Last winter!
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Little-big-boss trying out his new snow-suit but not too happy about it (^^;
Yes, this was last winter (2013 Dec) when I planned for a holiday to Niseko, Hokkaido, a snowy land where I used to live a couple of years ago face2_catface.gif

Preparing Little-big-boss for the snowy snow land w_4_snow.gifw_4_snow.gifw_4_snow.gif
though he was not too happy of the new snowsuit trying out face2_coldsweats01.gif


Little-big-boss and papa in the trainYappi daddy went together with us to Sapporo to visit a friend h_note3.gif

Mommy and Little-big-boss arrival at New Shintose AirportThough, he went back home on a plane the very next day face3_kao20.gif

To Niseko with mommy!

Little-big-boss sleeping in the car on the way to Niseko
Me and Little-big-boss then driving a rental car all the way to Niseko which took around 3~4 hours on a snowy road w_4_snowman.gifya_car02.gifw_4_snowman.gif

When we are getting nearer to Niseko, we will always have the best welcome greet from Mt. Yotei yb_m_fuji.gif the symbol of Niseko h_heart02.gif
Mount Yotei 羊蹄山I love Mt. Yotei so much face3_kao22.gifh_heart08.gif
that I would never get tired of looking at it every single day,
never tired of taking pictures every time I see it for Mt. Yotei shows a different face all the time!
(Talk about this maybe another time face2_catface.gif)
Though in winter, it hide itself quite a lot behind the clouds w_2_cloud.gif face3_kao20.gif

We were staying at my friend, Ran’s house for 10 days w_4_snow.gifyb_house02.gif
She was a great host h_heart04.gifmy very reliable friend in Niseko ever!

She and her boyfriend was so kind to be our host,
and everything was being prepared so well!h_heart08.gif

Nice tatami room at Ran's Our room for 10 days! A very very cozy tatami room face_shy.gifh_heart04.gif

Thank you Ran and Yasu-kun!h_heart09.gif

After a night of recharging, it’s SNOW-TIME~!
Little-big-boss walking in the snowI remember that I was really excited waking up looking out of the window and it was snowing! h_kira02.gif

Posing in the snow
Little-big-boss enjoy playing in the snow
Smiling, posing in the snow!

Excited on the falling snow

Really excited on the falling snow

Smile in the snowA little warming up in the snow w_4_snow.gifh_kira02.gif No where far from Ran’s house.. face3_kao07.gif just along the neighbor’s garden face2_coldsweats01.gif

After warming up, it’s FUN SNOW TIME in the park!
Walking happily on the snowWe played a lot at Hanazono Niseko ski resort, where I used to work at s_snowboard.gif
Little-bis-boss on tubingTubing~mark3_sign01.gif
Cool kids in the snow
Slide on the snow with Kazuki-kunSledding~mark3_sign03.gif

The cool little-big-boss in the snow
Little-big-boss and the big snowmobile

The man in the snow!
The nature. the snow mountain, and the Little-big-boss
"Bye bye mommy, I will be alright in the snow"Walking around FREELY in the snowy mother nature h_kira02.gifyb_m_mountain.gifh_kira02.gif

Little-big-boss on mommy's snowboard
Going on a ride, bye bye!
Little-big-boss on mommy's snowboard
Little-big-boss go go go on a snowboard!
"Ready to go on a ride! Yay!"Riding on mommy’s snowboard~face3_kao02.gifh_shine.gif

Going up on the magic carpet
Mommy and Little-big-boss at Hanazono Niseko ski resort
Mommy and Little-big-boss tubing
Mommy and Little-big-bossSome shots together~h_heart04.gifo_camera2.gif

Snowboarding on Silver Dream courseI got to go for a ride when Little-big-boss was having his noon-nap!w_4_snow.gifh_sleepy.gif Just for one of the beginner run though..face3_kao20.gifh_sweat02.gif

What we ate in Hokkaido!

Dinner at Apa hotel with PapaDinner with Yappi daddy in a restaurant (魚活鮮とあぶり焼 海へ 川沿店)  (Sapporo)
An izakaya inside Apa hotel where we were staying. Thank god they have a restaurant inside coz it was hard for us to go out again in the snow at night with a baby! w_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gif

Sushi lunch with friendsVery very nice sushi, sashimi lunch! 仙寿司 (Sapporo) an_fish.gif
A must try in Hokkaido, SASHIMI! face2_delicious.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gif

Lunch at JojoLunch at Jojo’s Cafe & Restaurant f_x_coffe03.giff_z_restaurant.gif (Hirafu village)
I think they are famous with their burger but I ate the fried rice instead here face3_kao20.gif
Nice and cozy place just facing the big Mt.Yotei yb_m_fuji.gifh_kira02.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gif

Lunch at Patty Daddy Burger パティーダディー バーガーでランチLunch at Patty Daddy Burger f_z_restaurant.giff_fastfood.gif (Kutchan town)
Very original! Yummy body2_a_good.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gif

Dinner at TsubaraTsubara つばらつばらでごはんDinner at Soup Curry Tsubara Tsubara f_noodle.gif (Hirafu village)
Very famous with their soup curry body2_a_good.gif w_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gif
The udon in the pic is Little-big-boss’s dinner by mommy face3_kao07.gif

Cream puff at Milk Kobo ミルク工房でシュークリームTea-time at Milk Kobo f_x_tea.giff_c_cake2.gif (Higashiyama area)
Famous with their cream puff and the beautiful view of Mt. Yotei from the shop yb_m_fuji.gifh_kira02.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gif

Dinner with Ran らんちゃんと広華でごはんDinner with Ran at Kouka chinese restaurant 広華an_capricornus.gif (Kutchan town)
The food here were very authentic! body2_a_good.gifface2_delicious.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gif

Breakfast by Ran!The fabulous breakfast prepared my my dearest host, Ran! face3_kao22.gifh_heart04.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gifw_7_star.gif
Thank you Ran! h_heart09.gif

Little-big-boss udon lunchThe udon I made for Little-big-boss face3_kao20.gif

Little-big-boss eating udon lunch by mommyMade quite an amount of the udon and packed to the freezer~face2_smile.gif

FRIENDS in Niseko~!
Shintaro-kun and Little-big-bossShintaro-kun face_self-conscious_smile.gif Very kakko ii guy served as your ski instructor!face3_kao07.gif

Shintaro-kun and Little-big-bossThough Little-big-boss was crying when being carried face3_kao20.gif

なぎちゃんとNagi-chan face3_kao06.gif My colleague back then face3_kao07.gif

Ai-chan, Yuto, Kazuki-kunAi-chan and Kazuki-kun h_heart04.gif My ex-colleague’s (Shokotan) kids! Very very good and very very cute kids!

ましろちゃんとお茶Mashiro-chan h_heart08.gif Nagi-chan’s beautiful daughter!h_heart02.gif

Friends in NisekoMy ex-colleagues and their kids~h_heart04.gif

Little-big-boss and Yasuyuki-kunA year back, Little-big-boss was still not too good with strangers face3_kao24.gif
He was okay in the house when alone but cry~ cry~ cry~ the first 2 days whenever he sees Ran or Yasu-kun face3_kao15.gif

After a while, he was okay anyways face3_kao07.gif

Little-big-boss and Yasuyuki-kunIn fact, he had fun with Yasu-kun face3_kao09.gif

Playing ukulele with RanAnd feeling comfortable with Ran!face_shy.gifh_heart09.gif

A pre-hightouch with Yasuyuki-kun
A hightouch with Yasuyuki-kunThey became friends face3_kao06.gifbody3_te02.gif

Dinner at Ran's place!Ran and Yasu-kun! Our best host face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif


Running nose monster!!Last winter with wonderful snow and a monster running nose  face3_kao09.gif

464 days old~476 days old

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