My Little-big-boss is TWO – the Birthday plate
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2 years old birthday Part 1 – My Little-big-boss is TWO

We had the big party 2 days before, and a small party on the real day~h_note.gif

On this day, the first session –
A birthday plate specially for the birthday boy face3_kao25.giff_c_birthday.gif

The birthday dinner plate - Vehicles!Little-big-boss favorite VEHICLES ya_t_train.gifya_hospital02.gifya_b_car01.gifya_car02.gifh_heart04.gif into his birthday dinner plate f_z_spoon02.gif

Itadakimasu~!After some wah~wah~WAH~ Itadakima~su! face2_delicious.giff_z_spoon02.gif

Nom nom nomStarting from the cheese~ face2_delicious.gif

Enjoying birthday plate - taken by SONY RX-10A few shots taken from SONY RX-10 o_camera2.gifh_shine.gif

Enjoying birthday plate - taken by Iphone 5Then another few shots taken from iPhone 5 o_p1_mobilephone.gifh_kira02.gif

Feeding mama 1Feeding mommy h_heart04.gif (he doesn’t eat fresh tomato, that’s why.. face3_kao20.gif)

Feeding mommy 2Still feeling so loved~face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart09.gif

Feeding papaFeeding papa too of course! h_heart04.gif
(actually he had his hand all stick with rice.. papa helping Little-big-boss taking them off face3_kao20.gif)

2nd session –
Dessert time~!f_f_cherry.gif
Watermelon for dessert A mountain of WATERMELON~f_f_watermelon_half.giff_f_watermelon.giff_f_watermelon_half.giff_f_watermelon.giff_f_watermelon_half.giff_f_watermelon.giff_f_watermelon_half.giff_f_watermelon.giff_f_watermelon_half.giff_f_watermelon.giff_f_watermelon_half.giff_f_watermelon.giff_f_watermelon_half.giff_f_watermelon.giff_f_watermelon_half.giff_f_watermelon.giff_f_watermelon_half.giff_f_watermelon.gifh_kira02.gif

Watermelon for dessertAhh~~~nom! f_f_watermelon_half.gifh_shine.gif

3rd session –
Little-big-boss 2 years old handprint session!body2_a_paper.gifp_hana-ani04.gif
2 years old handprintThis is the third time we had his handprint printed! face_self-conscious_smile.gif
One when he was newly born, one at 1 year old and now, 2 years old!

2 years old - hand after handprintSurely he had grown so much bigger now~face2_happy01.gif

The 4th and last session! –
Family pictures~o_camera2.gifh_shine.gif
Snapshot with mommy - peace~❤Peace~face5_girl.gifbody3_te02.gifface3_kao25.gifbody3_te02.gif

Snapshot with mommy - smile~❤Smile~face3_kao06.gifh_shine.gif

Little-big-boss 2 years old family picture❤Family time~h_heart04.gif

Little-big-boss 2 years old family picture with different faces ❤Make many funny faces face3_kao06.gifface3_kao03.gifface3_kao07.gifface3_kao02.gifh_shine.gif

and this is how we celebrated a day of Little-big-boss Happy 2nd Birthday f_c_birthday.gifh_notes.gif

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