Best Winter of Your Life in Niseko!
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I have once created a video application for the Best Job in the World organised by Queensland

Speaking of the Best Job in the World, I did had a great experience when I was trying to think something out of a box to make a wonderful video, communicating while competing with the other contestants, weeks of just sticking onto my computer checking other videos on YouTube days and nights…

At the same, I spent all my precious time dreaming about  
the beautiful ocean~ icon:yb_wave
the tranquil of the island~ icon:yb_see
the white beach sand~ icon:h_kira02
the clear blue sky~ icon:w_2_kumo
the fun on the island and the excitement under the sea…the Great Barrier Reef icon:face3_kao04icon:h_shine

Yeah, just dreaming.. icon:face4_kao-a12

Coz I did not even made through the first stage~  icon:w_3_ame icon:face_expressionless

But I LOVE what I’ve experiencedicon:h_note icon:yb_waveicon:h_heart09

And I LOVE my videoicon:o_v_movieicon:h_heart09 icon:face_sparkling_smile

icon:p_hana-ani04 icon:yb_see icon:p_hana-ani04

And so that was only a story in the past..

Now, I’ve a new story. icon:face3_kao07

I’ve just created a new video to participate in a new contest which is quite similar with the above.

What is different is, the contest is limited for only people in Japan, and it’s in winter icon:w_4_snowmanicon:mark3_sign01

So instead of competing internationally, I’m competing only within Japan,

and instead of a blue ocean, I’m gonna see white powder snow icon:w_4_snow covering the whole mountain so beautifully, that it shall makes me touched to cryicon:mark3_sign04 icon:face3_kao04icon:h_kira02 icon:face3_kao13icon:h_kira02



Best Winter of Your Life icon:h_kira02icon:w_4_snowicon:h_kira02

This campaign is organised by Hanazono Resort Niseko, a new ski resort in Japanicon:mark3_sign01icon:s_skiicon:w_4_snow

I adore the tropical island and the ocean so much that I’ve always make my ways to visit as many islands as I could .

But snow icon:w_4_snow somehow makes me cry. icon:face3_kao13icon:h_kira02

The scenery covered by snow is just too amazingly beautiful. icon:w_4_snowmanicon:h_kira02

It’s…it’s just magicalicon:mark3_sign01icon:w_6_3_moon02icon:h_kira01

Our Earth is just heavenicon:o_wingicon:h_kira02


Therefore, I just thought I should not missed this opportunity. icon:h_shine

You know, if I won this contest, 

I’d get paid icon:h_kira01icon:o_dollar1,000,000yen (US$11,111, RM37,000) icon:o_dollaricon:h_kira01 to enjoy this lil’ piece of heaven the whole wintericon:mark3_sign01

But then, you should also know that if I won,

I am needed to stay in the resort for 4 months presenting the Daily Video Snow Report (Monday to Saturday), presenting Weekly Video Blog 3 times a week, and participating in every promotion activities..

which literally means that this is a job icon:h_hatena01

1,000,000yen for 4 months..icon:an_c_hiyoko

1 month = 250,000yen (US$2800, RM9,500) icon:an_c_hiyokoicon:an_c_hiyoko…looks more like a basic salary in Japan kindaicon:h_hatena01 

But hey~ MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING! icon:o_dollaricon:body2_a_paper

Of course we are not talking just about money hereicon:mark3_sign01

Guess what!icon:h_shine

I’ll be getting free Ski or Snowboard Equipment from K2 Sportsicon:mark3_sign03

I’ll be getting free winter wear from Burtonicon:mark3_sign03

I’ll be getting free ski and snowboard lessons from professionalsicon:mark3_sign03

I’ll be getting free memorable Photo and Video Album of my Winter by Niseko Photographyicon:mark3_sign03 

Most of all, I’ll be getting the most amazing experience that I never had beforeicon:mark3_sign03 icon:face3_kao22icon:h_kira01

A chance for a Level-up ! icon:face3_kao06icon:a2_up

If I got chosen of coz icon:face_sparkling_smile

(Nevertheless, still the 1 million yen is essential..icon:face3_kao20)

Check out more about the competition hereicon:s_snowboardicon:h_kira02

So, there I go with my application video. icon:face3_kao06 icon:a2_downicon:o_v_slateicon:h_shine

Translation icon:body3_rip

Hi, I’m Ito Haruka.

I came from Malaysia but have been staying in Japan for 6 years.

I’ve grown up in a multi-racial country. Therefore, besides Japanese, I’m also capable in speaking English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.

English icon:h_fukidashi 
I can read, I can write, I can speak in English. My accent might not be excellent, but trust me, I’m quite familiar with English.

Mandarin icon:h_fukidashi 
I know how to speak in Mandarin, I know how to speak in Cantonese as well.

Cantonese icon:h_fukidashi 
But I’m not familiar with the words in either both of them.

Malay icon:h_fukidashi 
I’m a Malaysian and that should proves my ability in Malay.

I love to blog. I blog about my daily normal life. I blog about my special experiences. I blog about stuffs I care about with my words, pictures, videos, and designs. This has eventually bringing me so much surprises and happiness of knowing new friends and new discoveries.

I of course love the outdoor activities and adventures. I’ve not tried ski or snowboard before but really hoping to experience the REAL powder snow if I got the chance to win this contest. I have full confidence in my enthusiasm.

I hope to tell everyone from all over the world about how amazing Niseko during my days in [Best Winter of My Life in Hanazono Niseko].

The winner will be announced on the 23rd November 2009 icon:o1_crownicon:h_kira01

But till then, judging will be based on the popularity and number of views in YouTube.

So, pleeeaaaseeee rate and view and spread for meeeeeeicon:mark3_sign04 icon:face4_kao-a04icon:h_heart04


So that I can blog, blog, blog more about the powder snow~icon:h_note icon:w_4_snowicon:h_kira02icon:w_4_snowicon:h_kira02icon:w_4_snow

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