Goodies through my pregnancy
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The very first experience through my pregnancy was the excitement of knowing that, 

26 weeks tummy at Ukishima-cho Koen“I AM PREGNANT”mark3_sign03.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gif

I couldn’t believe it when I was proved positive, a life was inside my tummy!
..though back then, little-big-boss was still like-a-bean f_been.gif

It was like, “ becoming a mom!” h_kira01.gif


Secondly, came the morning sickness experience.. face3_kao19.gif This started before I know I was pregnant.

Luckily it lasted only for 2 weeks after I was proved little-big-boss is inside face3_kao20.gif

I thought morning sickness makes you feel like puking..face2_shock.gif  that’s what usually dramas or movies made a newly pregnant lady do..face3_kao20.gif

For my case, no puking at all body3_te01.gif

During these 2 weeks, I just felt totally dizzy and hated the smell of some raw fish and maybe radish. 
Didn’t feel like eating also.
And, dizzy to the max (just exaggerated) to even spend only 5 mins on the computer..face3_kao19.gif

I usually rest on my fluffy rug with my new beans bag cushion reading these a2_down2.gifa2_down2.gifa2_down2.gif


Harry Potter seriesYes, I just finished reading my last 3 series of  Harry Potter during my morning sickness period face3_kao20.gif I am always not up-to-date but was quite satisfied that I finally completed this Harry Potter storyw_5_l_thunder.gif

Besides that, Yappi introduced me this a2_down2.gif to read..

百鬼夜行抄 (Hyakkiyakoushou)百鬼夜行抄 (Hyakkiyakoushou), a comic-series of ghost story.

Though my mom warnedmark3_sign01.gif me not to read this kind of stories during pregnancy..face3_kao17.gif 
This series are actually nice and not those grostesque scary type of ghost stories at all. It tells more of the mysterious part of Japanese culture and their superstition beliefs o_dokuro.gif I like h_heart09.gif


2 weeks past and I thought I need to learn how to be a “mom” while the baby is still inside my tummy..  

face3_kao17.gif I didn’t know that I needed to consume foods fortified with Folic Acid (green leafy veges and liver usually contains high folic acid) at least 400μg/day. (In fact, a woman who is planning to have a baby should have start consuming more of foods containing acid folic before they conceived..)

face3_kao17.gif I didn’t know how much is an ideal weight to gain during the whole pregnancy..

face3_kao17.gif I didn’t know it is better to sleep on side ways rather than straight facing the ceiling when tummy is bigger, preferably facing left (heart downwards) for better blood circulation..

face3_kao17.gif I didn’t know all the exercises that are advisable to workout for a smoother delivery later..

face3_kao17.gif I didn’t know pregnant woman has higher chance of getting high-blood pressure..*must eat less salt*

face3_kao17.gif I didn’t know pregnant woman has higher chance of getting diabetes, gestational diabetes..*must eat less sugar*

face3_kao17.gif I didn’t know you’d get constipation very easily during pregnancy..*I was okay though body3_te02.gif

face3_kao17.gif I didn’t know etc, etc and etc~

Besides that I have some experienced friends and a sister-in-law who gave me all sorts of advice, I’ve got myself some books in order to gain more knowledge when little-big-boss is growing inside my tummy~face2_catface.gif


Books on pregnancy

Some textbooks from the hospital..a2_down2.gif

Maternity info from the hospital

And some more info stuffs, one nappy sample from the government..a2_down2.gif

Maternity info from the government

In Japan, we have to register to the government once proved pregnant in order to get a record book, “Mother and Child Health Handbook” (母子健康手帳)..a2_down2.gif

Mother and Child Health Handbook, 母子健康手帳This handbook has all the necessary information on pregnancy, procedures that have to be done, and all the regular health check up schedule for a child up to 6 years old. This handbook is compulsory and has to be presented in every checkup.

The government usually pays most (but not all) of the fees of every prenatal checkups. Different city has different rules and amount.

For my place, this handbook came with money coupons and we usually pay on these coupons.

body3_te03.gif Other than this, the government also provides an almost full amount for labor and 1 week admission to a hospital. If you choose a cheaper hospital, you’d get the extra income. If you choose an expensive hospital, you’d have to add more o_dollar.gif to cover up. 

With all these books, I guess I’m pretty knowledgeable on pregnancy now face3_kao20.gif haha


During this whole maternity period, I have this hanging on my bag~h_heart_shake.gif 

Baby inside my tummy, おなかに赤ちゃんがいますCreated by Tamahiyo (magazines and books publisher about pregnancy and babies).

This strap was created for other people to take notice and to care when a pregnant lady is outside alone.
Not everyone noticed especially during the first few months where the tummy is still not obvious.

This strap then got recognized by the government, campaign was launched, idea spread, and everybody knows face3_kao06.gif


And then, I have this supplement to balance up my diet..

Pigeon supplement for maternityAcid folic, iron, 7 types of vitamin B and calcium h_shine.gif 


Next, OIL BALM for bloating tummy!

L'occitane mom and baby balmL’Occitane MOM & BABY BALM

I’ve been using this since the very beginning to prevent pregnancy stretch marks h_shine.gif Though it is not medically proven that stretch mark can be prevented in any method, but stillmark3_sign01.gif 

Most of all, it’s Yappi’s job to put on the balm + massaging after bath and I enjoyed this moment sooooo much h_heart04.gif So gonna miss it..face_shy.gif 

This balm has only one size, small and quite pricey (3,150 yen). Yappi used so much, more than enough at once! He says, “Use more, more moisture, no regrets later on”. And for that, we are now on the 8th one..h_sweat02.gif


Lastly, I have this for my legs!!

Medi Qtto sleeping stockings Scholl Medi Qtto sleeping stockings h_shine.gif Summer limited version h_heart09.gif

I have an uncomfortable legs lately especially since towards my last trimester of pregnancy..

So, Yappi bought me this medical stockings to see if it helps.
We know that during last trimester, it is not a rare thing at all to have a cramp leg or an uncomfortable leg. Blood clots are easier to develop during pregnancy as well.
My hospital recommended this kind of stockings might help and this Medi Qtto sleeping stockings is created for a better blood circulation. Hope it helpsh_shine.gif 

By the way, Yappi loves this stockings a lot when I wear it face3_kao20.gif 
The color and the design makes him feel like I’m a magical girl character in an anime face2_catface.gif


The end. 

And I’m a mom soon~face_self-conscious_smile.gif 

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