Morning sickness craving for food back home!
★2012/04/11 23:55

My morning sickness last for 2 or 3 weeks icon:face3_kao11.

Severe hunger before sleep and waking up in the morning.
It was bad feeling hungry with no appetite icon:face3_kao21.

Dizzinessicon:mark3_sign01 No way staying in front of the computer even for only 5 minutes..icon:face3_kao19
Books were my best remedies during this period icon:o_pa_bookicon:h_kira01

In short, I spent the whole day lying down on my comfort rug with a fluffy beans bag – read, sleep, eat, read, sleep..icon:face2_catface
Not at all in the mood to do anything..icon:face3_kao19

Nevertheless, I think I am considered not the serious case icon:face3_kao20.

No big deal with smell icon:face3_kao20.

But just NO radishicon:mark3_sign01 NO yogurticon:mark3_sign01 NO grapefruit juiceicon:mark3_sign01 which I usually consume before I got hired by my-lil’-big-boss..icon:face3_kao19   and not much rice..

At this period, I was thinking so much of chu cheong fun, wantan mee, laksa, char siu pau, all the food back in Malaysia so much icon:face3_kao21 icon:face3_kao21 icon:face3_kao21 and LYCHEEicon:mark3_sign01

In Japan, what I could get and craved for was,

Gyoza GYOZAicon:mark3_sign01

Vietnam PhoVietnam PHOicon:mark3_sign01

Homemade dimsumMy homemade DIMSUMicon:mark3_sign01icon:face3_kao09 first time making this on my microwave with steamingicon:h_shine

All I was craving for were Asian foodicon:mark3_sign01 South east Asian or Chineseicon:mark3_sign03

Though I ate very little and very slow.. 1kg~2kg weight loss icon:face_shout
It’s okay for a little weight loss during this period though icon:body_a_good no worries icon:face3_kao01

And so, meet my-lil’-big-boss again – growing so much in 4 weeks icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_heart04

Prenatal check-up baby 12 weeks
3rd prenatal check up on 1 March 2012
12 weeks 6 days
Size head to bottom: around 6.7cm

icon:p_futaba Every time the doc would shows us the baby heart beat icon:h_heart02 very touched to see it beating healthily, very happy to see him/her growing fine icon:face_shyicon:h_heart08

Prenatal check-up illustration 12 weeks

Love this shot icon:face_self-conscious_smile

Head, legs, brain, back bone, all so clear to be seen icon:o_pb_searchicon:h_kira01


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  1. Rachel Lau says:

    Poor thing…hopefully your morning sickness doesn’t last long.Mine one up to 4 months….quite bad also but once puke out…i’m fine again..immediately can hold a jar of cookies to fill my tummy..hahaFood craving is the worst part especially food that hard to get.You are even worse cos you crave for asian food….hahahaRead more pregnancy book then you will have a better understanding being a pregnant mummy! And soon….you will become very forgetful…hahaEnjoy and take good care of yourself and the lil big boss =)

  2. Haruka says:

    @Rachel my morning sickness is okay now 🙂 just lasted for 2 or 3 weeks.. You for 4 months! wow.. thank god you’ve got a cute healthy lil’ girl now :)) Yeah, reading some books now.. but still sometimes can be quite worrisome ^^; I’ll bring lil-big-boss home next year~ come meet him/her, ok!

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