Happy Halloween 2014
★2014/11/11 15:06

Since having a child, I am getting more eager to celebrate any events, simple or big – never a matter, you’d just want to with a 2 years old baby around face_self-conscious_smile.gifa2_up.gif
He learns, he enjoys it and we all have fun h_heart03_.gif

Only me and Little-big-boss were at home.
This year, papa is soooo busy until he had to stay in his office to work overnightsmark3_sign01.gifface2_think.gif

So this is how we had 2014 Happy Halloween (★ФДФ)a2_down2.gifa2_down2.gifa2_down2.gifa2_down2.gifa2_down2.gif

num_1_one.gif The DECORATION h_kira02.gif

Halloween decoration draftThe draft o_p_enpitu.gif
Just a very simple one for my wall mark_spade.gif


The Halloween decorationThe deco house on the wall with ball lights~h_kira01.gif

Ball lights for halloween decorationPeeking out from the window of his cardboard house w_7_star.gif

Ball lights inside Little-big-boss cardboard houseBall lights inside the house too~h_kira01.gif


Peek, peekPeek peek..

Peek peek peeeeeekPeek peek peeeeeeek~ hellooo~

Coming out from the windowComing out?

Coming out from the window 2Yes, he really is..

Coming out from the window 3Successfully face2_catface.gifh_sweat02.gif

num_2_two.gif The COSTUME o1_drama.gif

The whole month of October, everywhere was decorated with Jack O’ Lantern, ghosts, vampires, bats, all sorts of the Halloween members~ especially yeah, the famous Jack O’ Lantern (*-∀-艸)

So, this year my theme is all about Jack O’ Lantern the Ghost Pumpkin~h_notes.gif

Jack O' Lantern the ghost pumpkin costumeMy baby Jack O’ Lantern o_dokuro.gifh_heart04.gif – handmade pumpkin costume h_shine.gif

Jack O' Lantern the ghost pumpkin costumeHe was actually very happy with his pumpkin suit h_heart09.gif

Happy Halloween pumpkin suitHe kept saying kabocha (pumpkin) clothe, kabocha clothe h_notes.gifface_self-conscious_smile.gif since when I’m in the middle of making ith_notes.gif

The Halloween baby pumpkin Jack O' LanternHe moved so much and yeah it was hard to take pics on a baby..
but for this 2 years old here, when I said “STOP”, and he stopped with this cutey reaction face_self-conscious_smile.gifh_heart04.gif

Halloween - Little-big-boss inside his cardboard houseThe plump plump pumpkin ball h_heart09.gif

PlaytimeThe pumpkin Playtime~p_hana-ani03.gif

num_3_three.gif The Halloween FOOD face2_delicious.gif

f_z_restaurant.gif Breakfast
Halloween pancake The pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern pancake~f_z_spoon02.gif

A kiss with Jack O' Lantern Chu h_heart09.gif A kiss to start h_heart02.gif
(the eyes, nose, mouth is made from milo..face2_smile.gifh_sweat02.gif)

Me love pumpkin pancakeMunch munch yummy~face2_delicious.gif
Little-big-boss: “Pancake oishii~”h_heart04.gif

f_z_restaurant.gif Lunch

Halloween okonomiyakiThe pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern Okonomiyaki f_z_spoon02.gif
(Doesn’t really look like one for this though..face2_coldsweats01.gif)

Nom nom nom the Halloween okonomiyakiLittle-big-boss: “O~aki de~su”
(faking to eat)
“Aaa~ nom~” face2_delicious.gifh_notes.gif

f_z_restaurant.gif Dinner

The main dish!
Halloween curry riceThe pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern curry rice~f_z_spoon02.gifh_kira01.gifface2_smile.gif
(The Jack O’ Lantern rice is made of pumpkin + rice)

Halloween curry rice - making Jack O' Lantern more scary..And Little-big-boss making Jack more scary on his first slash..o_dokuro.gif

Halloween curry rice - making Jack O' Lantern more scary..Wahahahaha!

Halloween curry rice nom nom nomLittle-big-boss favorite CURRY RICE~h_heart09.gif
Though just the 2 of us, this is how we celebrated a quite simple but warm Happy Halloween face3_kao02.gif
No tricks but only treats though~f_f_cherry.gif

The Halloween baby pumpkin Jack O' Lantern

o_dokuro.gif The end o_dokuro.gif

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