Stairway to Heaven
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Snow Mountain Pics icon:mark3_sign01icon:o_camera2icon:h_kira02

Random, taken from Stairway to Heaven icon:mark3_sign03icon:s_snowboardicon:h_kira02


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Stairway to Heaven is a course for intermediate level sliders!icon:face_self-conscious_smile 

Which means, I am no longer a newbie on SKI~! icon:face3_kao07icon:body3_te02 (since a couple of weeks ago..haha)

Now aiming for the EXPERT level runs, the BLACK lineicon:mark3_sign03icon:face3_kao09icon:body_a_biceps wondering how steep they will be..icon:face3_kao19

Might not be able to go on a black line runs anyway..

Been neglecting ski-ing coz of snowboarding..icon:face3_kao20

I am so addicted in snowboarding now that I’m practicing it more that I’m on a ski..

2 weeks since I started, still on green lines (beginner levels).. 

Falling over so much, body aching at the end of the day, can’t even slide straight on a flat run..


but still I think I’m in-love in Snowboarding..icon:face_shyicon:h_heart09

Extreme Snowboardingicon:mark3_sign03 They’re not sliding, they’re FLYINGicon:mark3_sign01

They’re super INSANEicon:mark3_sign01They’re super COOLicon:mark3_sign01You’ll just fall in-love~icon:face3_kao22

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