The 1st ceremony of getting into the social world ☆ Kindergarten
★2016/04/26 19:53

The Kindergarten admission ceremony boardTime flies~

Little-big-boss is getting into kindergarten, his first step to the social world,
a new everyday without mommy and daddy~face4_kao-a05.gifh_shine.gif

All so ready for the new world

I’ve been telling him things about Kindergarten,
bringing him to events organised by different kindergartens nearby,
getting him well prepared mentally sort of face3_kao02.gif.
So, he was actually quite looking forward to join in since months ago face2_smile.gif
Friend since 1 year oldHe has little friends in the same kindergarten h_heart09.gif

Friend since 1 year oldFriends he knows from swimming school h_note3.gif

Little-big-boss in the classroomYeah, he looked pretty confident during the ceremony day~body3_te01.gif
On the first day,
I thought he would at least nag a bit..

Going in to Kindy on the first day with a teacher ☆But, he just hold the teacher hand and went in together nervously that he forgot to say bye-bye to mommy face2_coldsweats01.gif

2nd day of KindergartenDuring pick-up time, the class teacher said Little-big-boss was a little bit nervous but was having fun doing all the activities in the class face3_kao06.gif

Playing at the riverbank ground.Nothing is more relieving seeing your precious is happy joining in the group without the tearing sniffing part h_shine.gifh_heart08.gif

an_c_chick.gif Happy Kindergarten Life my Little-big-boss face4_kao-a05.gif an_c_chick.gif

f_been.gif 20160409
f_been.gif 3years 7months 22days
f_been.gif 3歳 7か月 22日

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