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The Smart Phone generation now helps a lot with great appsicon:mark3_sign01icon:h_kira02

Been searching for a good and convenient baby/pregnancy apps, tried out a few and finally decided on using “Ninpu memo” (妊婦メモ). Though this is only available in Japanese, this app is cute and easy icon:face3_kao07. (scroll down to see another app that I’m using – that’s in English icon:face3_kao07)


妊婦メモ アプリ メニュー

Main Menu
メインメニューはこんな感じ icon:p_tulip

妊婦メモ アプリ 日数Before the main menu, this will showed up everyday to tell you the days of your pregnancy.
Love the special messages on some occasion like when you’re entering a new weekicon:h_shine or when there’s only 150 days left to meet your babyicon:h_shine icon:face_self-conscious_smile


妊婦メモ アプリ カレンダーThe calendar with icons.

アイコンを自由に付けられるカレンダーicon:h_heart_shake アイコンの数はそこまでないけど。。icon:h_sweat02

妊婦メモ アプリ 日記Fun to note down everything that never happened before icon:h_kira01 Some wonderful feeling icon:face_shy The movement icon:face_shy The rapid growth icon:face_shy


妊婦メモ アプリ 体重グラフWeight graph. Diet controlling icon:face3_kao17
Standard people ( BMI 18.5 ~ 25.0) has to gain approximately 7~12kgs throughout the whole pregnancy..
Slim people ( < BMI 18.5) should gain around 9~12kgs,
fatter people ( > BMI 25.0) should gain around 5kgs or less accordingly..
(icon:a2_up2according to a book I was reading*anyhow, in every condition you have to check with your doc!)

My case, I think I’ll have to gain around 8kgs..icon:f_f_bananaicon:f_f_cherryicon:f_breadicon:f_noodleicon:f_f_apple

ヤセの人(BMI 18.5 未満)は、9~12kg 増やす icon:h_bikkuri04
フツーの人(BMI 18.5 以上 25.0未満)は、7~12kg 増やすicon:h_bikkuri03
ヒマンの人(BMI 25.0 以上)は、5kg くらいicon:h_bikkuri02

私は、だいたい8kg の増加を目指そうかな~icon:f_kinoko02icon:f_f_cherry3icon:f_medamayakiicon:f_riceballicon:f_beenicon:an_fish

icon:o_flair Weight (kg) 体重 ÷ Height (m) 身長 ÷ Height (m) 身長 = Your BMI icon:o_flair

妊婦メモ アプリ アドバイスDetails and information on changes to the mother, to the baby, and advices according to different levels of pregnancy icon:face_shy

ママの様子、赤ちゃんの様子とアドバイスicon:face_shy これいいでしょ~ icon:face_self-conscious_smile

The app icon:a2_down2
Google play:


Besides that, I’m using another app in English too just for the reading and info icon:face3_kao20icon:h_kira02

My Pregnancy Today by BabyCenter

BabyCenter app CalendarThe calendar icon:h_shine Everyday there will be a piece to read icon:face3_kao06
Very nice with detailed information and images about the baby throughout your pregnancy icon:face3_kao25

BabyCenter app DetailsThe details icon:h_shine

BabyCenter app ImageThe image icon:h_shine

BabyCenter app MovieAnd most of all, the movies provided icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_heart04

Can just imagine how’s my lil’-big-boss doing inside watching these movies~icon:h_shineicon:o_v_movie

Movies are available to watch here too though icon:face3_kao07

The app icon:a2_down2
Google play:

More of everything, just go to their original official siteicon:a2_down2


There’s another app – “BabyBump” recommended by friend, Joane icon:h_shine

BabyBump app

This is great too but since I was using the Japanese one to note down everything, I pass this out. And this app uses inches / pounds for measurement,..icon:face3_kao19 I am more familiar to centimeters / kilograms..icon:face3_kao20

The app icon:a2_down2
Google play:

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