22 Feb 2010 harupi Tenki ! Strong Wind~!
★2010/02/22 22:30

icon:w_4_snowmanharupi Tenkiicon:w_4_snowman

icon:an_usagi 日本語 icon:an_usagi

Strong strong wind since morning..

So strong that even the bottom lift was not open..all 3 closed..icon:face3_kao28 (lift 1 opened after that in the afternoon though)

Thought of going up to the mointain for ski-ing..icon:face3_kao18

I ended up practicing my snowboarding at the bottom around the magic carpet..icon:face3_kao17 

Nearly got blown off even at the bottom…icon:face3_kao19


Bought tihis neck-warmer for 1,500yen~ icon:face3_kao06


20100222-haruka-snowboard.jpg20100222-snowboard.jpgSnowboarding~ icon:mark3_sign03icon:s_snowboardicon:h_kira02icon:face_self-conscious_smile

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