Pregnant husband!
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2 weeks ago (11 August 2012), Yappi and I attended a maternity class for parents which was compulsory for those who the father wishes to accompany the wife during labor.

Yappi wishes to stay together and witness little-big-boss coming out to meet the world h_heart08.gif

And so, we signed up for this o_p_pen.gif

Parents maternity class application formThe application form for the class.

In the form, this is the reason we wrote, why we applied for the husband accompany during labor a2_down2.gif
h_heart04_.gif Wife: Because I feel relieved with him at my side.
h_heart04_.gif Husband: Because we are husband and wife.

This class literally telling us what are we going to experience towards labor, during labor and after labor. 

I quite enjoyed this class coz we had Yappi experiencing how a woman feels during pregnancy in the class~face2_smile.gif


Husband experiencing pregnancy 1First, trying on a suit with a big tummy..

Husband experiencing pregnancy 2with breast..face3_kao20.gifh_sweat02.gif

Here, he got to experience the weight of a pregnant woman have to carry and the inconveniences to pick up things from the floor with this tummy~face3_kao07.gif

And then,


Husband trying on a labor chair 1we moved to the labor room, listening to some of the explanation, and Yappi tried getting on to the labor chair..face2_catface.gifh_sweat02.gif

Husband trying on a labor chair 2Only he volunteered to try among all the other couples there when asked..face3_kao20.gif 
He said, “This is the only chance, that’s why!” face2_catface.gif..


So now Yappi is all ready to witness little-big-boss coming out at anytime~ face_self-conscious_smile.gif

Yasu and Haruka on 35 weeks 1 day tummy 1Gets bigger and comes out to meet the worldmark3_sign01.gif 大きくなれ~mark3_sign03.gif 
(35 weeks 1 day tummy)

Yasu and Haruka on 35 weeks 1 day tummy 2 - kissWe love you h_heart08.gif  
(35 weeks 1 day tummy)

Pregnant hubbyWe are ready body3_te02.gif

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