28 Jan 2010 harupi Tenki ! A warmer day~!
★2010/01/28 09:24

icon:w_4_snowmanharupi Tenkiicon:w_4_snowman

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

Today’s a lil’ bit warmer day icon:p_hana-ani03

Niseko is a place which is so well known for it’s powder snow icon:h_heart09

Powder snow is amazing and fun for adults, skiers, and boaders..

but I heard that kids hate powder snow..icon:face3_kao20 

Why icon:h_hatena04 

Coz, you’re not able to make a snowman, not able to play snow war, and not even drawing on powder snow..icon:face3_kao17

So, maybe people should enjoy more on a day like this for they’re rare in Niseko. haha icon:face3_kao07icon:h_sweat02

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