Our favourite nearby spot 気に入りのお散歩スポット
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Ever since I have my Little-big-boss around, almost everyday we’ll be out having a walk p_hana-ani03.gif or to nearby parks p_tulip.gif or tea with nearby mama friends f_x_coffe03.gif

It’s just easier for me to look after Little-big-boss and without cleaning up and got messed up again the next minute face2_catface.gif
And of course it’s happier, healthier and much more fun for me and Little-big-boss himself face2_happy01.gifh_notes.gif

Yeah, we have to keep connected with the outside world through our sense not just through the screen face3_kao02.gif

Anyway, when we were having our walk, there’s this old little cigarettes’ shop that we would stop by most of the time.

This shop is kinda unique h_bikkuri04.gif

The uncle from this shop will always place something especially things that attract kids in front of his shop o_carouselpony.gifh_shine.gif And they keep changing according to seasons and festivals p_cherryblossom.gifw_1_hare.gifp_maple.gifw_4_snow.gif

For example,


Spinning top コマ遊びA table with some spinning tops an_snail.gifp_hana-ani01.gif
One of the old-time games face2_wink.gif

Spinning top コマ遊びKinda nostalgic to see this and heart warming to know there’s someone is trying to keep the old culture face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart06.gif
Little-big-boss had fun with them face2_happy01.gif

Kids play whatever is given, shall we let them explore before they got stick on the screen of some sort face2_wink.gif

Rubber ballThere were colorful rubber balls in a pool of water too h_bikkuri04.gif
Hold, roll, throw, pick the colors, any ways you wanna play it h_note.gif

At the same time, it was the 7th of July, the Tanabata festival h_kira02.gif
Uncle, the shop owner prepared some papers and pens there for people to write down their wishes, “tanzaku” w_7_star.gif

IMG_6398And we wrote down a few face2_smile.gif

Tanabata wish 七夕の願いLittle-big-boss writing down some wishes too face2_catface.gif
He had a flu, so I wrote a wish wishing him for fast recovery h_heart09.gif

Tanabata setting 七夕の風景The setting for the festivalh_shine.gif

IMG_6397A wish for everyone face_shy.gifh_heart09.gif May you all be happy always h_heart09.gif

f_been.gif1 year 10 months 6 days old

After a month, when I came back from Malaysia, we came by this shop again face2_smile.gif

As usual, though I didn’t mention it yet, there are always some small animals displayed alongside too.
Fishes , scorpions , snakes, snails, crabs, tortoise, beetles and etc an_fish.gifan_scorpius.gifan_mushi.gifan_snail.gifan_cancer.gifan_kaeru.gif
Watching small animalsIn small aquariums and containers h_kira02.gif

Feeding the tortoise かめさんに餌やりThe uncle here I think he likes kids to expose more to the nature, that he always talk and persuade Little-big-boss to try and touch or hold the little animals face3_kao20.gif (the safe one of course!).
Little-big-boss likes to see from far, but once any of them is near him, he will move back and hide face3_kao20.gif

Since he was afraid of touching any of them, the uncle let him help to feed the tortoise instead face2_catface.gif

Mimosa pudica plant おじぎ草In summer, there was a plant of Mimosa Pudica displayed over there too.
I think some of you may be quite familiar with this in your childhood face2_smile.gif
In Malay, we called it rumput malu-malu which means bashful grass
and in Japanese we called it Ojigi grass (おじぎ草) which means the bowing grass p_futaba.gif

Drawing on rocks 石にお絵かき!動物にAnd we have a new display this round!
“Rocks with drawings” h_shine.gif
Creative and definitely one of an interesting activity for the kids h_shine.gif

What even more surprising me was, the Tanabata display a month ago has turned to…

Watering the Kappa family かっぱ家族にお水かけThe Kappa family mark3_sign03.gif(*゜θ゜*)(*゜θ゜*)(*゜θ゜*)

Watering the Kappa family かっぱ家族にお水かけAnd there were 2 families mark3_sign03.gif mark3_sign03.gif(*゜θ゜*)(*゜θ゜*)(*゜θ゜*)(*゜θ゜*)(*゜θ゜*)(*゜θ゜*)
It is a tradition to water the Kappa’s head especially when it dries up faster in a hot summer day w_1_hare.gif

Kappa's badge かっぱのバッチHere’s a display of Kappa’s facesh_kira01.gif

Drawing a Kappa pendant かっぱのペンダントを作るFeeling inspired, we got the base from uncle and started drawing our own kappa o_p_pencil.gifface2_happy02.gif

The Kappa pendant かっぱのペンダント完成Tadah~h_note.gif the Kappa pendant h_shine.gif

The Kappa pendant かっぱのペンダント完成Hehe face2_smile.gif
Happy summer~ w_1_hare.gif

f_been.gif1 year 11 months 13 days old

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