25 Feb 2010 harupi Tenki ! What a day~!
★2010/02/25 23:55

icon:w_4_snowmanharupi Tenkiicon:w_4_snowman

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

The SUN + the BLUE SKY + the PEAK + the WIND = A perfect day icon:mark3_sign02

It does looks like a wonderful perfect blueblue sky day today~!

Warm..maybe a lil’ bit too warm that the snow were dripping..icon:h_sweat02

Feel so sad that the powder season is gonna end soon..icon:face3_kao21 

Snowboarding not on powder snow is so hard on my bum…icon:face3_kao21

Powder…I wish you come back next week!!! icon:w_4_snowmanicon:h_kira02

By the way, the video above is taken with my newly bought bloggieicon:mark3_sign03

Nice or not icon:mark3_sign02 icon:face3_kao20

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