Setsubun 節分
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While most of my friends were celebrating Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year), getting fat eating New year’s feast and snacks with all their might, I was here with my boys were having peaceful days…wondering when can we too getting fat with mom’s cooking, lousang, kuih kapek, etc!!

Anyways, in Japan, we had Setsubun 節分 on the 3rd Feb, literally means a  seasonal division, which also means winter is ending and spring is coming!!
People here usually celebrate this day by performing “mamemaki” 豆まき, throwing beans to cleanse away all the evil spirits (bad luck or so) from the former year, inviting good lucks to the coming year!

Throwing beans at Setsubun 豆まき

It’s like a new start! A festival that was thought of as a sort of New Year’s Eve previously in the Lunar calendar.

Evil out lucks in! 鬼は外、福は内〜
The familiar characters during this festival.
Left: 福の神 Fuku, the God that brings luck
Right: 鬼 Oni, the Devil that brings bad luck.

And so, everywhere was playing their role on throwing beans! f_been.gif

Made a 'Oni'mask at kindergarten 節分、幼稚園で鬼のお面作った〜In the kindergarten, they made an ‘Oni’ mask, and did the ‘beans throwing’!

Making the Setsubun beans box 節分、豆箱作りAt home, we made a beans box from a milk pack..

The Setsubun beans box 節分、鬼の豆箱Tadah~!h_shine.gif
The Oni box!o_dokuro.gif
We put in some paper-made beans..f_been.gif

Throwing beans in front of our house 節分、お家の前で豆まき! And GO~ GO~ AWAY~ evil spirits~!o_dokuro.gif Evil spirits and bad luck far far away you go~!o_dokuro.gif
GOOD GOOD LUCK please cooooome to us~!o_wing.gifh_kira02.gif
(Singing the Setsubun song h_notes.gif while throwing the beans at the house)

The video for this face3_kao07.gif
h_note.gif The song for Setsubun 節分の歌 h_note.gif


Throwing beans Setsubun events at the temple 神社で豆まきイベントThen, we joined a nearby temple for the beans throwing event~

Together with friends joining the Setsubun event at the templeSurprisingly, met some friends there! h_heart02.gif

With Shin ☆All the kids coming here to aim for the snacks throwing event after the beans face3_kao20.gif

Imitating the 'Oni'! 節分、鬼のごっこ!Imitating the Oni o_dokuro.gif

Crowd! For Setsubun festival Ehem, you see, there was no chance at all for a small kid to be able to catch any goodies from this crowd..

The snacks mommy caught from the 'throw and catch' eventLuckily the mommy carrying Little-big-boss Kta is tall enough to get him some face3_kao20.gif
In that night,

Ehou Maki 恵方巻I made Ehou Maki, lucky sushi roll for our Setsubun dinner face2_delicious.gif
For Littie-big-boss Uto kindergarten lunchbox,

Setsubun lunckbox 節分のお弁当、鬼The Oni bento face_shout.gif

Setsubun lunchbox 節分のお弁当、鬼と福The Oni and Fuku bento h_shine.gif

Happy Spring everyone~p_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gifp_hana-ani01.gif
(Though it is still so cold outside..w_4_snowman.gif)

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