The Hen and Chick lunchbox 鶏親子弁当
★2017/03/23 01:44

On 3rd of March, Little-big-boss Uto was going to a mini zoo with his kindy mates and teachers. So on that day I made him..
The hen and chick lunchbox 鶏親子弁当The hen and chick lunchbox face2_bleah.gif

But Little-big-boss Uto didn’t know what was it when I asked him. He said, “Hina matsuri?” (Girls’ day)

Oh! He thought it was the emperor and the empress doll that was shown by the teachers on this event face2_coldsweats01.gif Well 2 characters on the lunchbox with a heart in between and exactly on the same day.. GOOD TRY indeed!!!! body2_a_good.gif

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