘Oni’ mask, and did the ‘beans throwing’!

Making the Setsubun beans box 節分、豆箱作りAt home, we made a beans box from a milk pack..

The Setsubun beans box 節分、鬼の豆箱Tadah~!h_shine.gif
The Oni box!o_dokuro.gif
We put in some paper-made beans..f_been.gif

Throwing beans in front of our house 節分、お家の前で豆まき! And GO~ GO~ AWAY~ evil spirits~!o_dokuro.gif Evil spirits and bad luck far far away you go~!o_dokuro.gif
GOOD GOOD LUCK please cooooome to us~!o_wing.gifh_kira02.gif
(Singing the Setsubun song h_notes.gif while throwing the beans at the house)

The video for this face3_kao07.gif
h_note.gif The song for Setsubun 節分の歌 h_note.gif


Throwing beans Setsubun events at the temple 神社で豆まきイベントThen, we joined a nearby temple for the beans throwing event~

Together with friends joining the Setsubun event at the templeSurprisingly, met some friends there! h_heart02.gif

With Shin ☆All the kids coming here to aim for the snacks throwing event after the beans face3_kao20.gif

Imitating the 'Oni'! 節分、鬼のごっこ!Imitating the Oni o_dokuro.gif

Crowd! For Setsubun festival Ehem, you see, there was no chance at all for a small kid to be able to catch any goodies from this crowd..

The snacks mommy caught from the 'throw and catch' eventLuckily the mommy carrying Little-big-boss Kta is tall enough to get him some face3_kao20.gif
In that night,

Ehou Maki 恵方巻I made Ehou Maki, lucky sushi roll for our Setsubun dinner face2_delicious.gif
For Littie-big-boss Uto kindergarten lunchbox,

Setsubun lunckbox 節分のお弁当、鬼The Oni bento face_shout.gif

Setsubun lunchbox 節分のお弁当、鬼と福The Oni and Fuku bento h_shine.gif

Happy Spring everyone~p_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gif
(Though it is still so cold outside..w_4_snowman.gif)

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The birth ☆
★2016/07/19 09:50

I felt my pregnancy with Little-big-boss Kta was fast.

I was so busy with our moving to a new place and all the preparation for Little-big-boss Uto kindergarten admission that I felt like I didn’t have enough time to enjoy my maternity period or feeling the wonders of my moving tummy..face3_kao20.gif

Somehow, Little-big-boss Uto enjoyed mommy’s baby bump h_heart09.gif

Little-big-boss kissing baby in the tummy ♥He would kiss and pat my baby bump every now and then h_heart08.gif

Little-big-boss Uto touching baby bump to sleep ♥Every night before sleep, he would for sure rolled up my shirt, greet my baby bump and touch it to sleep h_heart08.gif

When I ask Little-big-boss Uto, “There would be no more baby bump when baby is out.”
He would then say, “Mommy, get back the baby bump again!, I want 10 babies!” (counting fingers..) face2_coldsweats01.gif

My family~Us three is going to be us four face3_kao07.gif

My 2nd Little-big-boss K-ta ♥Us No.4 added to the world h_heart08.gif
Weight: 3618g
Length: 50cm

My new Little-big-boss K-ta ♪Little-big-boss Kta f_been.gif

Daddy, mommy, baby ♥Another one looking like the first 2 bosses!

Peaceful faceHow joyous it would be again to have a baby all over again face3_kao07.gifh_shine.gif

Baby tiny hand ♥They are just so cute and tiny!!face3_kao22.gif

Baby bubble toes ♥The bubbly toes! Small and big, still bubbly!!face2_lovely.gif h_heart09.gif
(3 years old p_hana-ani03.gif newborn)

Milk-timeThe fondest moment face_shy.gif milk time h_heart02.gif

Another 2 years plus of no alcohol though…face2_catface.gif
The chubby Little-big-boss K-taStill worth it just to get to see this lovely after-milk-face  face2_smile.gif

Baby kick ♥This is my newborn h_heart06.gif Little-big-boss Kta h_heart03_.gif

h_heart03_.gif Kta h_heart03_.gif
f_been.gif 20160424~20160428
f_been.gif 0 day ~ 4 days old
f_been.gif 0日~ 4日歳

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Meet my new Little-Big-Boss ☆
★2016/06/18 10:41

When I knew that I was pregnant, needless to say, I was super excited a2_up2.gif a2_up2.gif a2_up2.gif

How I wished to tell everyone the good news, just like anyone would do.

Even after I’ve got through my first trimester, a stable stage during pregnancy, I was still reluctant to get this news to public.., even to my friends..

Unlike my first pregnancy, which went all public with overly excitement us, who did not think much of any circumstances that might occurred..face2_catface.gif

What I wanted to reveal is, exactly one year before I knew I was pregnant with my new Little-big-boss, I was pregnantf_been.gif

2nd pregnancy - miscarriage

A pic from year 2014 September

But a miscarriage..
I felt like I was brought up high to the sky when I got a “line” on the pregnancy test, and being slammed back down to the bottom of the earth  when the doc told me that this baby is not likely to be growing inside my tummy..

There was no heartbeat detected on my 7 weeks checkup..face2_weep.gif

This miscarriage was really an experience for me. A valued one.

I was shocked and sad, but not extremely.

I did my research and knew that, especially for an early miscarriage, it was not an accident, nor a fault from the outside or inside. It was a coincidence.

It was due to chromosomal abnormality. A cause that is biologically natural that would occurred to anyone, even if you are a completely healthy person.

It was said that in 10 pregnancies, there is a very high percentage that one pregnancy will end up on a miscarriage of chromosomal abnormality..
Just that I got it on my second pregnancy..face2_despair.gif (kinda? face3_kao20.gif)

It is not a rare case.

To think of me myself is a living being, this miscarriage is just a natural occurrence. Not a thing that can be prevented.
In fact, I considered this as lucky, where I didn’t carry this  abnormality to a further stage..
Most of the time, the nature is all made up very fine itself. The body knows something is wrong and tried to terminate it.

This fact balanced up my shattered feeling a lot.

Though sad and confused, I was kinda ok with my feeling.

Just that, I was afraid to face the upcoming pain.

I chose not to have a D & C surgery (Dilation and Curettage). I chose to wait for the fetus to come out by itself.

I was told that I shouldn’t wait for too long for it might cause an infection.

Yeah, I can’t deny that I was still carrying a slight hope that this baby is growing inside.. maybe the doc missed out something, or maybe the heart hasn’t start beating yet only?, lost counting cz of my irregular menstruation? face2_weep.gif

I had a time limit of 4 weeks, if nothing miracle or the not-growing fetus is not coming out naturally, I will have to undergo the D & C procedure..

Obviously, there was no miracle.

I waited without any signs but knowing that my baby is not growing inside me..for like more than 3 weeks.
-It was dreadful..

A few days before my D & C appointment, I started bleeding.

At last some sign!

Bleeding from really light to heavy with lots of clots. One of this clots is supposedly the fetus..

I was still bleeding until the day of my appointment..

I was hoping that my tummy is cleared but no.. fetus still there..
But doc said it will come out soon, so we decided not to perform the surgery yet.

True enough, at night on the same day, I felt like my womb was going to tear off! Felt so heavy and pain. Much bleeding and with more clots! Big one!

Some people said this felt like a mini labor, and I couldn’t agree more.

The pain came very gradually.

Felt so much pain at one point and so much was coming out that I need to get rid of them in the toilet..face2_crying.gif

The great pain subsided on the same night..

Went to the doc the next day, and as expected, all is gone.

I was relieved.
Studies and researchers revealed that early miscarriage (due to chromosomal abnormality) is not all a bad news. It also proved that we can conceive normally, and most likely the next pregnancies are going to be good one with a healthy baby face3_kao06.gif Most of the time, miscarriage is a one-time occurrence.

So if anyone is experiencing the same case, don’t worry too much!
This is also an episode of life p_futaba.gif which still not a bad one, just a coincidence.
(If this is hard for you to accept, maybe try to think that your baby forgot something and he just went back to God to get it face2_smile.gif)

My only concern after that was, I couldn’t made it to give a look on my not-growing fetus..face3_kao20.gif

2-3 months of rest, we tried to conceive again. I wish that my baby comes back to me as soon as possible to fill my lost.

And he did! -exactly 1 year after thath_heart09.gif

My new boss freshly from the oven

Once again, meet Kta, my new Little-big-boss!h_heart02.gif body3_te03.gifFreshly out from the ovenh_shine.gif

The 1st ceremony of getting into the social world ☆ Kindergarten
★2016/04/26 19:53

The Kindergarten admission ceremony boardTime flies~

Little-big-boss is getting into kindergarten, his first step to the social world,
a new everyday without mommy and daddy~face4_kao-a05.gifh_shine.gif

All so ready for the new world

I’ve been telling him things about Kindergarten,
bringing him to events organised by different kindergartens nearby,
getting him well prepared mentally sort of face3_kao02.gif.
So, he was actually quite looking forward to join in since months ago face2_smile.gif
Friend since 1 year oldHe has little friends in the same kindergarten h_heart09.gif

Friend since 1 year oldFriends he knows from swimming school h_note3.gif

Little-big-boss in the classroomYeah, he looked pretty confident during the ceremony day~body3_te01.gif
On the first day,
I thought he would at least nag a bit..

Going in to Kindy on the first day with a teacher ☆But, he just hold the teacher hand and went in together nervously that he forgot to say bye-bye to mommy face2_coldsweats01.gif

2nd day of KindergartenDuring pick-up time, the class teacher said Little-big-boss was a little bit nervous but was having fun doing all the activities in the class face3_kao06.gif

Playing at the riverbank ground.Nothing is more relieving seeing your precious is happy joining in the group without the tearing sniffing part h_shine.gifh_heart08.gif

an_c_chick.gif Happy Kindergarten Life my Little-big-boss face4_kao-a05.gif an_c_chick.gif

f_been.gif 20160409
f_been.gif 3years 7months 22days
f_been.gif 3歳 7か月 22日

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3 years old got HIRED by Domino’s pizza☆
★2016/03/05 15:43

Ready to work!Wanna have a piece of pizza specially made by a 3 years old boy mark3_sign02.gif face2_smile.gif

The basic of the basic, wash hand before handling the food!Totally supervised and hygienicmark3_sign01.gif
Apron onmark3_sign01.gif
Cap onmark3_sign01.gif
Hand washed before touching any foodmark3_sign01.gif

What do you say mark3_sign02.gif face2_smile.gif face2_smile.gif

Let’s see how Little-big-boss did it to gain your trust on a 3 years old kid face3_kao20.gifh_shine.gif

Start with picking a pizza dough.Start with a pizza dough which was already made before hand.

Put the dough on to the counter.Put the dough on the counter and knead.

Knead and make the dough flat and round.Try to make it flat and round to it’s size!

Putting the sauce thoroughly on the dough.Next, spread pizza sauce on top thoroughly.

CHEESE!!Now this is the most important part for me face3_kao24.gif
No cheese no pizza.
So more CHEESEmark3_sign03.gif

Putting in the ingredients!Different ingredients make all types of pizzamark3_sign01.gif
What do you prefer? face3_kao06.gif

All ingredients on!Looks yummy already~face2_delicious.gif

Ready to burn the pizza!Almost there,
raw pizza is ready to go through the stove~h_shine.gif

In just a few minutes,
Cutting the pizza.Here it ismark3_sign01.gifh_kira01.gif A well cooked yummy pizza mark3_sign01.gifh_kira01.gif
Final step, roll-cut the pizza into pieces h_kira01.gif

Pizza is all done ☆All DONE mark3_sign01.gifbody3_te02.gif

How was it? face2_smile.gif
Just to gain your trust more,

Congratulations! on successfully making his first pizza!He is a fully-trained staff by the manager face3_kao20.gif

Got a certificate! - Kids Pizza AcademyHe even got his certificate from Kids Pizza Academy certifying his ability as a pizza maker at Domino’s Pizza face2_smile.gif

So, so, so what d’ya say mark3_sign02.gif face2_smile.gif

After work,

Strolling Mitsuike Park on Strider.Little-big-boss and his little-colleagues went to the park to have their lunch w_1_sun.gif

Ready to eat the pizza!Yes, a picnic pizza lunch! p_hana-ani03.gif

Picnic pizza lunch~To master in pizza-making, they make their own pizza pretty often – for test tasting! face2_smile.gif

Pizza is high in calories face3_kao20.gif

Lining up..So they usually go on to a few runs on their respective bikes after meal ya_bicycle.gifp_futaba.gif

Watching the ducks on the lake.Enjoying the nature of the park, freeing all the stress from work, or maybe life itself  face3_kao20.gif

Pouting coz nobody is listening to his story..(^^;Little-big-boss talks a lot, but sometimes his friends were just not listening..
so he gets a bit emotional at times face2_catface.gif

Thee newly hired Domino's little staffs.Pizza by the next generation h_notes.gifh_shine.gif

face2_bleah.gif face2_bleah.gif face2_bleah.gif face2_bleah.gif face2_bleah.gif face2_bleah.gif
*This was just a program for kids to experience pizza-making by Domino’s Pizza*
face2_bleah.gif face2_bleah.gif face2_bleah.gif face2_bleah.gif face2_bleah.gif face2_bleah.gif

f_been.gif 20160120
f_been.gif 3years 4months 18days
f_been.gif 3歳 4か月 18日

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My Little-big-boss is THREE
★2015/12/31 23:49

My Little-big-boss is THREE h_heart09.gif (this year face3_kao02.gif yeah, it was from last September face3_kao09.gif)
Been very busy with moving the house, cleaning the new house and some sicknesses..face3_kao19.gif
Found no time and the mood to blog until lately face3_kao20.gif

I guess I need to get this up before the year end..face3_kao20.gif
Like the previous years, we celebrated Little-big-boss 3rd birthday with some DIY decoration h_notes.gif with a little help from Little-big-boss face2_wink.gif, some party-like food f_z_spoon02.gif, and mommy handmade birthday cake  f_c_birthday.gif

3 years old party!Yes, a family birthday party, only the three of us face5_boy.gifface3_kao25.gifface5_girl.gif

Little-big-boss 3rd birthday meal
Simple birthday meal for the night f_z_spoon02.gifface2_delicious.gif

Eating fish burger!Sharing with daddy~face2_delicious.gifh_note.gif
3rd birthday cake - peace~Next, the birthday cake f_c_birthday.gifh_heart04.gif
I’m not so good with cakes making yet..
This may consider not too bad I guess face2_catface.gif I mean the taste face2_coldsweats01.gif
A banana sponge cake with choco flakes h_heart02.gif

Ready to eat the cake~After the birthday song, the candle blowing,
the cake monster is getting ready to munch the CAKE face_shishishi.gifh_kira01.gif

Banana sponge cakeMunchface2_delicious.gif, munchface2_delicious.gif, munch..face2_delicious.gif
Pressie from daddy and mommyNext, pressie time~x_present.gif
Instead of toys, he got a Ripstik braveboard face3_kao09.gif
It’s a rolling board with 2 wheels instead 4 wheels h_shine.gif
(Might be still too early for a 3 year old..face2_coldsweats01.gif)
Family shotLastly, family picture time o_camera2.gif h_heart06.gif
On a different day,

Playing time with friendsLittle-big-boss celebrated birthday with his little friends face3_kao07.gifh_notes.gif

Birthday party food!Every friend bring some food and we shared face2_delicious.gif

The birthday lunch with friendsBirthday lunch with friends face2_delicious.gif
Playing the xylophoneSome play-time with the girl friends face5_girl.gifh_heart09.gif

Playing time with friendsAnd of course, the boy friends too face3_kao07.gif

The birthday animal doughnuts Birthday donuts time face_self-conscious_smile.gif
Yes! Instead of a birthday cake, we had birthday animal donuts to celebratemark3_sign01.gifan_cat2.gifxmas_candle.gifan_dog2.gifxmas_candle.gifan_leo.gifxmas_candle.gifan_p_buta.gifxmas_candle.gifan_usagi.gif

The birthday animal doughnuts Everyone was going to decide which one they want to munch face3_kao07.gif

Blowing the candlesAll 3 years old blowing the candles together xmas_candle.gifface3_kao03.gif
Presents from friendsLittle-big-boss happy getting pressie from his little friends x_present03.gifh_kira02.gif

The opened presents from friends!Obviously more happy after opening all the pressie face2_happy02.gifh_heart04.gif

Balloons pressie from friendHe was very excited with the balloon pressie too h_shine.gif

Balloons pressie from friendKept playing non-stop for quite long h_shine.gif
Playing time with friendsHappy 3rd birthday~!face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

In fact,

I think it’s time to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEARmark3_sign03.gifh_notes.gif haha

Have a GREAT YEAR aheadh_kira01.gif face3_kao07.gif

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Trip to Malaysia 2015: The Water Parks
★2015/08/18 01:44

On hot hot weather in Malaysia,

The sunglass ❤Yes, water playing days non-stopmark3_sign01.gif

w_5_mist.gif At PJ Palms Sports Centre in Petaling Jaya w_5_mist.gif

Sliding on the water slideThe water slidemark3_sign03.gif face2_happy02.gifh_shine.gifw_5_typhoon.gifw_5_typhoon.gifw_5_typhoon.gif

Sliding on the water slide so professionally..SPLASSSSSSHmark3_sign03.gif face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_sweat.gifh_sweat.gifh_sweat.gif

Little-big-boss and cousin in the kiddie poolHe was having so much fun and like so familiar on the slide with lots of stances sliding down until he got to an accident bumping on to a kid who kept blocking the way down at the exit of the slide..face3_kao14.gif

His parents were no where to be seen! He was a foreigner who doesn’t speak English, which he didn’t seem to care for my warning till the unfortunate accident resulting Little-big-boss got hurt and bleed on the his lips..face3_kao14.gifh_annoy.gif

I was trying to avoid this and been very careful guarding Little-big-boss and my nephew, making sure nobody was down at the exit again trying to climb up from the slide..

The slide was a curved slide where you can’t see actually if anybody was blocking when you are up the slide.
I warned and made sure the kid was not near there.
I can’t watch 2 ways up and down at the same time.

And there when the accident happened h_annoy.gifh_annoy.gifh_annoy.gif The kid was back at the exit!

I know it was also my responsibility to let this happened!

But I still need to make this statement!

body2_a_paper.gifParents out there, please do look after your children, especially when they are in the pool and watch over them not only for their own safety but also others. And plus, so that they don’t break the rules and disturb other children playing at the same placemark3_sign03.gif

My case here,
he is your child, he doesn’t understand English, Malay and Chinese in Malaysia and doesn’t seem to listen to me. Do all these make enough reasons for you to even have to guard and guide them mark3_sign02.gifh_annoy.gifh_annoy.gifh_annoy.gifh_annoy.gifh_annoy.gif


Other than that, we had fun face3_kao07.gif
This place was quite nice with restaurants surrounding the pool.

w_5_mist.gif At LOST WORLD of TAMBUN in Ipoh w_5_mist.gif

I went back to my hometown, Ipoh! face_self-conscious_smile.gif
The town, a valley that surrounded by mountains!

We went to the LOST WORLD,
a theme park with water w_5_typhoon.gif
which located just under the mountains yb_m_mountain.gifyb_m_mountain.gifyb_m_mountain.gifyb_m_mountain.gifyb_m_mountain.gif

Little-big-boss under the enormous pouring mushroomYay! Under the big raining mushroom w_3_rainy.gifbody3_te01.gif

Gorgor under the enormous pouring mushroomWith his big cousin brother, Yang gorgor body3_te01.gifw_3_rainy.gifbody3_te01.gif

Enjoying on a float with gorgorOn a big float h_bikkuri04.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gifh_notes.gif

On a warm spring poolThe warm water pool yb_s_spa.gifface_shy.gif

My sexy little man ❤My sexy little man face3_kao22.gif

This was actually quite a fun place especially with small kids face3_kao07.gif p_futaba.gif

They have a big water park area w_5_typhoon.gif
They have a big dry theme park p_hana-ani03.gif
They have a petting zoo park an_usagi.gif
They have a tiger valley an_cat2.gif
They have a hot spring spa yb_s_spa.gif
etc, etc, etc~mark3_sign01.gif

Though we ended up the whole day just in the water park..face3_kao07.gifh_sweat02.gif (a few rides in the dry park..)

Would love to explore more the next round yb_m_mountain.gifh_heart09.gif


f_been.gif 20150720
f_been.gif 1051 days old
f_been.gif 2歳10か月18日 / 2 yrs-10 mths-18 days

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