RAIL JAM ! & Happy New Year~!
★2009/12/31 23:02

31 December 2009
Daily Snow Reporticon:mark3_sign01icon:w_4_snowmanicon:w_4_snowmanicon:h_kira02icon:o_v_movie

What’s RAIL JAM icon:mark3_sign02


one of the Hanazono FREESTYLE COMPETITION series for skier and snowboarder.

RAIL JAM, freestyle slide slide down the rail~icon:mark3_sign03icon:s_snowboardicon:h_kira02

Around 60 competitors were there, some good, some nothing, some really cooool~icon:h_heart09 icon:face_self-conscious_smile

I wanna try to do jumps and all on ski or snowboard, but i just can’t stop imagining what if I failed and fell hard on to my face? icon:face3_kao12

Hard to decide how far do I wanna go…

Anyway, it’s gonna be 2010 soooooonicon:mark3_sign03 Another…30minsicon:mark3_sign01

I wanna have a brand new year leaving my problems all behind for 2009icon:mark3_sign01icon:mark3_newicon:h_f01 icon:face3_kao07

And I am still will be spending a quarter of 2010 in my Snow Toylandicon:mark3_sign01icon:w_4_snowmanicon:h_kira02icon:h_kira02icon:h_kira02icon:h_kira02icon:w_4_snowicon:h_kira02icon:h_kira02icon:h_kira02icon:h_kira02icon:w_4_yuki 

HAPPY NEW YEARicon:mark3_sign04icon:mark3_sign03icon:h_noteicon:h_heart09

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